Lavender Marble Bottle - 40 oz


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This milky lavender marble bottle is equal parts fantastical and luxurious.

The double wall insulation will keep your drink cold for hours. The best part though? The nozzle flips up for easy and effortless drinking. SO EASY that you'll end up drinking twice as much water. We're actually serious.



Type: Water Bottle

Customer Reviews

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SiHui T.
Favourite bottle!

My favourite bottle ever! The handle comes in super handy and it has become by daily water bottle and kept me super hydrated! It has also gotten so many compliments from all my peers!

Victoria T.
So pretty

I really do love this, the color is gorgeous. However, I do think her older bottles were better. The material was a little thicker (keeping your liquids cold for a bit longer). Ice melts faster in this bottle as compared to the old one, but I do live in a very hot country so it might not make a difference for those living in cooler weathers. I love the crystal clear top of the straw though and the straw is bigger than the old one, which makes it easier to gulp from. With that being said, I think the hinge isn’t as good on this? I’ve used it for about 2 months now, and where in the past the straw would stay up on its own, when I’m drinking from this, I have to gently hold the straw in place or it will fall back down.

Very minor issues that don’t take away from the fact that this is still a great bottle, just that it’s the reason for my 4 stars and not 5!

Overall Fit: Large
Lovely waterbottle.

I haven't ordered any of Cassey's bottles since before Popflex was even a thing (2014), when I ordered one of her jewel timer bottles. I was so sad when that one gradually broke down and I was no longer able to use it as a water bottle. After some consideration, I decided to purchase one of these new metal ones, as it has been a scorcher out where I am and I am tired of my water turning warm! Need that cold water, especially in the summer! Lol. One thing that isn't mentioned in the description (I think) is how the straw that sits inside of the water bottle is detachable from the top part of the water bottle, making it easier to clean, certainly, but also allowing for the option of drinking from the water bottle without the straw (ie: unscrewing the lid to take a sip), which may be preferable to some. Also love that she included the cleaning brush as well, and her idea of having the transparent/translucent straw so that you can see when it gets dirty makes a lot of sense to me. I'm glad I didn't get the larger size, because this is already quite huge and well over a litre, which is plenty of water for me. Sturdy handle for carrying as well. I'm impressed.

Jada S.
Purple Marble DREAM

I have only used it once so far, but I’m already in love. It’s big enough to store my water for the day without being an eyesore (I mean, the pictures do its color NO justice) and I can’t wait to take it with me to college this fall.

Quick aside: due to its slim size and not being able to put it in the fridge, it seems like if you want to drink infused water, you’ll have to make it in a big pitcher or something on the side and then pour it into your bottle in the morning. Only drawback I can think of for this top tier water bottle.

Happy hydration everyone!

Glodie M.
Awesome design

With the straw, I don't remember how I did without it (and the marble color is SO much more beautiful in reality than on the website)

Huge water bottle

LOVE IT! It’s so big (not even the larger size). It keeps water cold and the straw is perfect! It’s everything my other water bottles are missing.

Good Hydration Buddie!

I got this bottle because I have been having trouble staying hydrated and I have to say, it is definitely helpful! Unfortunately, I was really, really wanting the starry night one, but they sold out (twice) before I was able to buy one. I am very bummed that Popflex seems to only do very small-batch orders and don't have a pre-order option (something that I have been frustrated about with many other items they've made). However, I am glad that I got this bottle regardless as it has been very functionally pleasant and easy for me to use. I like that it holds a good amount of water and is easy to drink from. Some others have mentioned that the straw is uncomfortably wide or awkwardly shaped, but I don't find I have too much trouble with that depending on how you drink. I am also very glad that the handle is well-tact and the bottle arrived in good condition. The only real downside I find is that it doesn't fit in my car's bottle holder (although that is more of my car's problem than the bottle). Well, the other downside is that it's not self-filling....
I've attached a picture of it next to a Nalgine for comparison.