Ready Set Glow Gallon Timer Bottle with Fruit Infuser - Peach Terrazzo


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Reaching your daily hydration goals never looked (or tasted) so good.

The Ready Set Glow Gallon Timer Bottle is your motivational main squeeze, featuring mini goals with timestamps (7am to 9pm) on its side and an internal fruit infuser to make staying hydrated throughout the day delicious.
Features + Fit

• 1 gallon (128 oz) bottle
• Removable fruit infuser
• Flip top
• Side carrying handle
• Timer markings from 7am-9pm
• Made from BPA-free plastic
• Leakproof lid
• Silicone sleeve to prevent slipping (BONUS: it detaches for an easy on-the-go dog water bottle)

• Bottle Base: 6.25" (15.9 cm)
• Total Bottle Height: 12" (30 cm)
*To ensure healthy hygiene, we recommend hand washing lid and bottle daily after use.

Model Info
Materials + Care

To ensure healthy hygiene, we recommend hand washing the lid and bottle daily after use.
Bottle: BPA-free plastic
Sleeve: Silicone

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Happy, but anxious now

I was absolutely obsessed with this bottle, it is so comfy to hold and drink from it! But now I am afraid it won't survive for long. I will use it inside the house and treat it carefully. It was pricey to get it outside the US.

Loved it, till it broke in 1 week

I was hesitant to spend so much money on a waterbottle but when I got it, I absolutely loved everything about this bottle. Hit my gallon goal each day for a week. Then I stopped my car at a light and it feel off my seat and broke. Spilling a gallon of water onto the floor of my car. I was heartbroken. A gallon of milk would probably be more durable. I had hoped something designer would survive longer.
Hopefully they will upgrade to better materials considering the price.


Not durable . Easily bends and cracked

Oh no! So sorry this happened! We reached out to you via email about this.

Broke in 1 month

This bottle slipped out of my hands while walking down the street and broke in a very strange way. I tried to get it replaced or refunded by emailing the care team and was told they don’t refund any non-manufactured defects. I’m disappointed in the poorly created product. Not worth the money!


Didn’t even last two months, weak bottle I don’t think it was meant to hold a lot of water I had the other one and it’s perfect , no point of point the little strap if it isn't strong enough please fix for the future