Romance Ruffle Bra - Navy Rose


Color: Navy Rose
Smoky Grey
Size Guide
It’s a sports bra straight out of a romance novel. This bra features the most romantic, ruffled shoulder straps, a daring square neckline, and a flirty low back.

Compression Level:
Performance Level:
Features + Fit

• Flirty, ruffled shoulder straps
• Low cut, boxy neckline
• Deep, low back
• Removable padding
• Elastic underband for a secure fit
• Performance level: Low Impact

Model Info

Melanie is wearing size XS
Height: 5’5" • Bra Size:32C • Waist: 25” • Hip: 34” • Torso: 60.5"

Kat is wearing size S
Height: 5'10" • Bust: 33” • Bra: 33B • Waist: 25.5” • Hips: 37.5”

Sarah is wearing size M
Height: 5’ 9” • Bra Size: 32B • Waist: 27” • Hips: 40” • Torso: 61.5”

Arlene is wearing size 1X
Height: 5’9” • Bust: 44” • Bra 38DD • Waist: 37” • Hips: 48 ½” • Torso: 69"

Model Info
Model: Kat Height: 5.10" Bust: 33" Bra: 33B Waist: 25.5" Hips: 37.5" Kat is wearing size S
Model: Melanie Height: 5.5" Bra: 32C Waist: 25" Hips: 34" Torso: 60.5" Melanie is wearing size XS
Model: Sarah Height: 5.9" Bra: 32B Waist: 27" Hips: 40" Torso: 61.5" Sarah is wearing size S top and M bottom
Model: Arlene Height: 5.9" Bust: 44" Bra: 38DD Waist: 37" Hips: 48 ½" Torso: 69" Arlene is wearing size 1X
Fabric + Care

ButterSmooth Brushed
Why we love it
✓ Double brushed for a super soft, matte finish
✓ Medium compression for a slight smoothing effect
✓ Quick drying
✓ Resilient 4-way stretch
✓ Squat-proof
✓ Exceptional precision for prints

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Cutest bra ever!!

Flattering to the body, cute ruffles & loving these new colors! 🤍

Size: XL
Color: Smoky Grey

Romantic dreams come true!

I love this bra! It is super cute and feminine and everything I love about PopFlex, cute and unique. I especially love the pattern, the ruffles and the square neckline, super flattering. For me, it also gives enough support to run. Really my favorite bra!

So Feminine and Unique!

I love love love this sports bra! When I first saw it on Popflex, I was so excited. I've never seen any other athletic wear as romantic looking while being such a functional piece. I feel like a princess when I wear it and as a set, I feel like I can take on any workout! My bra size is 32B and I ordered XS. It fits me perfectly and gives great support! So happy with my purchase. I hope Cassy will continue designing such romantic, unique, yet super-functional athletic pieces! Excited for what she creates next!

The romance is me falling in love with this bra

I recommend this sports bra if you are sure of your sizing. I got it in S, and I knew I was size S from the Safari collection’s square neck sports bra. My fun time in this sports bra came from the feeling that I could jump high with my jump squats because of my ruffles/wings lol. I love cute stuff, and these straps are very cute, whimsical, and proper. They don’t feel out of place. The buttery material of the rest of the bra makes me feel so comfortable that I kinda wish it was a full-length top so that my stomach could be included in the amazing garment. I am biased in preferring a classy square fit. My favorite sports bra ever is the bliss bra from a few years ago, and this one is a close runner-up.

Perfect fit

I love this bra, very comfortable for workout!