Sculpt: A Protein Cookbook by Cassey Ho


Meeting your protein intake doesn’t have to mean bland chicken breast, or tasteless protein shakes. You’ve heard of mixing protein powder with your water or your go-to dairy-free milk alternative but have you ever considered incorporating the supplement into your go-to meal or favorite treat? 

In Sculpt, Cassey opens the door to endless culinary opportunities (well, 64 to be exact) with delicious protein-based recipes created to nourish your body (and satisfy your every taste bud). This cookbook is a love child with her passion for food and cooking, packed with easy-to-follow flavorful dishes.

Whether you’re new to the protein powder game or looking to break the mundane basic shakes and smoothies, Sculpt is the mouth-watering solution for you. The best part? Each recipe was designed for easy swaps, no matter the dietary preference. Feed the joy in fitness.

Recipes best paired with Blogilates Sculpt + Debloat Protein Powder with Probiotics and Blogilates Beauty Collagen with Keratin.

Features + Fit

Hardcover bound. 168 glossy, colorful pages.


Protein 101 breakdown - Learn about all things PROTEIN, such as the different types of protein, supplement terms, and more!

Ingredient alternatives list - Swap to the alternatives that fit your dietary needs, with ease.

Best paired with the Blogilates Sculpt & Debloat Protein Powder found at Target.

Over 60 mouth-watering recipes including:
• (16) Beverages (and before you question it - no, this is not your basic protein + 8oz of liquid recipe)
• (10) Breakfast recipes to fuel your body for the day
• (8) Bakery recipes
• (21) Dessert recipes (because every delicious meal needs a protein-packed sweet to follow)
• (9) Quick snacks for on-the-go

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Mainly for Sweet Tooths

As a protein cookbook, it provides great recipes meant to be paired with protein powders. Many of the recipes cater to those who enjoy sweets over savory flavors. This cookbook isn't your traditional cookbook if you are looking for a full how to make a dinner meal. Photos are appetizing and I've mainly stayed on the beverages section. Personally I'm not that big on breakfast foods or the quick snacks section.

Thank you for your review!

Better than expected

This is such a beautiful cookbook! The recipes are simple and I cannot wait to try them. Very much looking forward to more breakfast and snack options.

So glad you love it!

David Therrien
She loves it

Thank you very much for putting together the yearly planner. My girlfriend absolutely loves it and uses it every day. She has used this item consecutively for 2 yrs and "plan" to continue using future planners. Great products, great company, way to go!

daurissa crank
It's a little heavy in protein powder

I was very excited to try the recipes, but I don't want to use the protein powder. Haven't been able to try any recipes.

Lisa P
Nice cookbook but…

This is a nice cookbook but I was hoping for something that would cover all meals. There are lots of great recipes for drinks and breakfast items and snack items or dessert but nothing for lunch or dinner. Yes there is a pizza crust recipe but that was the only recipe that could really be applied to other meals aside from breakfast. I’ve tried a couple of the recipes so far (the apple cinnamon overnight oats and the matcha latte). Both were easy to follow and turned out delicious making them in my own kitchen. It’s also a beautiful cookbook. The cover is really nice and there are photos for each of the recipes plus nice bonus pics of Cassey enjoying her creations. I guess I was just hoping for more than just breakfasts and snacks or drinks. Glad I grabbed this one when it was on sale.


I have been doing all the recipes and I love them so far. I just wish the online store also had available the Blogilates Nutrition products that should go with the food in the book.