Starry Night Bottle - 64 oz with Free Bag


This bottle captures the elegance of the night sky with its etched star design and black backdrop.

Featuring double-wall insulation to keep your drink cold for hours and a crystal-clear flip-top nozzle for easy drinking and cleaning.The best part? Claim your FREE bottle bag with the purchase of any 64oz water bottle (while supplies last).

Take your sips on the go in complete style with our versatile Glow On The Go bottle bag. Sport it as a luxe crossbody or even a backpack for easy access to hydration.

Features + Fit

64 oz bottle:
• Flip top crystal clear straw
• Leak proof lid
• Comfortable and sturdy curved handle
• Sweat free design
• Keeps liquids cold up to 40 hours (do not use with hot liquids)
• Double wall vacuum insulation
• Stainless steel
• BPA free
• Comes with straw cleaning brush
• Mouth: 2.25" (5.7 cm)
• Bottle Base: 4.63" (11.7 cm)
• Total Bottle Height: 11.75" (30 cm)
• Weight: 1 lb 14 oz

Free Bag:
• Thick and luxurious neoprene material
• Key ring clip so you never lose your keys
• Phone pocket
• Adjustable shoulder strap
• Zippered pocket

This bag was designed for the Glow on the Go water bottle, however, it can fit bottles with the following specs:
• Bottle Base: 4.63" (11.7 cm)
• Total Bottle Height: 11.75" (30 cm)

Model Info
Materials + Care

To ensure healthy hygiene, we recommend hand washing lid and bottle daily after use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 861 reviews
Want to love but…

I am a BIG FAN of POPFLEX and would like to believe that their products are not only unique but also durable and of great quality. I got this bottle like 8 months back to monitor my water intake everyday and trust me I have been asked about the bottle from so many of people who spot this visibly large size bottle in my hand. I even purchased same thing different design for my husband cus he wouldn’t stop using mine. But, the quality doesn’t seem to be very promising - the handle just broke off and with the weight of full bottle it is difficult and risky to hold it. Plus the paint on the body is all chipping off, which is fine but the broken handle is something I am worried, if I would be able to use my bottle :(.

After almost a year of use...

I was gifted this bottle for my birthday in May of last year and I love it! I am someone who is always drinking water and I think the size of this bottle is perfect. I get so many compliments from people asking where I got it from and I'm happy to share.

However, there are two issues: when I opened my gift right out of the box, the handle was already broken. I thought I would have to try to glue it but it seems like the other side is sturdy enough that it won't break.

Another thing is that the top part with the straw is a bit hard to clean. I've noticed a green-ish buildup of mold(?) inside the straw piece that is very hard to get into to clean. I know it's not dishwasher friendly so I'm not sure how to get in there to clean it. I might have to completely replace the top part.

Hi! Someone from our team is reached out to you via email.

Not as durable as I thought

This was probably my fault and had nothing to do with the structural integrity of the bottle, but I just got this not even a week ago and already broke the cap handle. I basically went to pick up my bottle from the handle and accidentally hit the bottom from the underpart of my fest and it completely cracked the handle. Overall they feel pretty sturdy but I didn’t realize it could break from just a small incident like that :/ overall bottle is still functional just sad about that part

Aesthetically pleasing, just wished it fit everything

I purchase the gallon bottle and got the free bag because it was cute and who does like free took me awhile to finally add it to cart and check out because it's a pretty high priced item for a bottle, but since you get a bag that, in pictures and videos, shows it can hold your phone and keys it would be worth it.

When I received my order I was in love with the bag and the color of the bottle. The unfortunate thing is that the bottle came with a green smudge on the bottom that I had to gently srub off which left a very faint discoloration, but I figured since I was carrying it in the bag it wouldn't matter. When I did try to put the bottle in, I did have to stretch out the top to get it in, it was a snug fit. I loved the look, but noticed that since the gallon bottle fits super snuggly into the bag there was no way for me to fit my phone into the pocket because the bottle/bag is curved and the phone is straight. Also when I tried to put my keys and my card wallet into the pocket, again was a snug fit, it actually curved my card wallet and my keys could barely fit.

So I went from excited, thinking I could just carry everything in one bag to now slightly disappointed that I have this big water bottle in a cute bag that can carry my keys and maybe my ID and a debit card that could potentially get misshappened. I also need to plan to make sure I either wear something that has pockets to carry my phone or a bum bag or just ditch the whole thing altogether.

Just a design suggestion may be design a gusseted pocket or a separate pocket that has a bit more width and doesn't hug the bottle.

All-in-all it's a cute bottle that I will probably leave at my bedside table and use my smaller water bottle so I can carry everything.

I'm in LOVE!!!!!

I was eyeing this for a while and finally went ahead and bought it when they were doing a promotion. At first I thought that such a huge bottle would be a pain to carry around or that I'd look dumb with such a big bottle during my day-to-day, but honestly I feel so cool with it. It keeps my water crazy cold and incentivizes me to stay hydrated all day long. The only thing I have to say about it is that sometimes, for some reason, pulling water from it requires more suction than usual; you can fix this by just unscrewing the lid and screwing it back on.