Diamond Sky Bottle - 64 oz


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This bottle captures the elegance of the night sky with it's etched star design and deep blue gradient background.

The double wall insulation keeps your drink cold for hours, the crystal clear flip top nozzle is designed for easy and effortless drinking, and most importantly, have you ever seen a cuter bottle? Get ready to hydrate in style. 



    Type: Water Bottle

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    Sharon M.P.
    Hydration goals easily met

    I absolutely love the colour, design and how easily I take in 64 oz without even realising it!

    Jocelyn F.
    Overall Fit: True to Size
    Bottle came dented

    I hate having to refill my water, so I was super excited to get this in the mail. I also really like Cassey and enjoy watching her workout videos. I was surprised to find that they ship the box as it is. They don't put the box in another box. Which I guess is great as its more Eco-friendly. But the problem is there is not enough padding in the box to protect the bottle. My sister ordered the sunset bottle and the cap came broken - due to shipping. I received mine today and there is a dent at the bottom of my bottle. It's kind of annoying cause I paid $80 CAD. Pleaseeee add more padding into your boxes.

    Valerie F.
    Love it

    I love it! It’s perfect size keeping me hydrated all day! And the handle makes it easy to carry when I’m on the go! And not to mention I love the design!

    Edith M.
    Overall Fit: True to Size

    I love this bottle!!!! I’ve gotten so many compliments in just 3 days that I started to use it. It’s motivated me to reach my water goals! And I’m shocked as to how easy it is to drink 64oz! The only reason I’m giving 4 stars is because it leaks at a certain angle.

    So big and beautiful!

    I love this bottle , its super big , ive actually been hitting my water goals!!! Please makeeee a pack of replacememt straws , my 2 year old lost mine :( !!!

    Maria K.
    Overall Fit: Large
    It's HUGE!!!! 🤩

    I'm absolutely enamored with this thing. I've been waiting a few months to review this, actually, as I wanted to see how functional and sturdy it would be long term to give it a more accurate assessment.

    Straight out of the box, I've been obsessed with watching it shimmer and sparkle in the light. I LOVE the color gradient, and I've gotten a few remarks from people who thought it was super cool how it fades from light blue to dark blue. Don't even get me started on how amusing it is to watch their jaws drop at the sight of this gorgeous behemoth 💙👏😂 Nobody is used to seeing one this big, and I AM HERE FOR IT!!! I think I'm finally beginning to understand how some men feel when this happens to them 😂🤣💀

    The half gallon size is perfect for me, because I drink TONS of water and was constantly refilling over and over before I got this. The convenience!!!! 😍 It's really not all that heavy when it's full, once you get used to hefting it around everywhere with you after the first couple of days.

    I didn't notice any weird smell or taste upon unboxing, and I certainly didn't notice anything after its 1st wash and use. The crystal straw is SO clear, that after it's washed, when you hold it up to the light to look through it, it creates its own little rainbow prism! 😍 The plastic does seem to be a softer sort of plastic, though, as after about 4 months of constant use and washing, my non-scratch sponges have somehow managed to cause tiny, thin scuff mark scratches all over the mouthpiece, so it's not AS crystal clear as it started off anymore. Not a problem for me at all, I'm just sayin. The lid is sturdy and strong once it's screwed on really firmly, and so far is showing no worrisome signs of the steel thread outside the bottleneck or in the inside of the lid being stripped from having the top screwed on so tightly. I think it's designed to be strip resistant, what with how thick the steel thread track is, and just the fact that it's so heavy when it's full... yeah, it's gotta be screwed on TIGHT so it doesn't slip off and leak or get broken.

    The side of the bottle also got a little scuffed after it slipped and fell off of my dish drainer onto the floor, but the steel didn't dent, and luckily the scuff mark is only noticeable when it's held up at an angle in the light. Still, a little surprised that the matte veneer on the paint scuffed so easily, though. Just be careful not to drop the bottle, or wash it with steel wool, or hard water, or anything abrasive, and it should be just fine! Mine hasn't had any problems with leaking or cracked plastic at all the entire time I've had it since April, and the paint job is still looking great!

    The only time it 'leaks' is when I don't pay attention and line up the steel thread with the inside of the lid and it doesn't seal on and close really tightly. There's always that little bit of water that collects in the ring inside the steel bottleneck just below the screwed on cap, but I just remember to wipe that groove/ring off with a paper towel or a clean washcloth, and no more water running down the side of my bottle! Oh, there's also a tiny "breathing hole" in the top of the lid (I'm pretty sure it's there to regulate air flow and suction) where the straw goes when it's closed, and that can leak when you shake the bottle around or it falls upside down/kinda sideways in your bag, but it's a really slow leak and it doesnt cause a major problem unless you haven't noticed for a while.

    My son loves my bottle so much, he drinks from it more than he does any of his kids' waterbottles! I'm going to be getting him one, too! He picked out the baby Sunset bottle, and I can't wait to get it for him so he can keep his water cold and fresh tasting at school all day!! These bottles are definitely a must have, at the very least for the aesthetics alone! All 3 of them are absolutely beautiful! Very very proud to have something that is as functional and useful as it is gorgeous to look at!

    Also, I did the Blogilates 30 Days of Detox Water Challenge after I received this just to really put it to the test, and I had alot of fun doing that! The straw is akin to a thick shake straw, very thick plastic and has a big diameter, so all of the strange fruit infusions I was drinking didn't get stuck in my straw or mouthpiece at all! It didn't even prove difficult to wash out, thanks to the included bottle brush! I was afraid the plastic might be the porous kind and I'd never get the taste of all that lemon and pineapple and raspberries and stuff out of there, but after only 1 thorough wash, it was like brand new! I absolutely love that it also came with a tiny slip of paper in the box that had different fruit infusion recipes listed on it! That's what inspired me to to combine my 30 Day Water Challenge with the 30 Days of Detox Water Challenge, and this waterbottle definitely held up to said challenge!! Buying this bottle made my life so much easier!!!

    Michelle B.
    Daily Must Have

    I’ve been eyeing this water bottle for about a month. I searched and compared other brands just to make sure. I love popflex active and their products because their products are amazing quality and the price is right. I use this water bottle daily (64 oz)! I love the look, feel, and satisfaction I get from meeting my hydration goals. Definitely recommend!