Tiny Stars High Ponytail Run Cap - Black


Color: Black
Meet your new running buddy. This performance High Ponytail Run Cap has a criss-cross back elastic with separate slots for high ponies and low ponies. The perforated, breathable design keeps you cool and comfortable.
Features + Fit

• Lightweight, quick-drying performance fabric
• Adjustable velcro
• Perforation for air flow and breathability
• Criss-cross back elastic design with high ponytail slot
• Small, subtle embroidered stars design

Materials + Care

100% Polyester

After Your Workout: Gently hand wash in cold water. Avoid folding or wrinkling your hat to keep it looking good as new. Then shape and air dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Not for sports, but a nice everyday cap

I was really hoping this to be an actual sports cap meant for sweating, but unfortunately that's not what this cap is for me. I'm a sweaty girl, and this cap is not breathable enough for me. The side's are lightweight and breathable, but the structured front definitely is not. It almost collects all the sweat and heat inside without letting it go, making the cap rather uncomfortable for sweaty sports. Another thing is, this cap is surprisingly big! It doesn't stay on my head that well because it's both big and shallow, and the elastics in the back are loose, which is not pretty. The cap could be a bit smaller, because the velcro and elastics do make it possible to use the cap with thicker hair or bigger head. I also wish it sat "deeper" on my head.

On the bright side, I LOVE the new elastic criss-cross at back! I think it's much prettier and more functional than the two "holes" in the original High Ponytail Cap. I also like the more subtle embroidering in this cap than in the original.

In short:
-Not breathable enough for sports (the structured front!).
-Too big (loose elastics in the back doesn't look pretty).
-Cannot be adjusted for smaller heads/for people with thinner hair.

+Lovely and functional design (criss-cross elastics at the back ❤).
+Subtle embroidering
+Good for everyday use.

Too small1

The hat is too shallow. It doesn't sit on my head, it comes straight off so I can't even wear it! The adjustable strap at the back doesn't help because the circumference isn't the problem, it's the depth.
Complete waste of money. Can't return because it took nearly the full 30 days to get here. Not impressed

A miss for me

I wanted to like this hat. I wear a ball cap every day to work and I loved the idea of a plain black high ponytail cap. Unfortunately when I got it the cap was shallow and squeezed my head by my temples despite loosening the back Velcro strap. It didn’t feel like it would stay in place while working let alone working out so it’s going back.

Anissa DV
Love this hat, so cute!

I bought this in Cerulean Blue and just love the color. I have a small head so many hats either don't look good or are too big. This one just fits without having to overlap the velcro and goes down just enough to cover the top of my ears. I have worn it for several hours three days in a row and it was very comfortable and not hot at all. My hair isn't long enough for a high pony, but can use the lower section fine. I love the criss cross back detail. So glad I splurged and bought this hat. Now I want another color!

Love how this looks on you! So glad you love the hat!

Jakki Johnson
Cute hat

I've been looking for a hat like this for a while. I actually purchased the duck egg hat in target that has the elastic in the back and was hoping for a black one to be released. My only complaint is the non-perdorated area is super stiff.