Sunset Bottle - 64 oz


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This sunset inspired bottle captures that magical golden hour moment in all of its gorgeous color! 



Type: Water Bottle

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I drink 128 ounces of water a day because of this awesome container

Emily L.

USPS was not my friend trying to give me my package! but it finally came and i love it so much. is drinking too much water a thing? cause i can easily put down 3 or 4 bottles full in a day, maybe more. needless to say, this bottle is amazing and a beautiful color!

Elaine L.
Height: 5ft
Bra Size: 32 B
Body Type: Pear
Weight: 115
This bottle has changed my life

I absolutely love this bottle more than any other bottle I've ever owned. It keeps my water super cold and I love the peach ombre design. I love that the top is now crystal and we're able to see through the straw to make sure that we're cleaning it thoroughly. Because of the bottle I drink so much water now. I normally clear two of these bottles a day, and I believe eight glasses of water is what is suggested that we drink a day. What that said I get double the amount. I love that the top of the bottle is big enough to put fruit in to infuse the water for flavor. Love to put peaches inside my water to add a little flavor to it. Liked it so much that I bought my daughter the cotton candy color one as well.

Jenni V.
Love it!

Received my water bottle a few days ago. Shipping was fast and the bottle arrived nicely packaged. Does a great job of keeping water cold, even my ice lasted through the night! It’s a great size and the handle is comfortable when you’re holding it. Very beautiful color! Very happy with my purchase, I’ve used it every day since it came.

Elizabeth L.
Gorgeous Functionality 64oz at a Time

The dr said “drink a gallon of water a day”. Caasey said “Drink a gallon of water a day! Oh and here - I’ve designed this high-quality, feminine water bottle that will help you accomplish just that.” and she’s right. It’s gorgeous. I get compliments everywhere I go and I, without fail, have been able to drink a gallon of water a day since I got it and I feel amazing. Thank you Caasey!

Get the water bottle. Love it. Listen to Caasey. She’s got our back.

Holly L.
Beautiful, gorgeous, amazing

This water bottle is the most impressive and vibrant bottle I have ever owned! It keeps my water cold all day with ice still in it! I also love the feel of the bottle. It also has the coolest straw! I love how wide it is. Another perk: Everyone I see says “That’s a huge water bottle!”

Caitlin M.

The bottle is so cute! I’m afraid of denting or dropping it so I mostly use it at home, but I once filled it with ice to take to a picnic and it stayed so cold - the ice didn’t melt at all! I feel like it’s slightly paler than the photo.