Vegan Suede Yoga Mat - Take a Dip


This is the thickest, lightest, and most colorful anti-slip yoga mat ever invented! Our luxury vegan suede yoga mat gets grippier as your hands get sweatier thanks to its soft and ultra-absorbent micro-suede texture. 

    Features + Fit

    • Ultra absorbent micro-suede top layer
    • Super durable and colorful design that will not rub off or fade away
    • Extra-thick to provide stability and cushioned support for joints
    • High-density lightweight TPE bottom layer
    • Eco-friendly and PVC-free
    • Super portable at only 1.4 lbs
    • 72 in x 24 in x 6mm (183 cm x 61 cm x 0.6 cm)
    • Complimentary black cotton carrying strap included!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 32 reviews
    Love it!

    It's my second Suede Mat, and its lovely. Thick, soft, it does indeed has you stick more to it the more you sweat. The only negatives I can think of, is fuzzies and the like can stick to it more than a normal mat, and if you're not sweaty and doing yoga/stretches, I sometimes slip a little (mostly in downward dog, positions like that). But those are both fixable minor problems that I don't take much issue with. My favorite Popflex product 100%

    Beautiful Yoga Mat!

    Beautiful Yoga Mat! Soft and lightweight and the stiff padding decreases the pressure on the tailbone when doing crunches. And that beautiful water/sky blue colour? One of my favourite colours.

    However, I do notice my feet slip a bit when doing some movements like downward dogs. I was hoping that the mat gave a bit more grip on my feet since it was advertised to have a high level of slip resistance. But this is not a big issue. I love my mat overall!


    So pretty in person! It has the perfect amount of padding for me as I have hard wood floors at home. The other ones on Amazon were not as pretty and this one doesn't move around on the floor. My dog seems to like the suede too. Only con and reason for docking a star is how quickly it gets dirty. This is my second Suede Yoga Mat from Popflex and I just have to vacuum or clean frequently.

    Just okay

    I absolutely adore the pattern of this mat, but to be honest, I don't love the suede texture. It's fairly grippy, but I do still find my hands slipping from time to time in downward dog, and it doesn't feel as nice on the hands as a standard yoga mat. It also stains easily and is harder to clean than my other mats (I usually wipe them down with method spray and a microfiber towel). For this price, I wouldn't buy one of these again.

    Wish Popflex offered yoga mats in a non suede pattern – I'd love to continue to support Cassey's brand!

    Dehenhich Mimila

    This mat arrived with a large scuff and a small stain inside the roll. Didn’t affect use, and it’s a nice product all the same. Still, the aesthetic of this mat was lost due to an error with packaging.