The Belladonna Duffle - Bora Blue


Size Guide

The Belladonna is your new best friend. She’s the perfect size for all of your favorite activities and has the most thoughtful design you’ve ever seen. From the sweet floral lining to the hand folded asymmetrical bow to the perfectly placed pockets to the secret yoga mat holder, Belladonna knows exactly what you need. 


  • Thick and luxurious neoprene material
  • Floral lining
  • High-quality gold hardware
  • Unique hand-folded asymmetric bow
  • Seatbelt handles and adjustable crossbody strap
  • Fully lined shoe compartment
  • Secret yoga mat holder behind the asymmetric bow
  • Thoughtfully placed back pocket for quick access to necessities
  • X-strap in inner pockets to keep things in place
  • Inside:
    • Laptop holder
    • 2 side pockets
    • Zippered pocket
    • Key ring clip so you never lose your keys


Bag: 17” long x 7.5” wide x 12.5” tall (13” tall with bow)

Adjustable strap: 26” - 51”

Type: Bags

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I love everything about this bag. The color, the beautiful floral lining, all the pockets and compartments for your water bottle, keys, shoes, yoga mat. Everything! The only thing is to be cautious because of the soft material, it can get damaged easily.

Gretchen N.
Great bag and amazing color!

This bag is great! I was really hesitant to purchase it because of the price, but I couldn’t resist this beautiful blue color. It arrived the day before I left on vacation so I decided to see if everything for the trip would fit. I was able to pack for a five day trip with no problem. This is definitely my new favorite weekend trip bag and I can’t wait to use it when I go back to the gym too.

I Haven't Received It, But...

I haven't received it, yet, (it's been 20 days) but I'm excited to receive it! I only live in Canada, and the bag ships from Utah... However, it made its way through Germany and Switzerland before getting to Canada. I don't work in mail or courier service, so I'm not sure if this is an intentional delivery route, or if it was shipped there in error. Just so international shoppers know, there may be long wait times in receiving this product.

4.5 stars

I love this bag! I am a yoga and cycling instructor so this bag is perfect as my yoga mat goes in the holder and my cycling shoes go underneath the bag in the shoe compartment. I love the organizational tools that this bag has, such as the water bottle holder (no more spilling my water in my bag), key holder so that I am no longer fishing for my keys. Lots of pockets and I really love the shoe compartment because I don't have to take my cycling shoes out to make room for whatever exercise class or activity I'm going to do that is not cycling. I love the outer pockets, I keep masks in there or my phone. The fabric is soft to touch and the design is functional yet aesthetically pleasing.
I would take half of a star away if I could because of things that I think would make the bag better. I would love to have feet on the bottom of the bag. Sometimes I don't have a nice, clean place to put my bag while I exercise so then it just sits on the floor which sucks because it is so pretty, expensive, and should only be spot cleaned with a damp cloth. Additionally if I wanted to travel with this bag I would have to sit it on the floor of the airplane or car or whatever. Feet would go a long way in keeping the bottom clean. The second con is the buckles on the side. They look very nice and it is great that the bag can expand however when I expand the bag the buckles just dangle. I like the look of the buckles but maybe eliminating them would help. I guess I could always extend the buckles to their longest length or just carry less stuff. Finally, the water bottle holder is such a nice touch but I think it is designed to hold wider Popflex water bottles. My water bottle is a bit thinner and it didn't completely stay up the entire time that I used the holder. Nonetheless, this is a great bag and I don't regret purchasing it. Worth every penny.

Great Bag for Travel

I bought this bag to replace my old backpack I've been using for travel. The bag is super well made and works really well as a carry-on bag for flights. I think it could fit under the seat, but I use it as my one carry-on item and put it in the overhead bin. Fits my MacBook Pro, iPad, and all of my important stuff I don't want to check.

very happy with my purchase!

Originally I wasn't going to purchase one of these bags because I didn't care for the bow, it's just not my style.. BUT I had been searching for a long time for a gym bag that has all the pockets and a place for my yoga mat and for my shoes. Once they released it in this beautiful blue color then I was sold on it. It has everything I need and more. Also, the material is a lot softer than I expected.