POPFLEX Water Bottle Cap and Straw


Universal Water Bottle Lids for 40 oz and 64 oz

Drink up with our gorgeous water bottle lids! These are designed to be used with POPFLEX Water Bottles. 

Features + Fit

• Flip-top crystal clear straw
• Leakproof lid
• Comfortable and sturdy curved handle
• Easy to clean

Materials + Care

• Lid & Straw: Polypropylene

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Christina Hui
Amazing water bottle but hard to clean

I’ve used this water bottle for over a year and it’s my go to bottle since it holds a lot of water, but like everyone else, I really dislike how dirty it gets and how hard it is to clean. The nozzle gets dirtiest the easiest on the inside and even using a straw cleaner is not enough. I’ve found the most success in soaking it in bleach and using a toothpick to grab the small parts but it’s such a hassle.

I also dropped it once and now the handle is broken.

Hard to clean

V grateful there’s a replacement. However the need for one is annoying. The ball joint can only be cleaned by soaking it in warm water and wiggled back and forth bc not even q-tips clean it! Also it leaks from the joint/base area.
As we know 640z of water is heavy…my handle broke by just a thud on it’s side on my carpet floor.
I love my bottle and wake it’s with me everywhere but I believe this minor but seriously details are fixable.

Love the Bottle, Disappointed in the Lid

I have had a 64 Oz. for a year now and I have LOVED It. I had no issues with the original lid until I accidentally dropped it in my garage and it was understandable that the plastic holder part would come right off clean that time. It was the replacement that came with all its problems immediately for me.

First of all: the replacement straw doesn't fit in the 64 oz. bottle. It bent funny and was almost an inch too long. I was able to use the lid by attaching the original straw to the new lid. Secondly, the lid didn't screw on right - it sounded like it was dulling and "deading" the screw-on part of the bottle. Then when it was screwed on, it dripped water if tilted at all.

And finally, within two months of using it, the handle broke again from a small fall off the couch (baby knocked it off) - I wish the lid could be made with something a little more resilient. For the record, I have followed care instructions otherwise and washed it by hand so the material wasn't compromised from my use besides a small fall. At this point, I wouldn't buy another PopFlex bottle or lid until this type of handle situation gets fixed, regardless of how beautiful, resilient, and insulated the water bottle itself is.

Breaks easily and mouth piece too big

My friend gifted me the 64oz water bottle and looking through the reviews the common factor is that the lid breaks very easily which is what happened to me as well. I find that the mouth piece is too big/thick and it doesn't fit comfortably in my mouth and makes drinking water a little more difficult compared to my Yeti tumbler with a straw lid that has a flatter mouth piece. Everytime I try to drink I'm also sucking in a lot of air at the same time.

Sarah S
Breaks quick

I bought this in February and the handle has already broken. This was my second one in less than a year. Love the water bottles just need better hold on the lid