Thank you to everyone for entering, this giveaway is *NOW CLOSED* 

Enter for a chance to win a $1,000 POPFLEX shopping spree! 


It's our BIGGEST GIVEAWAY of the year!!! We’ll be making 1 lucky winner’s most stylish wishes come true. All you have to do? Build your wishlist. 


Here’s how to enter to win

Step 1: Register your phone number below to enter 

Step 2: Build your dream wishlist!


⭐️ Step 1: Enter your phone number to register for the giveaway ↓ 

Be sure to click “register”. 


⭐️ Step 2. Build your wishlist.

Fill up your wishlist with $1,000 worth of ANYTHING! Leggings, skorts, hoodies, bags, in stock or out of stock... it doesn't matter! Dream big!

Not sure how to build a wishlist? Keep scrolling for more deets. 

If you don't have an account with us yet, make sure you sign up here so you can save your wishlist and share it! If you don't have an account, you will not be formally entered into the giveaway, as we won't have a way to contact you if you win! 

How to build your wishlist:

1️⃣: Find the product you want to add to your wishlist. Be sure to select your size before adding to your wishlist!

2️⃣: Click "Add to Wishlist". 

You’ll know the item has been successfully added by seeing the “Add To Wishlist” button change to “Added To Wishlist”, and a notification at the top, indicating that the item has been added.


Not sure what to stock up on?

Here's the BlogiFam's current favs ↓

1. Zip Cloud Hoodie

She simply needs no explanation. It's basically the perfect oversized hoodie delivered straight from Cloud 9. 

2. Corset Pirouette Dress

The party don't start 'til you walk in (or whatever Kesha said). 

3. Fit Kit

All of your movement essentials in one stylish, easy-to-grab kit. 

4. Crisscross Hourglass® Legging

Our most waist-snatching legging yet. Bouns? It comes in 5 inseam lengths. Talk about a perfect legging. 

Finding Your Wishlist: 

If you ever want to check on your list, you can always go to the Wishlist tab! Your wishlist will be saved on the device you use to begin building the list. If you create an account, you’ll have the freedom to access your wishlist on multiple devices. 


Sharing Your Wishlist:

Just because we love to be nosey, share your wishlist link in the comments below when you’re done!

How to share your wishlist:

1️⃣: Tap the share icon as shown below

2️⃣: Click"Copy Link" under "Or Share Via". 

Giveaway ends on November 3, 2023 11:59pm PST.

Good luck!!


Hyojae said:

Been a blogilates fan for over 10 years. Love Blogilates ❤️ plz pick me 🙋🏻‍♀️

Victoria said:

Here is hoping!

Sophie said:

I just finished making my wishlist. Super excited :)

Mari A. said:

Just finished updating my list 😙😙😙

Nikki said:

I always find it so hard to choose!

Erica L. said:

Loving this!

Alexis B said:

Alexis said:

Katie said:

I’m a 12 year old girl and Popflex is the only workout brand that makes me feel like I look good in what I’m wearing. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE POPFLEX! 😍🤞

fiona said:

I just got my first pair of leggings & a tank from here and the quality is sooo goood! Hoping I can get some more :]

Preeti Sareen said:

I am so excited to buy everything on my wishlist!!! I’ve been waiting for a big Popflex shop to come my way!! Thank you!

Here’s my list:

Lydia said:

Wallica Barnhill said:

I’m a single mom of four as my partner died a couple of years ago so it’s been very hard to do things for myself. Some nice warm clothing would be great for the winter this year. I would love to win!! Good luck everyone

Mette said:

This is so exciting, fingers crossed! And congrats in advance to whoever wins :)

Liz said:

So excited!!!

A said:


A said:

Megan said:

It’s so hard to decide!!!! I guess that’s why it’s a WISH LIST, huh!?!?! :)

Alexandra said:

Recently rejoined the YMCA after a three-year absence, so this is the perfect time to refresh my wardrobe with these adorable pieces if I am the lucky winner.

Ying said:


Molly said:

Here’s to hoping! 🤞🏻🤞🏻

Ella said:

Julie T. said:

Andrea said:

Graycen said:

I love Cassie’s vision and how she acts on it. She makes life better for all of us. She is one if my role models!

Sabine said:

Thank you so much for all you do, you have changed my life for the better :) and your clothes are amazing!! I’m so excited for the giveaway and for whoever wins!
Here’s my wishlist:

Grace said:

Karah said:

Blogilates changed my life in highschool back when it first got started. Totally in love with her clothing line I just discovered! Here’s my wish 🤗

Morgan D. said:

Hey Popflex ⚡️
Thanks for the opportunity. Here’s a bit of encouragement for anyone who needs it. “The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.”
- Ernest Hemingway

Jo said:

A lil bit of everything!

Kali Nilaja Whitaker said:

Here’s my wishlist. A “treat to myself” for surviving my first year at university! ✨️😆🎉

I got over excited.

Kali Nilaja Whitaker said:

Here’s my wishlist. A “treat to myself” for surviving my first year at university! ✨️😆🎉

Alexis said:

Claudia said:

Fingers and toes crossed to win my dream list!

Ronja C said:

Ronja C said:

Ronja C said:

Stephanie said:


Diana said:

Hannah said:

My list ended up being exactly $1,000. It’s fate!

Caroline said:

I’m a new college student trying to start training and working out again after several highschool injuries forced me way off track. Everything is super cute, but obviously I’m on a college student budget. It would be so amazing to have some of these things as im starting over on my journey. Best of luck to everybody!

Scout said:

Gotta love when popflex does giveaways!
Here’s my wishlist:

jesslyn said:

Becky said:

Love all of Cassie’s stuff – everything Popflex makes me feel so much like myself! :)

Maddie said:

Good luck to everyone out there, fingers crossed 🤞

Fatima said:

Natalie said:

Case said:

Here’s hoping!

Brianna said:

I’ve been following popflex for a while and not long ago was able to place my first order. I love everything I’ve gotten so far! Finding things that are my aesthetic but also fit and flatter has been tricky. So I’m happy to have found a place I can trust consistently. Thank you and good luck everyone!

Faith Cole said:

So excited! Good luck everyone 🤞🏻

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