The Problem

The fast fashion industry is notorious for being one of the biggest contributors to waste. Globally, about 92 million tons of textile waste is created each year. That’s like having a truckload of clothes being burned or dumped into a landfill every single second. And guess where it all ends up?

In third world countries. Unwanted clothes end up polluting these countries’ local water systems while their landfills become so toxic that catastrophic fires will ignite at random. 

Anyone who thinks fast fashion is “fun” and “affordable” isn’t thinking about the cost of turning rivers black with waste. 

They’re not thinking about the fish and turtles literally being strangled by trash.

They’re not thinking about the people whose eyes burn and lungs hurt from breathing the fumes of the fires.

By 2030, researchers are estimating that more than 134 million tons of clothes will be thrown away annually. (BBC)

“I was raised by Asian immigrant parents who ingrained in me the skill of saving everything. They saved plastic grocery bags and used them as trash bags. They saved pickle jars and used them as tupperware. They saved clothes by evolving them! When my dress ripped, my mom turned it into shirt. And when the shirt was too tattered to wear, she turned it into a rag to clean the house with. To waste was a crime.” 

- Cassey Ho, CEO + Head Designer of POPFLEX

Today, Cassey is the #1 most watched Pilates instructor in the world with over 14 million followers and 2 billion views. She has helped millions of women transform their lives and their bodies, while leading the rapid growth of POPFLEX.

From one cute yoga bag to an empire of beautiful fitness products, Cassey is finally living her childhood dream of becoming a designer and entrepreneur. Just recently, Blogilates got picked up to be a premiere brand at Target stores nationwide.

Alongside her husband Sam, COO, and a super sharp team made up of mostly women, POPFLEX is focused on creating best-in-class products to motivate you to become the best version of yourself.

Sit tight and keep watching because the journey has only just begun.

The Solution-in-progress

At POPFLEX, we are anti-fast fashion. We design and produce slowly and thoughtfully because we are conscious about reducing waste. Below are things we’re currently doing on our sustainability journey.

1. We make quality clothes that last.

The most anti-fast fashion thing we can do is make clothes with quality fabrics and quality construction. Why? Because making clothes that will last years (not days) in people’s closets is the first step in reducing the amount of clothing waste that’ll end up in the landfill. 

2. We design with you and only make what you want.

We love getting your feedback because it helps us design clothes that you actually want to buy. We don’t believe in producing blindly, as that causes a huge risk for unwanted goods. Unfortunately not every brand has an open communication with their customers like we do. (So grateful for you!) This ultimately causes the production of clothes that no one will buy, which means these clothes will end up in the landfill.

3. We use the "test first" model.

We are always on the safer side with quantit