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Enter for a chance to win a $1,000 POPFLEX shopping spree! 


It's our BIGGEST GIVEAWAY of the year!!! We’ll be making 1 lucky winner’s most stylish wishes come true. All you have to do? Build your wishlist. 


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Fill up your wishlist with $1,000 worth of ANYTHING! Leggings, skorts, hoodies, bags, in stock or out of stock... it doesn't matter! Dream big!

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How to build your wishlist:

1️⃣: Find the product you want to add to your wishlist. Be sure to select your size before adding to your wishlist!

2️⃣: Click "Add to Wishlist". 

You’ll know the item has been successfully added by seeing the “Add To Wishlist” button change to “Added To Wishlist”, and a notification at the top, indicating that the item has been added.


Not sure what to stock up on?

Here's the BlogiFam's current favs ↓

1. Zip Cloud Hoodie

She simply needs no explanation. It's basically the perfect oversized hoodie delivered straight from Cloud 9. 

2. Corset Pirouette Dress

The party don't start 'til you walk in (or whatever Kesha said). 

3. Fit Kit

All of your movement essentials in one stylish, easy-to-grab kit. 

4. Crisscross Hourglass® Legging

Our most waist-snatching legging yet. Bouns? It comes in 5 inseam lengths. Talk about a perfect legging. 

Finding Your Wishlist: 

If you ever want to check on your list, you can always go to the Wishlist tab! Your wishlist will be saved on the device you use to begin building the list. If you create an account, you’ll have the freedom to access your wishlist on multiple devices. 


Sharing Your Wishlist:

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Giveaway ends on November 3, 2023 11:59pm PST.

Good luck!!


— Carmela
Love my wishlist!!!

— Chloe

— Chanel

Can’t thank you enough for this opportunity!

— Donna

Hey, this was such a huge news. I was at the verge of tears haha. I really love love your products and this news just blowed my mind. As a broke young student it was difficult for me buy all your products, but this gives me a chance. It gives me hope haha. To think that i can finally buy something for myself and for my mom. We love watching your products. We are truly proud of you Cassey you have been an inspiration for everyone. I learnt a lot from you and ill work hard and buy more of your products in the future haha. I really would love to. Congratulations on your success and all the best for everything in life. Hats off to cassey and her team. Lots of love from india.

Here’s my wishlist hoping for best again thanks a lot cassey love love love

— Harita

— Julie

— Xochitl

Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity.I always loved your coolest designs but never brought them since they are way too expensive for me well you can say I am a broke student. Fingers crossed 🤞
Anyway good luck guys .

— Rishitha

— Courtney

Hey! Take a look at what I choose for my wish list 😍 This felt so real, I mean, I picked every item with the right size an color as if I’m actually have this in my pocket already. Visualizing and manifesting 💫 I’ve always dreamed with having these, ohh specially that yoga mat and the bottle!! It would be my dream come true!! 💖 too bad I couldn’t keep adding items 🤣

— Adriana D

— Danna

thank you for the giveaway, praying i’ll get picked! hard to buy and afford cassey’s lovely designs where i’m from, got a taste when my aunt sent me a twirl skort and never looked back 💖

— Ysobela

I’m 13 and I’ve been following you for a couple years now. I love your energy and your Blogilates series has been the only thing to work for me. My family is kinda struggling with money right now, so I really appreciate this opportunity to get some new clothes for me and my mom. Especially some jackets since it’s getting colder. 💕❤

— Rylie Henderson

I have been watching Cassey for about four years now and I love how positive she is. I am not surprised at all that she is doing such a kind thing like this. As a teenager working a minimum wage job, I would be so happy to get my wishlist. I play tennis and do yoga regularly so I would love more athletic clothes and yoga supplies. Good luck and I am so happy for whoever wins!
Here is my wishlist!

— Reese

— Rita

— Zulfiya