If you follow us on Instagram (if you don’t, this is your sign to do so), you’ve noticed that our design process is a continuous journey. Recently, our CEO + Head Designer, Cassey  has created a healthy balance on our site with neutrals vs. print (look, we need options for every shopper!) The journey to neutrals started with Basics, then Heathers, and now… we’re ready to add those bright, fun colors back to your closet! 

Before we introduce you to the line-up, close your eyes. And imagine riding through a quiet Parisian street just as the city begins to awaken. You lean your bike against a lamp post and grab a croissant on your way to the farmer’s market.

You stop to buy freshly cut flowers, close your eyes to breathe in the delicate scent and hear your favorite sound… the soft crinkle as they wrap it in brown Kraft paper.

Inspired by French gardens, fresh bouquets, and regencycore, meet: Neon Garden.


We cannot wait to show you these new styles, buuuut first can we give these gorgeous NEW colorways have their well-deserved moment?! 3 solids + 2 floral prints = a feminine, bright, charming, and romantic color palette.
Let's meet the line-up 
Okay, we could not save the best for last. Introducing our newest all-in-onesie, the Runsie Romper in our Peachy Rose print. The perfect marry of a snatching crop and flowy run shorts. 

We maaaay be slightly obsessed with this silhouette! I mean.... do you blame us?
A bralette truly like no other. Are you ready to fall in love with these delicate details?

Featuring princess seams to contour + accentuate your silhouette.

Adjustable criss cross back straps for a customizable fit (we heard you loud and clear!).
Bra, or crop top? Pairing with leggings, or your fav jeans? Honestly, the choice is yours with this versatile crop bra.
A feminine twist on a standard sports bra. It’s subtle peek-a-boo mesh boob vent adds an element of breathability to support you during your medium/high impact workouts.
Meet your new layering piece. Cropped, boxy, lightweight, breathable. Simply perfection. And go ahead and add this to your Summer must-have list!

Product tip: for a pop of color, pair with your go-to colorful bra underneath (we love it with the Refine Bra!).

A layering piece but make it sleeveless. Meet the non-cropped tank that’s not too loose, not too tight, but juuuust right.

Our tops had their moment but, a little commotion for the bottoms please! Introducing: the Corset Biker Short + Corset Legging. Are you ready to meet this NEW style?!

Anti-cameltoe, ultra-sculpting, regencycore inspired, faux-corset illusion… this style was made to snatch your waist and accentuate your figure.

Think: the Corset Legging, in biker short form (because we love options!).

Heads up -
Apricot didn’t pass our squat proof test. We highly recommend pairing a nude colored thong with this bottom.

OMG. 7 NEW, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN designs… guys the excitement is too real. Friendly reminder: part of our sustainability effort is choosing to produce a small quantity of products, especially when they’re new. What does this mean for you? Once this collection is gone, it’s up to YOU to decide if we bring it back in more colors.

Let us know in the comments your thoughts on Neon Garden. Yes. We want the good, the bad, the recommendations, everything! Chat with us! ↓ 

A special thank you to our amazing models: Katie Reese, Arlene Honey + Sam Poche and talented photographer Niaz Uddin from 
Neohumanity. It’s always a pleasure seeing you guys help bring our collection to life! ♡


I absolutely adore this entire color scheme, and the prints. I do appreciate the anti-cameltoe too!

But I wish there were pockets on the leggings and shorts, and I’m wondering if there are grippies on the biker shorts too?

Whoever was wondering about short shorts in the design process, I’m wondering about the same thing because I would love these same prints and colors in a short shorts version with pockets, and maybe a criss-cross shape too😀.

— Gabrielle

Wow just Wow!!!! Cassey you amaze me all the time, such beautiful creations!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩

— Rachel

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT ALL!!! THIS IS THE BEST COLLECTION YET! The colors are so perfect, and the details are so feminine. I would wear everything in this collection, which is the first time I’ve thought that for a collection. I really hope there are a lot of these items in stock, so i have time to buy them lol.

Also, I agree with whoever said that the matcha green would be a perfect color for a cloud Hoodie.

— Aisslyn

I’m speechless 😶. I LOVE EVERYTHING, OMG 😱 the flowers design is so beautiful!!! Can’t wait to purchase them! I do wish the bottoms had pockets, I’m a pocket kind of girl 🫶.

— Angelina

Love the ENTIRE collection! It’s going to be so hard making a decision!!!

— Moriah Jeanty

Love the new collection! Sad I don’t see pockets. But the colors are so pretty!!

— Jo-Ann

I wish the twirl skirts came in all the new colorways! Maybe also long sleeve shirt options in the future too? 💓💓

— Brooke

I have been looking for an exercise and comfortable set of clothes that I can wear and feel my natural self… this drop has be IN MY FEELINGS! 🥹 I CANT WAIT!

— Ashlei Sanders

I am very excited!! I would love to see a higher waist for all of the workout bottoms because sometimes doing different workouts the back of the bottom pulls down. Also, I would love to see more 25 or 25 inch inseams for us who isn’t blessed with height. I don’t want to always have to resort to shorts just because I am short :( We short girls want long pants too.

— Lena

I can see myself wearing most of this. The floral print would look great in a skort. Also, are the short shorts no longer being considered in the design process anymore?

— Amy

Sooo pretty!! Can’t wait to purchase the romper and mesh tank!

I do wish the bottoms had pockets, though.

— Jen

Omg that run onsie!!!! I might need it for my Disney Marathon so I can feel like a princess running though the magic kingdom

— Chloe Payne

Take my paycheck. I’m in love with EVERYTHING 💙

— Jennifer

I love the prints and colors so much, and the design of the tops is great! I just really wish the shorts and leggings came with side pockets – I can’t buy bottoms without them!

— Stacy

10000/10 I love all the new bras/sports bras I love the designs!!! I also love the mesh shirt !!! I hope I can get my hands on most if not all💖👄💖

— Lorrayne

Beautiful! Just curious if any of the these options have pockets?

— Katie G.

I need to know if those crop tops roll! That drives me crazy!!

— Haylen Finch

I love the new collection!! ❤️💐 I would like to order.

— Cindy

Omg I LOVE this collection!! Every single piece is to die for😍 this may be my favorite since Sugarplum!!

Pleeeeeease bring it back!! I’m studying for the bar exam this summer and won’t be able to afford it until August😂🙈 but I’m in LOVE💚💕

— Annie

Love the Matcha and Green with Roses pattern! I also like the Skim Mesh Tank, very unique.

*thank you for the squat test warning on the apricot shorts Lol

— Adriana G.

Can the shorts on the romper become their own item? I love the print and the design of the shorts rompers just don’t really work for my body shape but I absolutely adore the shorts on it.

— Madeline Flores

Omg! I need all of it! I wish i was rich 🥲
A cloud hoodie in that green would be DIVINE

— Catherine

I am absolutely in love with this theme and can’t wait to buy sets!!!!

— Josie Edmonds