From an idea in my head, to a sketch in my book, to perfecting the exact degree of "oomph" that went into our custom-made bra cups (that project alone took over a year and a half), to fit testing it on real women's bodies to make sure the clothing was secure (I asked them to do burpees of course!), I am beyond proud of what you will be soon experiencing.

My goal with POPFLEX is to have the highest degree of quality at a price point that will not barricade women from enjoying top notch, high-tech fabrics and artistic design. So many said it was impossible. But for me, impossible is just a challenge.

We spent a couple years traveling, studying, sourcing every single thread, trim, and piece of fabric you're going to feel so that we could be INDUSTRY-SHATTERING. And guess what? We made it work.

The quality of our workout wear is on par with top yoga brands (you know who I'm talking about), but the price tag is cut in half. Why? Because we figured it out.

So please, enjoy, and share POPFLEX with your friends! You can even earn free clothes by doing so! Just join our Rewards Program.

I would be so honored to see you wearing these designs! Remember to hashtag #POPFLEX when you post to Instagram so that we can feature your beautiful self on the website!


Cassey Ho

Designer & CEO 



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