This is big.


You guys. We are FINALLY ready announce something we've been working on for a long time!

We wanted to find a way to connect with you guys more...on a deeper level...and we wanted to give back the love we feel from all of you! In a huge way.

We're OFFICIALLY on the search for our first ever 2019 POPFLEX POWERGIRLS! AKA our very own brand ambassadors :)


What does it take to become a POWERGIRL?

The ideal POWERGIRL is someone who lives and breathes our brand. You're strong. You're positive. You're resilient. You're passionate. You're kind. You take amazing photos. Other people think you're so DANG INSPIRATIONAL.

If that sounds like you, we need you to apply to become a POPFLEX POWERGIRL! 

POWERGIRLS will be personally selected by Blogilates to be involved with the brand in a way that no one ever has before! This is an extremely exclusive opportunity and we're looking for a select group to represent POPFLEX for 2019.

What happens if I'm selected?

POWERGIRLS get their activewear closet FULLY SPONSORED for an entire year by POPFLEX. YEAH. THAT'S BIG. If selected, you'll also have the opportunity to make some extra cash by as an official affiliate and brand ambassador. Plus, we hope to grow your following and give you as much exposure as we can by featuring your photos and videos on our social media accounts! So get ready to start shooting some incredible, quality content if you're chosen!

Oh and let me let you in on something...there's gonna be some AMAZING new collections this year. If you're selected as a POWERGIRL, you'll be one of the first to try on the designs - before anyone else.

This is going to be such a cool partnership between you and our brand! We hope to develop a very real and meaningful relationship over the course of the year.

Ok, how do I apply!?

This graphic will tell you everything you need!!!:

The contest begins now, and ends on February 28, 2019, and will take place on Instagram. We will be DMing our chosen POWERGIRLS shortly after and will make the official announcement in March 2019!

We will be looking at EVERY SINGLE entry! SO EXCITED TO SEE YOURS! Good luck everyone 💖

Terms and conditions apply:


Am Rebecca single mom with two kids want to be your ambassador from Uganda Kampala +256756588345

— Nandaula Rebecca

Were the ambassadors already announced?

— Danielle Feist

I think we are all anxious to know who your brand ambassadors will be!!

— Reshell

I love your videos Cassey! You encourage me so much to work out, and maintain a healthy lifestyle with your positive attitude. I do not have any social media accounts, but still very, very excited for whoever will win.

— Hannah Myung

Hi Cassey! I’m so excited for you and Popflex! With your positive and inspirational outlook I know this brand will continue to be great no matter what. I have been following your videos for years now and it has been a part of my journey as I reclaim my body back. With 2 kids, career as a nurse, and life in general, I have lost my way in keeping my body well-balanced. For years I have been so busy nursing patients back to a healthy and thriving state and your Blogilates videos have been my nursing source back to a healthy lifestyle. Blogilates is such a huge part of my transformation back to a healthy balanced life. Thank you for your inspirational, positive videos, and posts! I hope to one day be a part of your life changing and amazing company.

— Ann

I love your videos!!!!!

— Bethany

I’m so glad you’re giving ordinary girls the option to be a part of such a beautiful brand!

— Lindsey Yang

Casey!! EEEE!! I’m so excited to be part of this. I’m going to submit a mind blowing piece of content, so get ready for it! :D. Your videos have done so much for my life, I’m so happy for the opportunity to show your brand and lifestyle in the best light!

— Insta: Courtneeloves

This is soo exciting!!! I recently received my pop pilates teaching certification and cannot wait to get started, both in studios and online!!!!!! I have several issues involving my spine and immune system, which forced me to stop teaching spin and step aerobic classes. At times, these complications lead to other injuries, which was the case right after my pop pilates training in NYC. I sprained my foot, then my ankle…what a pain! I wasn’t able to submit my teaching video for evaluation on time due to my injuries, however the pop pilates team is extremely understanding and granted me an extension! I couldn’t have been happier when I finally sent in the video of myself practice teaching and received my teaching certification!!!!!I I absolutely loved teaching group fitness classes and was so disappointed when I had to give up spin and step aerobics, but everything happens for a reason and I may not have found pop pilates otherwise! I absolutely love the classes and believe in the program entirely, it truly is a workout for everyone and anytime you can mix cardio and toning exercises together is without a doubt, a 100% win! I’d love to be an ambassador for the brand because it is concept I genuinely believe in! Also, it gives me the perfect reason to place an order for new workout clothes with POPFLEX to wear in my instagram photo!!! I’m fashion and style obsessed, becoming a brand ambassador is definitely something I will fully get behind, in front of, all around hahah!! I cannot wait to pick out my workout ensemble!! Soooooo excited!! #POPARMY

— lisa

Hi Cassey, I am Isla McGaughy. Doing that looks like a dream come true I honestly talk about you a lot and I am an artist and trying to get better at advanced selfies. Unfortunately, I am 16 years old so I want to know, will this opportunity still be open to applying in about one and a half years? I REALLY want to be your ambassador! I play soccer, do crew winter conditioning, last year I went to a boxing gym, I do pilates (of course) and I am the only girl in my weight lifting class in school. Next year I plan to take a course offered at my high school to prepare me for the ACE to try and become a certified fitness instructor as a side job. I truly would love this opportunity it looks like a dream come true for me because I love you and everything you stand for. Plus working out and eating right are things I normally preach to everyone!

— Isla

Hey Cassey!! I just want to say thankyou so much for opening up your brand to ambassadors, I’ve followed your programs for four years now and am so impressed with how you’ve grown over the years through your business. Sadly my Instagram is on private for safety reasons, is there any other ways to apply? I have just turned 18 and am living in New Zealand where I would love more people to learn of blogalaties!!! ❤️

— Jacinta Ward

Hi Cassey!!

I’m fairly new to Blogilates, I started around August last year and I love it so much!! I actually started it to help strengthen myself for figure skating as I compete on a national level. Since starting Blogilates though, I can’t stop doing your workouts because of how much I love them!!! This sounds so amazing and such a great opportunity! I’d love to win, I will definitely apply!
Everything you stand by and talk about in each of your videos is beautiful!
I’d love to be a power girl!

— Crystal

I was so excited to see this opportunity!! I like some of the other girls on this post would love to participate, but do not wish to publicly share on social media! I would be happy to if chosen, but my Instagram is private and I keep it that way for safety. Please let us know if there is another way we can enter!

— Rachel Thomson

OMGGGOOOOSSSHHH!! This would literally be a DREAM! I love Blogilates and everything you stand for Casey! Ya’ll are amazing & empowering!!!

— Arika Beitler

This is awesome! I just wish contests didn’t require applying via social media…this leaves those of us not on social media out of luck.

— Kylie B

AHH this is so cool! Definitely will be applying :)

— Michaela

:( over 18

I love the idea tho!

— Hermione Granger

I posted my entry a few days ago and I’m so excited about this process!!! My favorite hobby of mine is photography and I’ve been thinking of making another instagram account for it! I use a Canon Rebel SL1 for my photos and go pro for my videos. I also use Final Cut Pro as my video editing software. I don’t edit my photos 😊 I also love athletic wear and I’ve been dying to try out this brand!!!!

— Emily Farhat

this is absolutely awesome but I’m only 15. so I’ll have to wait.. I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE to wear your clothes but my parents cant afford it… I hope you’ll carry on with this so that when I am 18 I can take part. I just adore blogilates and PopFlex… And if it’s possible, can you please help me I kind of became suicidal because of how I look and I used to starve myself and had bulimia, if you could give me a diet plan that’s not too expensive to make and exercise routines I’d appreciate it so much.. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH… CARRY ON BEING AWESOME :) [P.S. The e-mail above is my moms…I don’t have a phone]

— zahraa

Omg! This is so exciting! I have been a huge fan of yours for such a long time! This is a wonderful chance to share my story. Hardships and all. You are such an inspiration and just a lovely girl who I admire greatly!

— Amanda

Hi Casey. I’m 56. I’ve been in my best shape since I’ve started to follow your calendar about 5 years ago

— Valerie

I love this idea! The power of having people in your corner who rep the popflex brand is so powerful. Fingers crossed I get picked!

— Connie

Hey Cassey, will the number of followers that we have affect our likelihood of being chosen?

— Vi

I want to join this. Can I join even if I live in the Philippines? :)
How many Power Girls are you going to choose?

— Micalisthenics

This is such a wonderful thing! I love how you’re going about this. It’s not all looks, but the struggle and success in life as well. I applaud how you’re doing this👏💙

— Sandra

I just entered and I hope Cassey knows how hard I’d work for her. Blogilates means so much to me because it set in motion a lasting lifestyle change for me. I admire Cassey and her hard work, so being part of a movement that has had such a positive effect on the world would be absolutely outstanding. <3

— @Jamie.Alex (on instagram)

Wow I really want to join this not because of the free stuffs.. but I think it’s a really good opportunity to show peeps in my city and county that I can make blogilates something big here.. but TBH I’m kinda afraid and anxious to post my personal feelings and stuffs on my IG feed. Same as some of the popsters here,I wish there is another way to join this.

Anw, Good luck popsters and thanks Casey for everything.

— Jaclyn

I was so looking forward to entering but there are some parts of my story that I’m just not comfortable posting publicly.

— Christie

Super Excited!!

— Jaime

I wish there was a different way to enter. I have a story I would love to share, but it is too personal to share it on my instagram for all people to see. If there was another way to enter, I’d definitely participate!

— Maria

This sounds awesomeeee!! What a lovely way to connect the brand and the people loving it! How many powergirls will be chosen and are there any requirements regarding the amount of followers on our instagram? Seriously thinking about joining! I’m just afraid that I aren’t “famous” enough hahha xx

— Freja

So excited to see this!!! I love everything Blogilates and Popflex Active!!!! 💗 💗 💗 💗

— Chelley Blakeborough

Love you Cassey! This is sooooo awesome! I can’t even compare with the socks right now, this is just a timeless feature and addition to the popflex fun!

Kindest regards,


— Daisy Le

Since I read this announcement last night, I have been writing my success story. It will be a blessing for me to be one of your Ambassadors in Africa if I am selected. I am praying and hoping to be as this will help me reach so many in my community. Thank you, Team.

— Rachel N. Thomas

Hello Cassey, I love watching your videos and would love to apply.
I had a baby 9 months ago and shes starting to crawl EVERYWHERE soon to be walking so I am starting to eat healthier and exercise so I can keep up with her. I’m wondering if I can still apply if I’m just starting on my fitness journey?

— Janalynn

OMG this is awesome but I don’t have Instagram😪

— Tere

Hi Cassey, this is a great opportunity. Your videos have helped me stay as fit as a can be while getting treatments for Lyme disease. Your videos are inspirational for everyone. There’s a lot of people out there who are like me and can only do so much when it comes to exercise and I would love it if you could help them with your videos. I have gotten the women in my group to start doing your videos and they feel great. Is there an age cut off?

— Raven

This is so amazing, and I would love to participate but I am currently 17. Maybe there will be another chance next year!

— ashley

OMG YES! This is amazing!!!

— Benadette

If I’m overweight and new to my journey (kinda, got super fit a few years ago but depression got a hold of me and I let myself go so I’m starting over) do I have a shot or do I need to have already reached my fitness goals?

— Laurel

Yesssssss this is amazing!!! I can’t wait to share my story and entry with you!!! 2019 is my year!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

— Alicia

Hello Cassey, I have been a POP Pilates instructor for almost 3 years and it has changed my LIFE in so many imaginable ways! Unfortunately, I don’t have any social media and never did… I know I have missed out on many fabulous, amazing opportunities with POP, but I urge you not to forget me. Besides indulging my lifestyle with fitness, I was and am a fashion addict my entire life. Creating my own style and being me… Please let me know how I can participate in being a POWER GIRL. Thank you. I appreciate it.

— Natalie Baker

I am so excited!!! 😘

— Honeydrop

Woohoo! Is there a follower number pre-requisite or anything like that to be considered?

— Nicolena

i’m so excited for this!! (~: but will it be okay if i post it on a separate public account as my current instagram account is private? 😅

— Cheyenne

I’d enter , but my tablet won’t allow me to add Instagrams app to add photos! Wish I could though I love to inspire others every where I go!!! :-)

— Carol

This is amazing I love love love everything Blogilates and PopFlex 🤩 Cassey you are such a doll move to Tampa so we can be besties please! 💗 You help me stay in shape while reaching for my dreams and being a full time working mommy that feels amazing and energized!

— Michelle “Chelley” Tolmoff