Hey guys, Cassey here!

I know we've been a little inconsistent between collections! I'm personally very sorry about that. I could blame it on a number of things (like changing pattern makers, factories, and fabrics) but I can only blame myself for not being experienced enough to prevent these issues from happening. So here is an honest size guide to help you find the perfect size in any collection!

Before you buy, know that the quality between each collection remains high and is VERY CONSISTENT. But the sizing does vary. So read this first:

RUNS TRUE TO SIZE: All Peony and Mermaid (except the Set The Bar Bra, runs small, so ok to buy 1 size up.) Dark Bloom camis/tanks/long sleeves. Dusty blossom camis/tanks, shorts, Hold Me Zip Bra and rompers. Ok to buy according to size chart.

RUNS SMALLER: Dark Bloom leggings, capris, and heart strings bra. Set the Bar bra from Peony and Mermaid collection. Ok to buy those 1 size up.

RUNS LARGER: Dark Bloom Highness leggings, Fly Away Run Shorts and Queen's Coat. Dusty Blossom Keyhole bras. Ok to buy 1 size down.

If you have any questions about anything not listed, please email info@popflexactive.com with any size concerns! I don't want you to have to return, so I wanna help you as much as you can! 


Hi cassey,
Whilst I love my keyhole bra, it looks great. The support is lacking on it due to this sizing issue. It would be helpful if there was a warning on the page about it or adapt that size guide. As I have only seen this article now

— Yas

I bought both shorts size 4 in Cabernet and dark bloom and found that the cabernet one felt tighter than dark bloom.

— Ka Yang

Please restock mermaid leggings and bra in larger sizes! Size 12 please!

— Kaitlyn

*Dear Cassey, please restock the shorts from mermaid collection – the ones in rainbow color and the seafoam blue ones. And also criss cross mermaid bra. I love the look of these but unfortunately found them now and they are already sold out in my size.

— Martina

Dear Cassey, pease restock the shorts from mermaid collection – the ones in rainbow color and the sea-blue/green ones. And also cross cross mermaid hra. I love the look of these but unfortunately found them now and they are already sold out in my size.

— Martina

Hi Popflex team, thanks for the transparency and advice on the inconsistent sizing. I suggest you update this post to include the dream collection. I’m normally a size 6 top, and the Muse bra I ordered in that size is waaay too big for me. I love the material and designs, but I’ve sadly had difficulty finding the right bra size for me. Here’s my experience so far: Set the Bar bra (Nightfall), size 6 – too small and very uncomfortable; Heartstrings bra (Peony), size 6 – great fit; Heartstrings bra (1 in Bloom and 1 in NIght – I ordered 2 because I was happy with the fit of the Peony), size 6 – too small! I could squeeze into them, but the stitching that connected the front and back straps at the top were digging painfully into my skin); Hold Me Zip Bra (Dusty Blossom), size 6 – too big; Zenith Zip Bra (Dark Bloom), size 6 – fit was okay everywhere except the armhole, which was cut too high, which made it difficult to move comfortably. I did not return the bras that did not fit well because I live in Hong Kong and didn’t want to pay for the shipping. I gave them away instead. So, prior to this most recent order, I had already purchased 6 bras, and only 1 of them fit well. I buy most of my clothes online and have never encountered such problems in sizing when buying sports bras. Because I love the quality (they last forever) and designs of your brand, I still ordered 2 bras from the Dream collection, again in size 6 (following your size guide) and now see that they are too big. This is very frustrating. I do hope you settle this sizing issue. I would also like to note that I am very happy with my other purchases – jacket, bottoms, and yoga mat. Thanks!

— Natasha Reyes

Will there ever be shorts or pants that fit a size 0-1? I WANT some but I think the smallest size available will be too large.

— Rachel Murphy

Hi Cassey! My daughters and I love love love the Pop Short 1.0 and 2.0. We’ve already bought the colors available and would love to buy more if more variety was offered. We love the indigo and dusty blossom colors but not fond of the Hi-Lo short. The Pop Short is PERFECT for us because there aren’t any zippers digging in your back or hips when doing various floor work or digging into hip flexors. We found you because of Zuzka wearing them and have since bought what you offered in them along with the recent mats. We’d love to see those come back, too. All in all, I can’t find work out shorts I like anywhere else but eager to see more Pop Shorts from you if possible.

— Michelle

love your styles, though could use more pockets (that aren’t uncomfortable, and don’t have me sitting, bending, & sweating on my stuff :) Have you heard of PortaPocket? It’s a wearable, moveable pocket system that works w/almost any outfit. Maybe team up and solve the pockets problem for once and for all! xo

— Kendra

Hi Cassey,
I recently bought my first Popflex clothing items! I love the look of the Highness leggings and the buttery material, however I will sadly be returning them because they don’t fit my body right. They fit alright in the waist, but are too loose below the knee (and a little under the butt)…the mesh in the lower leg looks and feels weird being so loose, and there wasn’t really any compression. Unfortunately I can’t try sizing down because this was a size 2 :(. Since you realize these leggings (and some other items) run large, would you please consider offering these in a size 0?? I would love to try them again if so, because they looks so good when they properly fit on you and Popsters! Thanks, Kylie<3

— Kylie

Will you ever come out with a plus line? The largest size I saw was maybe an XL and a 16.

— YouAreNotSandra

Please restock the black ballerina leggings with the side mesh and detail at the bottom!! I’m know lots of Popsters want them back as well.

— Emily

Please restock the flower yoga mats! Can’t wait to get them

— Tabi

Cassey, Please restock the bow my gawd yoga bags!! I really one to get hold of one.

— T