Is it just us, or is having a specific place to track and celebrate your fitness journey INCREDIBLY helpful as you work towards your goals?
Well, this is our 8th year making these sold out Fit Planners so we must be all on the same wavelength! The most unique thing about our fit planners is that it integrates your everyday life with your fitness life so that you can really plan for it all!
Wanna try more recipes? Get more sleep? Branch out into new workouts? We're with you - and so is your new go-to planner! 
Your BIGGEST request was to have more planner cover choices for more personality types - one more feminine, and one more bold. Well...we've delivered. In full. For the first time ever, we're releasing two covers for our limited-run 2021 Fit Planner. 
OKAY. Let's get into details. We can't wait to show you...2021 is our fave Fit Planner we've ever made!  

The 2021 Fit Planner

We listened to ALL of your feedback and filled this planner with incredible features specifically designed to help you smash goal after goal in 2021! 

BUT FIRST, let's talk aesthetics, because this Fit Planner is just so beautiful. Like, we can't stop staring at it!

popflex floral planner 2021

popflex active orange planner 2021

Each 2021 Fit Planner has a beautiful gold foil cover - with matching gold spiral, and a gold sparkly band that perfectly coordinates. These covers are glossy, hard-backed, and SUPER high quality...definitely sturdy to last you all year long, no matter what the year has in store for you! 

The beginning is all about self improvement and laying out your vision for 2021. We've included monthly habit trackers, goal setting pages, and space for measurements to help you see your progress happening before your very eyes! 

popflex active self improvement page

popflex active 2021 planner monthly tracker

Inside, you'll find:

  • 12 beautiful art covers (one for every month!)
  • A full month calendar spread to get a high-level view of everything that's going on
  • A weekly spread with room for appointments, workouts, groceries, and even new recipes to try!
  • 52 fun and fit-tastic weekly challenges to complete alongside the entire POPFLEX community!

popflex active monthly calendar

popflex active 2021 calendar

popflex active daily tracker pages

Even more, each daily page has an area to track your mood, the hours you slept, how hydrated you are, your yummy meals, and a to do list. Seriously, we've got you totally covered with this planner! 

We've even included a handy pocket to hold all your essentials! If there's anything we NEED, it's always gonna be an accessory that has its own pockets!

planner 2021  popflex active 

TRULY, the Fit planner is the perfect integration between your regular life and your fitness life - with this, you're putting all the pieces together for incredibly easy access!

The best part? You can begin filling out your planner even before 2021 begins - so grab it now! 

The Fit Planner dimensions are  7.25” wide x 8.5” tall...and it's DEFINITELY our hottest-selling, most gone-when-it's-gone item of the year! Preorder yours today so you don't miss out! 

The 2021 Wall Calendar

Guys. The fun doesn't end with the Fit Planner! If you're interested in a larger visual reminder of how far you've come, check out the matching wall calendar we made! It's got the same happy making colors and beautiful design, in a high quality card stock that will hold up for twelve active, energizing months. 

Just like the 2021 Fit Planner, we're offering the Wall Calendar in two gorgeous color ways: Floral, and Citrus

popflex activewear pink calendar 2021

Just LOOK at that gorgeous artwork! Honestly, it's just so pretty...after you're done with each month, you can cut it out and use it as an inspirational art print to brighten up your home!

popflex activewear orange 2021 calendar

The 2021 Wall Calendar dimensions: 12” x 12”. Preorder yours here before they go (they always sell out so so fast!) 

The 2021 Sticker Sets

To help add just a lil pep and pizzazz to your 2021 journey, we've designed a collection of our cutest stickers yet! (Aaah, the little yoga mat! The orange! We just can't!) 

These stickers have gorgeous gold foil accents to match the Fit Planner! With each pack, you'll get four sheets. Since you can use these on ANYTHING, they always sell out super quick! 

popflex active 2021 sticker set

The 2021 Sticker Sets come in sets of 360! Each sheet is 5' x 7.75'. These always go fast - preorder yours today

popflex floral bundle

popflex citrus bundle 2021

AAAHH we're looking forward to seeing all of the AMAZING things you'll do with these beautiful pieces! If you're just as excited as we are, guys, seriously, run...don't walk. People email us all the time in January begging for a lost copy in the warehouse, but when it’s gone it’s gone. Head over to our stationery page NOW - we promise, you're gonna love it! 

Which color are you going to go for?!