We love a good cap, but it's always so sad when you have to take down your perfect Ariana Grande ponytail just to accommodate a hat. Don't you wish you didn't have to sacrifice your good hair day for some sun shelter?

Well, now you don't. We know, this is something that we've always DREAMED about, but now it's actually come to life. See? Vision boards do work!

Introducing... our first ever High Ponytail cap that has two openings in the back - one for a higher hair-dos and of course, the traditional look. 

From high ponytails, to messy buns, to top knots, to braids – this new cap will never mess up your look again. Because, let's be honest, sometimes a low pony kindaaaa looks a little founding father-ish!

Over the past few months, Cassey began running again and she usually just tossed on any 'ol hat around the house. The issue was that:

1. The hats were not cute, and
2. She'd have to pull back her long hair into that low cap opening and it swished around soooooo much during the runs.

It was just so distracting! And a low bun would never stay put, either.

After days of researching and designing, she realized that the solution was a second, higher opening. A simple but game-changing solution.

And that, is how our high ponytail caps came to be. 

These caps come in 5 different colors and designs, all to complement our recent Retro Rainbow collection!

Each one of these caps has a subtle and fun embroidered design on the front. It's made out of 100% Cotton Canvas. 

And here is what the back looks like!
We are sooooo excited for you to try these new high ponytail caps! Which one is your fave?!