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We thought it'd be a fun idea to interview a member of the Blogifam so that you guys can get a feel for what goes on behind the scenes. Today we are interviewing Lexi (@lexilonglegs27) who is the POPFLEX Design Assistant. This is a little weird because the last time I formally interviewed her was when I was looking to hire an intern 2 years ago! :P

Lexi's job is super versatile. From preparing product laydowns for Instagram, to making mood boards, to designing the stamped label that you see inside all of your garments - these are just some (like literally a small percentage) of the things that Lexi does. 

She started out as an intern who worked on my kitchen table 2 years ago. I remember measuring leggings with her and then having to wipe down crumbs left from last night's dinner! Now we're at the Blogilates HQ and trying to keep things classier :)

Ready to get to know Lexi? Read on!


CASSEY: Hi Lexi! Let's start out simple. Let everyone know what you went to school for and where!  

LEXI: Hi Cassey! I went to FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) in Los Angeles for 2 years. I studied Merchandise Product Development.  

CASSEY: Soooo...what do you love about your job?  

LEXI:  This is a tough question because I love everything! I'm so lucky that I look forward to coming into work everyday. I know a lot of people who dread it unfortunately. If I really had to narrow it down though...I'd say it's the work environment and the freedom to be super creative. I've never been in a workspace that is overflowing with positive vibes likes this. The Blogifam is awesome! :)

CASSEY: What's your favorite thing to do at work?  

LEXI: My favorite thing to do would probably have to be creating flat sketches in Adobe Illustrator. It's always exciting to see what Cassey comes up with! After she draws something out in her sketch book, my job is to create what you call a "technical sketch" on the computer. Using vectors, recreate the garment as if it were laying flat on a table. That's why it's called flats! This is fun to do because I get to fill the flats in a multitude of color possibilities to see what direction we should head in for the next collection!

CASSEY: I think I may know the answer to this but...what stresses you out at work?!  

LEXI: Tech packs! Well, they don't stress me out all the time, but when there's a lot at once it can be overwhelming. Tech packs are the BIBLE of each garment that is created. So if there are 30 styles in a collection, I have to make 30 tech packs. Each one is several pages long and includes detailed measurements of every aspect of the garment, fabric selections, PMS color selections, thread selections, sewing directions, and flat sketches GALORE. It has to be PERFECT. If not, then the sample from the factory will come back wrong and we will end up wasting time and money. 

CASSEY: I knew tech packs were the culprit! But you rock at them. Now, I love this story, but many people don't know about it. You must tell everyone how you ended up working here!  

LEXI: It's a funny story because I literally hunted Cassey down (not like a stalker though)!  I was looking for a Design Assistant job right out of college and I saw that Cassey had released her first activewear line BODYPOP. Remember that? I was literally on every brand's website looking at their careers page so I decided why not send an email and ask if they need help? To my surprise I got an email right back asking me some questions. The next day I saw Cassey posted on Instagram that she would be at IDEA Fit Expo at the BODYPOP booth. It was perfect timing. I went to go check out her POP Pilates class, then I followed her to the booth and got ready to introduce myself! I even brought my resume just in case :) I started out as an intern and worked my way towards my role as the Design Assistant. I really didn't expect all of it to happen so smoothly, but the stars were aligned and now here I am today! 

CASSEY: Oh Lexi - it worked out smoothly because you're an extremely hard worker with so much passion for what you do! Now here's an awkward question: What's it like working with me? Do I have a whole other side that people don't know about?  

LEXI: It's really cool working with you, Cassey! You really are the fun, bright, bubbly person that everyone sees on YouTube. I like that you encourage us to get out of our comfort zone and you push us to be more and more creative. A side people don't really see is your boss-lady-business side. You're very confident and you know exactly what you want, but in a humble way. I really admire that.

CASSEY: Aww! That's so nice to hear. Now let's have some fun with the questions...Why do you think it's important for people to dress fashionably while working out?

LEXI: Taking care of your appearance is a form of self care and self care is so sooo important! I used to be the girl in raggedy old t-shirts at the gym, but dressing in clothes that actually makes me feel good about my body can be very motivating. How can you not feel better as soon as you slip on your favorite outfit?!


CASSEY: Whoa! Check out that tattoo! What does it say? 

LEXI: It says "I regret nothing" in French. There's no reason to go through life with regrets. This is a reminder to myself that everything is my choice. I truly believe everything happens for a reason so go with it!

CASSEY: K, now what's one thing you want POPFLEX to come out with in the future!?

LEXI: Swimsuits. I think that would be fun! Activewear takes a lot of inspiration from the swimsuit world and vice versa. I think POPFLEX could come out with some pretty cool stuff! Don't you think!?

CASSEY: Hmm, that's a good idea...

Thanks so much for reading this interview! Let us know in the comments below what your dream job is!

<3 Cassey