Hey Guys!

Lexi here! Over the weekend I had a really cool opportunity to lead a photoshoot for the POPFLEX Instagram with some local LA POPsters! We had a blast! I want to share with you a little bit of what went on behind the scenes...but first let's meet our models! 

From left to right, we have Laura (@lu_madden), Jennifer (@citygirlyogi), Isabelle (@loeb.isabelle), Isabella (@isabella.poppilates), & Doreen (@kitsunekuma). They are all just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. Just look at those smiles (totally natural)! We got this candid shot when someone drove by yelling "WORK IT B*" out their window. It was awkward and amazing all at once! That's what you get on a busy street in LA!

To start the day off right, the girls got a tour of the Blogilates HQ of first! The loved it all, but the best reaction was when they saw the Blogilates selfie mirror. Forget the rest of the tour, you've gotta get a pic in the famous selfie mirror! 

Now, to have a successful photoshoot, you have to come up with a concept or a "vision" you want to capture through the shots. When you know what you want, you must scout locations! You have to know ahead of time what the location is like, how to get there, parking, and you definitely need to make sure that you aren't trespassing. No one wants last minute surprises the day of the shoot!

Styling the outfits is the fun part because it's all POPFLEX from there! 

Here's our first location - The Black Wall! SO SLEEK. I had a couple girls in all black and the rest in more colorful pieces from the Mermaid Collection

I'm posting a lot of the funny outtakes here on the blog, but you'll see more of the "winners" on IG! I wanted to really bring out the girls' power through the photos by selecting specific poses for them. But sometimes the best moments are the ones taken after the "real picture" has been shot.

We got up close and personal to capture unique details like the criss cross on the Pointe Legging and the pocket on the POP Short. Gotta love some classic black and white!  Look at those DEETS!

Next stop, the beach! We had the best time working with our beautiful surroundings. We made it right at sunset aka, golden hour. Golden hour is the BEST time to shoot photos. It happens right when the sun is about to go down when a golden glow is given off throughout the sky, which usually is 1 hour before sunset. It's a pretty magical time of day! The girls really started to let loose and became comfortable when they got to splash and dance around in the water. 

We had an outfit change so we could give the Peony Collection some love too. The navy blue and periwinkle hues complimented the ocean so nicely! However the leggings got a little wet! Ugh it was bound to happen...but hey it's just salt water right? 

This was such an exciting project for me because I have never done anything like it before. Most of the girls have never participated in a real photoshoot either, but together we made it happen along with our amazing photographer Sam, who also shoots Cassey.

Here's Isabelle and Isabella helping Laura climb into a handstand. Oh boy do these girls make me nervous...they made it look kind of easy though huh? Timing it before the waves hit was not so easy though. Let's just say there were a few mouthfuls of salt water and some really wet hair after! The girls were awesome and laughed it off!

It's a special feeling interacting with people who are so passionate about our brand. The BLOGIFAM puts a lot of hard work into creating these designs so it's so rewarding to see them come alive like this. Oh, and in case you were wondering...NONE of the ladies have been retouched! These are their real bodies and their real beauty!

First POPster photoshoot = SUCCESS! I'm so happy with how the photos came out. What do you guys think?

<3 Lexi