Hello friends, Lexi here and it’s finally February which for us over here at POPFLEX HQ means one important thing: FIND YOUR FIT FEBRUARY! If you’re new here (so happy you are), Find Your Fit Feb is a month dedicated to helping you find that perfect fit-like-a-glove, second-skin-like POPFLEX fit. 

Through teaching you how to accurately measure your body and helping you to find products that compliment your beautifully unique body type/shape, we’re on a mission to bring joy and comfort into your wardrobe. 

Don’t know where to start? We get it. It takes time getting to know your body! But fear not. Our Fit Stylist is here to help make your online shopping experience a breeze. With a free 1:1 20-minute session, Jules is here to help you discover your new favorite closet staple. 

Soo… are you ready to meet the one and only, iconic Jules?! 

Lexi: You know we have to tell the folks all of the important deets first. Introduce yourself! 

Jules: Well I’m Jules, your POPFLEX Fit Stylist. I’m also the POP Pilates Program Director & POPFLEX Head of Customer Service. You know I’m a fiery Leo. 

Lexi: Oh I do know. You being our iconic Fit Stylist just makes soo much sense. You’re so knowledgeable in all products and literally my personal go-to for all product recommendations - how did you become the Fit Stylist? 

Jules: So originally we had done a fit intensive. We realized our size chart was super accurate but sadly, people weren’t very intune with their measurements and you knoooow this is the key to finding the right size. I’m here to help steer the POPFLEX community into something that’s right for THEM: educating them on the right fit for their body. 

Lexi: An accurate size chart seriously makes online shopping so easy

Jules: It really does. You know, the fit overall of our products has really shifted over time in the best way. I’ve been around since the Body POP days, the Peony Collection, the first leggings - really the first everything haha. 

But seriously as the brand has grown, we’ve really increased our research on how we can provide people with the perfect fit. Now our sizing is more inclusive and truly caters to all body types because we learned so much about fit and function

We really listen to our customers. 

Lexi: As our Head of Customer Service, can you go  a little more in-depth with how our Design Team works with feedback? 

Jules: I look at all of the data that comes back from returns and exchanges and what’s going on with our Customer Love Team and Social Media Team - what are people loving/having issues with. I take this information and compile it into a report for Cassey and the Design Team so we know how to move forward and improve on designs. For example, do we need to add coverage to bras or length to a certain legging silhouette? I present this to the team so they can make decisions around improvements for restocks and redevelopments. 

Lexi: Feedback really does keep us going and on our toes. What’s so amazing is that we get feedback from not only our customers but also the Blogifam! How does that process work?

Jules: I actually do a lot of wear-testing myself! Wear-testing happens when we get samples of items that aren’t in the production phase yet. We wear pre-developed items, wash, and repeat so we can test how these products work in real time and then we’ll give feedback to the Design Team so they can make adjustments to the designs before the garment is fully produced. 

Lexi: How long does wear-testing typically take?

Jules: Hmm, it can take anywhere from 3-7 months alone. 

Lexi: Magic really does happen behind the scenes. It’s amazing to see a product come to life after so much preparation to make it perfect. Speaking of, you mentioned you’ve been here from the start so, we need to know - what product has been your favorite (so far) to see come to life? 

Jules: Oh everything cozy. I love a good cozy, oversized vibe so you know I love my Cloud Hoodies. I’ll wear one with leggings or jeans, to the gym or running errands. They’re my go-to grab. 

Lexi: I’m personally convinced that everyone needs a Cloud Hoodie.

Jules: Right?! My vibe is 100% casual, comfortable, and modest so they’re perfect for me. I purposely don’t choose activewear that doesn’t align with my personal style because I think in order to look good in your clothes, you need to feel good in them.I like pairing the Supersculpt Leggings with the Deep V or the Perfect Boyfriend Tee and then throwing my Cloud Hoodie on top to layer. Casual with a little style you know? 

Lexi: Okaaay Ms. Fashionista. I love those combos. What can people expect during their 1:1 consultation with you? 

Jules: Good question. We go into their current issues with activewear - do their leggings roll down during movement? Do they want something more compressive? Do they experience chub rub with certain short lengths? What’s their level of activity? From there, I suggest some styles that will support their movement and we look at the size chart together so they can get the best fit on the first go. 

For me, Finding Your Fit is really about finding the styles that work for them that are not only stylist, but will become their new go-to. 

Lexi: What product do you feel like you recommend the most during your sessions?

Jules: Probably the Tone Bra. It’s a low-medium to medium impact design with just the right amount of coverage and compliments every body type. 

Lexi: Such a core essential! The Tone Bra would have to be one of my personal favs. 

Before we sign out Jules, what’s a motivational message you want our readers to walk away with?

Jules: Whether it’s clothes or a workout, it needs to be right for you. You don’t need to work to get into a garment, and if you don’t find joy in your movement or clothes, it’s not for you and you know what? It’s okay to keep searching for something that lights the fire inside. 


A very special thank you to Jules for chatting with me and sharing some insight on the importance of Finding Your Fit. I don’t know who needs to hear this but pleaaasee get to know your body before you pick something just because it’s cute. *mic drop* 

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I’m not sure if she remembers me. But I super love the sessions I had with Jules! _

As I was having difficulties with the sizing (me being in between sizes and an Asian), she just managed to give me pointers for the correct sizes for each item. Thus, my order came in and the items fit me perfectly.

Thank you so much again for your assistance, Jules! You are awesome!
Sending love all the way from the Philippines.

— Shen S