Our first-EVER design collab is here! Meet the Wendy’s Lookbook x POPFLEX Collection — designed to embody the hustle and bustle of New York City’s fashion with the comfort and durability of supporting your every movement.  

The neutrals, the intricate details, the fashion-forward silhouettes – the pieces within this collection can either be your new head-turning set for the Pilates studio or, worn for an everyday eye-catching, comfy yet fashionable look.

Wendy’s style is sleek, elegant, and feminine. I wanted to capture that in this collab collection.” – Cassey.

We sat down with this collection’s Co-designer, Wendy Nguyen, and POPFLEX’s CEO + Head Designer, Cassey Ho for an exclusive behind the seams chat about the capsule line-up. 


Hi guys, Lexi here! Before we dive in, I’m so excited to introduce you guys to Wendy Nguyen, also known as Wendy’s Lookbook. With over 93 million YouTube views and over 2 million followers across different social platforms, she is a fashion content creator, juvenile justice advocate, and board member of InsideOut Writers.

Lexi: An all-around inspirational woman. Wendy, it’s such a pleasure to connect with you! And let me just say, you are such a fashionista. Your Instagram looks like my dream Pinterest board IRL. How would you describe your personal, everyday style? 

Wendy: It depends on the day LOL! To be completely honest, some days I’ll wear the same things over and over - a comfy sweater over leggings. And some days, it’s back to my staple classics - a tailored piece whether it’s a sharp blazer or sharp coat over layered essentials. I’m a huge fan of playing with textures, so what’s under the coat could be an oversized striped turtleneck sweater over an asymmetrical lace dress with boots for fall and winter. I’d consider my style identity to be tailored and sharp with a hint of romance.  

Lexi: Wendy, your style definitely peeks through in this collection. The pieces are soo romantic and chic. What inspired you both for this collab collection — let’s start with you Cassey! 

Cassey: Wendy was one of the very first fashion bloggers I ever started following wayyyy back in the day when bloggers were a new thing. I always admired her style and her personality from afar. Then one day, I was invited to a dinner and almost died when I saw her! I was such a fangirl. But from that day forward, Wendy and I built a very real and very honest friendship (a hard thing to do as an adult) that has now lasted over 10 years. 

Anyway, a year ago, I had an idea to dive more into transitional fashion pieces that can take you from the gym to dinner. 

Wendy: Yes! The conversation was very organic.  I’m very much a huge proponent of restyling one item many ways to extend the longevity of that item. So that conversation naturally lead to collaborative ideas marrying the principles of high performance activewear with thoughtful designs of everyday comfort. 

The whole collection is designed for trips to the gym, on your way to walking your dog, grabbing coffee, afternoon strolls and every moment in between.


Cassey: This is POPFLEX’s first collab and it has been an absolute joy and honor to work with an OG in the fashion space but also, one of my closest friends. 

Lexi: Awwwwww, *cue all of the warm, fuzzy feelings (almost as warm and fuzzy as the Kinsley Sherpa)*. Cassey, what inspired the shift of designing activewear that’s not strictly for Pilates?

Cassey: My goal is to outfit the POPFLEX girl at every hour of the day, not just at the gym. I am excited to see how our community responds to these transitional fashion pieces that can be worn in so many ways and for so many different purposes.

Lexi: Being comfy yet still fashionable is such a powerful duo. Okay, we don’t like to play favorites but, which piece are you most excited to see come to life?

Cassey: I love the Kinsley Bomber Jacket because it’s so dramatic and so statement. I love the Soho Sweetheart Top because wide sweethearts just make me feel like I am the main character in a fairytale. And of course I love the Crisscross Hourglass Legging because we’re taking our most viral legging and giving her a vegan leather makeover - SO CHIC. Ugh. TOO MANY FAVORITES.

Wendy:  I know - it’s hard! To me, every piece belongs to a different and/or multiple parts of the day. I’m most excited to see how people wear and style the pieces! Seeing how people personalize and interpret these pieces to fit into their lives gives me so much joy. 

Lexi: The Kinsley Jacket is bound to capture hearts during the chilly season (it def has my heart). What was the inspo behind this cover up? 

Wendy: At heart, I’m a New York gal.  To me, this jacket is the epitome of New York City. The design elements combine high volume inspired by the architecture of New York with warmth and comfort. 

This jacket is truly an everyday piece! And it’s named after my daughter… 

*Wendy pauses for a moment as she grabs for a tissue.*

I was abandoned when I was very young, so I don’t have a relationship with my biological mother. The thought that creeps into my mind quite often now since I’m a mother is - “did my mother love me?”.  

This jacket is a love letter to my daughter Kinsley. I want her to know that not only do I love her, I think about her all the time. She’s always with me. It doesn’t matter if I’m traveling for work or playing right next to her - she’s always in my thoughts and a constant source of my inspiration. 

Lexi: Wendy that is… POWERFUL. Inscribed with your signature ‘Warrior’ tattoo, this jacket feels so empowering, yet I love how truly tender its origin is. How do you want people to feel when wearing the pieces of this collection? 

Wendy: Feeling is extremely important to both Cassey and I. At the core, we want you to feel powerful, comfortable, and grounded - a sense of inner strength and confidence. 


A very special thank you to Cassey + Wendy for taking the time to chat with us, and our gorgeous models Samara, Arlene and Kaylee for helping us to fiercely bring this collection to life  

We can’t wait to see how you style these new everyday pieces! Be sure to tag us on Instagram, @popflex_active so we can see the look!


When are you going to restock your always unavailable items!? We are all waiting! 😭🙏🏻

— Rikki

This is absolutely amazing! I read this story and to me wearing clothes with meaning behind it makes the piece so much more special and enjoyable while wearing it! So excited to see activewear hit a fashion statement feel! I’m adding everything to my Wishlist now and who knows maybe you’ll see me wearing these pieces in New York!

— Belle