Hey Guys!

Lexi here! I just had the best weekend producing another POPster Photoshoot for the POPFLEX Instagram. It's officially our 3rd one!

This time, we're showcasing our latest collection, Dark Bloom. I love these shoots so much because we get to show GIRL POWER, diversity, and strength through the photos. It is so cool to see how POPFLEX looks on all sorts of different body types too. 

So who do we have the pleasure of meeting today!? From left to right, we have Anna Grace (@therealagbarlow), Melinda (@fitnesiology), Cosima (@cosimacabrera), Aggie (@theonlyaggie), and Lindsay (@ltolen85). 

Want to see some of the behind the scenes action? Read on! 

We started off at Blogilates HQ and got the girls all dressed up. Before heading out to the location, we decided to do some warmup shots in the studio. Everyone can be a little nervous when it comes to getting sassy with the camera, so warm ups are defintely necessary!

After that mini warmup we loaded up the cars and headed over to the Culver City Steps. It's a local hiking spot in LA that is very popular for workouts. There's about a million steps that go allllll the way to the tippy top of that hill. Okay maybe not a million, but there is A LOT! Our booty's were hurting!

About halfway up the steps we took a photo break and explored one of the dirt paths along the sides. We got some really cool shots like this one! Melinda is matching her Wishing Star Capris with her Dark Bloom Mat. Anna Grace's Cirque de Chic mat adds a fun pop of color to her outfit! The Blogilates Carrying Strap (comes as a free gift with every mat) makes it super easy to take your mat on the go. Just throw it over your shoulder and then you have your mat for some abs and a stretch at the end of your hike!

Along the way up we found a gorgeous patch of bright yellow flowers! It's been raining like crazy in LA lately so the super bloom is in full effect...super DARK BLOOM that is! ;)

We took a break from nature and went urban. Abbie is lookin fabulous chillin on the steps. Her phone is even looking stylish in its POP Pilates phone case

We used this sleek background to our advantage to throw down the yoga mat and to strike some cool poses. Melinda decided to give a headstand a try! Looks like she got it!

Details count! Sam made sure to get tight shots of the clothing to show off some cool features. We made sure to highlight the mesh detail and intricate criss cross design on the Wishing Star Capris. Which one do you like better? Dark Bloom or Plum

That sunset though...so pretty right?! We made sure to time everything out leading up to the sunset so we could catch it at the top of the mountain.

Our timing was perfect! We did a lot of group shots of the girls jumping, posing, and having fun in the sun.

Aaaand that's a wrap! The end of a photoshoot calls for a celebratory selfie of course (yay we all fit)! Thanks to these gorgeous ladies and our awesome photographer, Sam who captured all the cool shots. We hope you like the pics!

Make sure you're following @popflex_active on Instagram to see more of the photos! Let us know what you think :)

<3 Lexi