Happy first day of Spring!

We always feel super refreshed and recharged when spring rolls around. Flowers are blooming, the days are brighter and we are motivated to kick our workouts into gear and shape it up for summer (and life of course)! It's the perfect time to bring our workouts outside to enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of the outdoors. 

Cassey is wearing the Pull on My Heart Strings Bra in Pink (See a similar bra here) with the Pointe Leggings in Snow White.

    One of our favorite ways to get motivated to workout is by wearing and shopping for cute activewear (obviously)! Spring makes us want to rock flowers and bright colors. There's something about a bright workout wardrobe that gets us motivated and energized to go for those runs, and hit the gym.

    Actually, it's been found by scientists that wearing bright colors actually BOOSTS our mood because it releases dopamine - the "feel good hormone" in our brains. Now, we don't want to get all scientific on you, but it's true! Don't you feel more upbeat and happier in bright clothing!? And when you feel good and confident in your workout clothes, you are 100% more likely to go extra hard during those sweat sessions.


    Now, let's talk our Peony Collection. If Spring had an activewear line, it'd be this. It's all about elegance, flowers, ballerinas, and a little romance. It makes you feel beautiful, yet strong.

    And this spring, that's how we want you to feel! Confident and ready for the season! We want you to stick to your goals and look extra fab while doing it. When fashion meets fitness, magical things happen.

    Soo we have a surprise for you...

    This year, spring will be even MORE special because we have our FIRST EVER POPFLEX sale of the year! We're hosting a 20% off sale for our Peony Collection! Use code "flrpwr" at checkout from today until March 27th! 

      Get shopping ASAP to stock up on your fave Peony pieces.

      Comment below what you want most!