Hey guys, it's Laurel again! Are y'all ready for the next POWERGIRL spotlight?! Meet Courtney, aka @therealcpj from Phoenix, AZ! 💫 

One of the things I love about Courtney is that she isn't afraid to be open and honest with the world. It's what really made her #IAMAPOWERGIRL entry stand out. Another thing I admire about Courtney is that she embraces life to the fullest - setting and reaching travel goals, exploring nature, and not being afraid to move to new cities & experience new things!

Courtney recently moved to Phoenix, AZ to become an event planner! She also teaches a bunch of different fitness formats, like rowing and POP Pilates! Wanna learn more cool things about Courtney? Check out my Q&A with her below! 👇


1️⃣ Give three words to describe yourself!

Upbeat, Strong, Open

2️⃣ What's one thing on your bucket list you haven't done? One that you have?

There are so many, but one I haven't done is go on a hot air balloon ride! Something I have done already is travel overseas. I've been to Italy and Greece and have my next trip planned for Ireland in June 2020. Its focused on hiking and I'm really excited!

3️⃣ What is your usual workout routine?

My usual routine is honestly whatever feels good to me that day. I try to do something active for at least 30 minutes daily which could include a group fitness class, an outdoor run, or a hike. Lately I've been doing my own workouts in my backyard.

4️⃣ What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

You are the emotional result of the 5 people you surround yourself with most.

5️⃣ What's your fave YOLO meal?

Cookies and milk - I'm practically Angelica from Rugrats.

6️⃣ What do you eat in a day?

I kinda eat whatever I want. I don't like the idea of restricting myself. I read a book called "Eat Pretty" and it really helped motivate me to enjoy eating more fruits, veggies, and whole foods. I typically want to eat things that are going to provide me with energy and power plus healthy skin, hair and nails. I also avoid purchasing a lot of junk food from the grocery store which helps save money and limit intake. If I'm offered something or I'm having a craving I typically won't turn it down though because it's in moderation.

7️⃣ What's one song you put on every workout playlist?

Power by Little Mix. It's got a great beat and a motivating message! Always love music that makes me feel empowered and unstoppable.

8️⃣ Who's your role model? Why?

This is a tough question and I don't really have one. I look to myself to make progress in my life and move forward and find admirable qualities in a variety of people.

9️⃣ What's one secret or hidden talent not many people know about you?

I grew up in a small Midwestern town surrounded by horses, corn, and trucks. My dad got me a pony when I was 5 and I rode horses for fun until about high school.

🔟 How do you feel when you're wearing your POPFLEX?

I feel confident, inspired, and fit.

1️⃣1️⃣ What are three POPFLEX items you cant live without?

Curious Crop Top in Night, Highness Leggings in Cloud, and the Zodiac Socks!

1️⃣2️⃣ How has being a POWERGIRL changed your life?

The Blogilates community is so amazing to begin with. After being selected as a POWERGIRL I felt so honored but also motivated to help other women feel supported throughout the unavoidable struggles life throws our way. I want women to know they are in complete and total control of their life and while having a support system is really nice to have, you can always count on yourself and there is nothing you can't do. This year alone I left my job without having another lined up, moved to Chicago for 5 months, and then received another job offer in an amazing location and moved again. Three states in one year isn't ideal, but success has ups and downs. I have realized it's okay to share struggles and it's okay to go against social norms if in your heart you know it's the best decision for you.

Courtney is a pro at styling the Curious Crop Top in Night! If you're loving the crop top too, you can get it now for 🎉 25% off with code "COURTNEY🎉! Code expires on Monday, September 30th.

For more daily inspiration, follow Courtney on Instagram at @therealcpj! We'll be back in a few weeks with the next POWERGIRL spotlight! 🌟



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