Hey guys! It's Laurel again. I am SO happy to see how much you guys were loving last week's POWERGIRL spotlight on Alex-Marie! The more you guys know about them, the more connected the whole #popster community will be! 😊

This week, I'm excited to introduce you all to POWERGIRL @jess_likethat_, aka Jess!! Jess is a fitness instructor (including our fave,  POP Pilates!!) from Dallas, TX! If you've been a Popster for a while, you might actually recognize her from the Blogilates Perfect Storm video, OR as one of the instructors in Cassey's full length POP Pilates workout! We are so lucky to have such a long-time member of the community as one of our first ever POWERGIRLS. 💖

Jess has an an amazing & inspirational IG feed full of quotes, pics of her in her POPFLEX & rocking her workouts AND (my fave) some awesome foodie pics 😋! I'm SO inspired by Jess' confidence & positive outlook on life. She's crushing the motivation game!! 💪 Check out my Q&A with her below!


1️⃣ Give three words to describe yourself!

Ambitious, easy going, and passionate.

2️⃣ What's one thing on your bucket list you haven't done? One that you have?

Travel to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower. Swimming with dolphins. It was unforgettable!

3️⃣ What is your usual workout routine?

I usually go to the gym to lift at least 3 days a week. I like to mix in yoga classes and any other fun fitness classes that I’m feeling like trying. 

4️⃣ What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

The best piece of advice I’ve ever received was from my Father. He told me that not everyone is your real friend, and that your true inner circle of friends will be small. Which was so true! Having people in your life that really support you is extremely important and rare. 

5️⃣ What's your fave YOLO meal? 

Chili cheese fries with extra onions!!!

6️⃣ What do you eat in a day?

I usually start my day with a smoothie and a open face sandwich. For lunch on a lazy day I’ll have Chick-fil-A on a meal prepped day a homemade grain bowl. For dinner fish tacos! Lastly for dessert some cookies n cream Blue Bell ice cream

7️⃣ What's one song you put on every workout playlist?

DNA by Kendrick Lamar is a must on my workout playlist. It’s my go to song for when I’m ready to get off the stair master. The song just hypes me up.

8️⃣ Who's your role model? Why?

My mom because she’s the most giving and extraordinary person I know. She’s the definition of class, hard work, and selflessness. I hope to pick up those qualities and more from her.

9️⃣ What's one secret or hidden talent not many people know about you?

I can sing, play the guitar, and piano. I have notebooks full of music I used to write and sometimes I play them in my free time.

🔟 How do you feel when you're wearing your POPFLEX?

I feel stylish and confident. For me if I don’t feel comfortable in my workout clothes it messes up my workout. When I go to the gym in my POPFLEX I feel confident because my activewear fits correctly and feels good on, and I look super cute.

1️⃣1️⃣ What are three POPFLEX items you cant live without?

My Good Vibes Cropped Sweatshirt in Rosé, Highness Leggings in Sky, and Muse Bra in French Lace.

1️⃣2️⃣ How has being a POWERGIRL changed your life?

Being a POWERGIRL to me means being bold, unique, and perfectly imperfect. It’s changed my life to be apart of a community that celebrates what makes each of us unique, strong, and beautiful.

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Follow @jess_likethat_ for more stunning poses, foodie pics & more! Come back next week for the next POWERGIRL spotlight! 🌟



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