We are soooo excited that Blogilates is doing a 28 day stretch challenge this month!!! Before deciding to commit to the full 28 days, we decided to do some research on some additional benefits stretching every day for a month might get us, besides the ones we expect, like increased flexibility. Here's what we found!!

#1. Stretching helps reduce or manage stress

Not only does taking a few minutes to stretch every day help take your mind off your worries, it also releases the tension in your muscles, causing you to feel less stressed!

#2. Stretching can help improve your digestion

Certain gentle twisting poses can increase the blood flow to your bowels and reduce inflammation. Some bloating and stomach discomfort can actually be caused by stress, and certain stretches will increase the circulation and energy to your digestive region, helping to speed along the digestive process!

#3. Stretching helps reduce anxiety

When you stretch, one of the most important parts is focusing on keeping your breaths deep and consistent. Inhaling and exhaling helps slow down the racing thoughts in your head that cause anxiety.

#4.  Stretching helps you sleep!

Don't you always feel so relaxed after doing a few stretches? If you do them before bed, that relaxation might make it easier to fall asleep!

#5. Stretching can actually make you feel happy

Stretching has been shown to help your body release endorphins, triggering feelings of happiness!

#6. Stretching increases your balance

Because stretching involves so much muscle work, it can help improve the function your muscles need to keep you balanced! Like if you trip, your muscles might be able to react faster and catch you before you fall!

Who's doing the Blogilates 28 Day Stretch Challenge with us?! We seriously can't wait!! PLUS, if you repost THIS Instagram post and challenge three friends to join you, you might win literally the most relaxing prize kit EVER!!!

So excited to go on this journey with you guys!


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Just found you on YouTube yesterday! I love yoga, so the stretching challenge is right up my ally. I’ve downloaded the app and have enlisted you as my private trainer. Thank you 💗

— Cyndie Chyle

sounds really fun. in definitely in. been needing a challenge like this to help me distress. just released from the army so the world is just overwhelming to me. ready to relax!

— shoval

I m too excited …i post this and ask my 3 frnds and they are ready to join me😘😘😘😘and seriously i tried day 1 stretch after my morning workout and my body is feeling too relaxed can wait for tommorow’s strech😍😍😍😍😍 in love with cassey and her team u guys are amazing ..as u always come out with amazing plans😘😘😘😘

— Aditi