Sam and Cassey's fairytale wedding is something we've been talking about in the Blogilates office for weeks. "What color is your dress?" "What do you think the secret location is?" "How do you think Sir George is gonna make his entrance?" We speculated at all these things just as hard, if not harder, than you all did. Suddenly it was the big day and honestly we were all TOTALLY freaking out!

Fast forward through driving to Rancho Mirage, CA, checking into our hotels and Airbnbs and spending 93765 hours getting ready, to us all meeting up at... a church parking lot. Yep. That was the only address Sam and Cassey gave us. We immediately got onto a shuttle that drove us less than 5 minutes to our actual destination... the Solomon Estate (a huge mansion with a legit lake).

Inside the mansion were two GORGEOUS wooden staircases (we may or may not have watched many Instagram photos being taken there), sparkling chandeliers and a welcome centerpiece written in calligraphy by Cassey herself! BUT WAIT! There's more!

Outside there's a beautiful white patio-type thing (I'm not fancy enough to know the real word for it) overlooking a fountain, another lake, a waterfall, a giant open tent that was covered in lights and... the biggest surprise...a carousel! Excitement level 100 at this point.

After about an hour, we're shown to our seats in the grass, right in front of a beautiful wooden frame covered in pink and flowers and monstera leaves. Sam walked out, then Sir George came out on a white mini-Porsche (side note: everyone immediately got out of their seats and whipped their phones out to take pics of Sir. There were a lot of "awwww's). When Cassey came out, so did the tears!!! Her train was SO LONG and the dress was so lacy and detailed and magical! Then Sam promised to always kills spiders for Cassey and Cassey talked about how Sam fulfilled all the qualities of her teenage dream boyfriend and BOOM they said I do and were married!!! 

Once the bride and groom made their exit, pretty much everyone made a beeline for the carousel. Sitting on a horse in my dress pretty much made me feel like a princess!! There was also a matcha bar that had made-to-order drinks! We could even see Cassey and Sam taking their first pictures as a married couple! 

After more photos were taken, it was time for dinner! We all headed into the open tent and ate foods that represented both Cassey and Sam's cultures- falafel and honey walnut shrimp, hummus and fried rice. The cake was definitely no surprise- it was a giant blue velvet cake decorated purpley-pink with flowers. Oh yeah, and it was SITTING ON A SWING! We danced A LOT, and Sam and Cassey even did the Hora, aka a Jewish tradition where the bride and groom sit in chairs and the guests literally hoist them into the air.

Of course, the Blogifam stayed til the very end, when it seemed to be just us, Sam, Cassey and their families still on the dance floor even though all our feet hurt. The band was just that good! They sang so many songs LIVE, from Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way' to some major Taylor Swift throwbacks. Around 10:30pm, we said our goodbyes and all went back to our hotels.

Are we sad the Enchanted Oasis wedding is over? Yes. Will we be talking about it for the rest of the year? Also yes. Congrats Sam & Cassey and thank you so much for making the Blogifam a part of your big day!!!


All the best to you two in your marriage! Much Love 😍😍😊

— Emily Jo Hood

Lovely wedding, Casey!! So warming to see your pictures!! Warm wishes to you and your team!! Xoxo

— Nina Daniel

Cassey you are just the very best!!! I was wondering about your wedding date from your shredding for the wedding series… Wow what a dress! Looks like it was a magical day in every sense of the word. Mazel tov! So happy for you!
Thanks for inspiring all of us. May all your light you beam out to girls like me shine back at you through your marriage a million times brighter!!! Biggest lurve

— Elle

Lovely! Makes me happy to see the photos.

— K

What a beautiful wedding. Thank you for sharing it with us.

— Ka