Omg you GUYS - today's the DAY. 

What better way to begin a brand new year than beginning the search for our 2021 POPFLEX POWERGIRLS? This year is our third year hosting this and we are soooooooooo excited!

Do you think you'd be the perfect POWERGIRL? If yes, then keep on reading! Let's get you caught up on everything you need to know about qualifying, applying, and all of the fun program details. 



A POWERGIRL is an official representative of the POPFLEX brand, serving as a role model to our community. She is a resilient woman who transforms her challenges into her own personal superpower, using her strength to uplift others.


Are there any benefits of being a POPFLEX POWERGIRL?

Ummm, YES! More like, what benefits AREN'T THERE?!! Just look: 

  • We'll hook you up with all of the (free) POPFLEX activewear, yoga mats & accessories you could ever want for a full year. (Just gonna leave this here: This year, we'll have more new products than EVER and POWERGIRLS get exclusive early access to them!)
  • You'll be featured on our Instagram and our website for a year of amazing exposure. We want to help the POWERGIRLS grow their own personal brand and platform on social media.
  • You'll get to be an integral part of our happy, healthy community of DYNAMITE go-getters and wonderful women worldwide! POWERGIRLS are part of the POPFLEX family FOR LIFE! You'll make friends around the world for life, too!

AHHHH okay, I'm ready! How do I apply?! 


In Step 3, make sure you fill out your application here and link to your super awesome Instagram post! 



What happens next? 

We'll review your applications - every single one! - and announce the new group of POWERGIRLS as soon as we come to a final decision 💛

We have had the best time with our 2020 POWERGIRLS, who truly went above and beyond as incredible parts of our POPFLEX family during a very difficult year. Alli, Denisia, Dorotea, Izzy, Justyna, Katherine, Kiara, and Rose - you guys have set such a high bar for future POWERGIRLS, and we can't WAIT to see what you do next! 

Anyone can be a POWERGIRL (yes, we're looking at YOU). This is your sign. This is your call. We are SO EXCITED to see each and every one of your applications! 

Full terms and conditions apply; find them and more info here. If you have any questions, let us know below! GOOD LUCK!