Guys, we've made it: It's now the coldest, driest point of the year for a lot of people - and that can result in some harsh skin conditions. We don't know about you, but we're noticing itchy, dry skin - which is neither particularly fun nor comfortable. 

How does a spa day sound? If you're missing the opportunity to go out and get a facial or enjoy getting your nails done, we feel that! 

Let's talk about some ways to have a spa-like self-care day that melts away all of your stress...completely DIY...completely AT HOME. 


Wait what? Yes, it's totally possible! Let's start by heading to the kitchen.

1. Mixing Up DIY Recipes for Self Care Success

OKAY so here’s the thing: You don’t have to drop tons of money on rich, indulgent, and expensive beauty products in order to have a luxurious self-care day at home. In fact, consider this: Cooking and mixing together fun DIY beauty recipes is simple, fun, and stress-relieving in itself - so, you’re actually getting MORE of a calming, restful effect from your self-care activities if you take the extra few minutes to make your masks at home!  

Sometimes, these recipes can be a little complicated or call for ingredients that seem kinda out there. No worries - we’ve curated our low-key spa-day faves. They’re all simple, SO fun to use, and are made using things you probably already have laying around your home! 

  • An avocado face mask! You know we LOVE avocados here at POPFLEX...well, they're not just adorable, they also offer fantastic benefits for glowy, healthy skin! 
  • An olive oil and banana hair mask: In the winter, it's not just our skin that gets dry. Use this hydrating mask to give your hair incredible shine! 
  • A cookie dough sugar scrub: OMG this sounds good enough to eat - and will give you easy, yummy exfoliation for your whole body! (Pro tip: Avoid using it on your face, as it might be just a little harsh for the delicate skin there. It'll feel really good on your arms and legs!) 
  • A peppermint foot mask: Okay, a foot mask, what? Go with us here: If your heels are dry or cracked, imagine buttery, soft skin instead - and then imagine putting on warm, fluffy socks afterward! How could that not feel good, right?

 2. Twist Out Your Tension

Our awesome designer, Cassey, posted on her Insta the other day about one of her fave self-care activities - a massage. Massages are SO GOOD for sore muscles, for tired brains, even for your skin and just feeling your best all-around. 

Here’s the good news: You can get some of the benefits you would from a professional massage from the comfort of your own home - and all you need is a tennis ball (or a massage ball, for some added intensity). 

Check out this video she filmed to help you work out all of the kinks in your muscles - seriously, you’ll feel like new at the end! 

3. Treat Yourself! 

Now that you’re all loose, tension-free, and as pampered as can be, take some time to enjoy that feeling! This is the perfect time to watch something funny that takes your mind off of serious subjects for a while, read one of the books that’s been piling up on your nightstand, or anything else that makes you feel rested and whole. 

diy self care

Feel free to think outside the box and do something that YOU love or that you know will help you feel cared for. Sometimes, for us, that looks like taking a long, luxurious nap. Other times, this looks like putting on a fun podcast or deep cleaning our kitchens (it’s kind of weirdly satisfying?)! 

Close your eyes for a moment, think about how your body is feeling and where you really are in your day or your week, and just think about doing one thing that feels really, really good. Want some ideas? Here’s our shortlist: 

  • Taking a deep nap with rain sounds playing on our phones
  • Doing a real manicure or pedicure with all of the steps
  • Calling a friend or a loved one for just a few minutes to see how they’re doing
  • Journaling! Write out allllll those feelings, thoughts, and then feel the weight lift off your shoulders. 
  • Doing a puzzle or some kind of fun brain teaser (self care for the mind!)
  • Cooking a traditional, indulgent, or special dish without taking any shortcuts
  • Laying on our backs and looking up at the sky (this helps relax your eyes!)
  • Free-writing, drawing, or doodling without any pressure to make something ‘pretty’ or ‘right’ or ‘productive’
  • Listening to one of our favorite albums from start to finish 

DIY self care

AHHH literally just listing out these activities is making us feel more relaxed! Do any one of them and just watch: You’ll be able to feel your muscles relax, your blood pressure drop, and a smile creep onto your face. Gotta love how it’s the little things that can really make a day wonderful, right? 

That’s what we’re doing these days to keep our spirits high and our stress levels low! What sounds good to you? What does self-care look like to you? Let us know in the comments!