Introverts and extroverts alike: Whether you consider yourself a people-person or not, social isolation is HARD. 😳

HOWEVER, with a little bit of creativity, we'll get through this as a community. After all, as Mr. Rogers said: "Solitude is different from loneliness, and it doesn't have to be a lonely kind of thing." 💫

We need to help each other NOT BE LONELY!! As weird as social distancing is, it's a way we can remind ourselves that we're all in this together!!!! 

Let's talk about some ways we can support each other...while staying safe and flattening. that. CURVE!!!! 👏

1. Support your friends and family (those both near and far!) ✨

We're in TRULY odd and unprecedented times, you guys. Let's show some love to our people: 

Those you're stuck with: Whether you're sheltering with relatives or roommates, friends or foes--you're seeing a LOT of each other, and that can... well... be a lot 🙃 Hug your people, be glad you have them, but then give everyone just a lil grace if (when) you start to step on each other's toes. 


Your crew: Very suddenly, many of us were told that we can't see the people we don't directly live with. 😢 BUT!!! That doesn't mean that we can't be there for those we love. Set up a group chat for your fam and check in on a daily basis. 📱💁‍♀️

People who live alone: YOU GUYS. If you live alone, reach out to people so you see other human faces on a daily basis. If you know people who live alone, even if you aren't super close, send them a quick text to make sure they're okay!!!! THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!!!! We are very social creatures... even those of us who aren't. We need to get each other through this, so forget the awkward and just. reach. out. ✌️

2. Thank the people on the front lines!!!! 👩‍⚕️👩‍🏫🎉

Those of us sheltering at home are helping to slow the spread of the virus, which is SO IMPORTANT #stayathome!!!! HOWEVER, the people out there on the front lines like doctors, nurses, scientists researching vaccines, people in supply chain working hard to get us our home essentials, grocery store restockers, people making masks and ventilators and more--these people are HEROES. 😇

After this is all over, we'll give them a parade... but for now, we can do the social-distancing equivalent by sending the love over social media, and then standing back and letting them DO. THEIR. THING. 🙌

3. Remember the people around you.

We're not seeing the people in our local communities as much, but just because we don't see them doesn't mean they aren't there!!!!!

Show some love to people around you through chalk messages on sidewalks, if you can go outside. Buy gift cards online from local businesses to help them stay afloat (and for a little treat when this is over!!!). 


If you're safely able to, dropping off groceries for the elderly and immunocompromised is a simple way to make someone else's quarantine one MILLION percent less panicky!! ✨

4. Two words: VIDEO CHAT. 

Whether you choose a chill movie night or a fun game to play, scheduling low-key events with your friends is a FANTASTIC way to maintain a little bit of normalcy, melt your stress away with laughter, and be there for your people. 

There are SO many fantastic ideas for how to do this, but some of our faves so far are: 

Video Chat Dinner Party: Coordinate with your friends to cook up some pantry basics, set out your table nicely, and put on a nice top (over your leggings, haha!) --then set up a chat and discuss anything but COVID-19 while toasting your friends over tech 🥂


Watch Party: Having a movie night feels WAY more festive when it's with friends, right? Fire up the video call, press 'play' at the same time, and enjoy a low-pressure evening together. (Netflix even has a Chrome extension to help make this easy!!!) You could also use the same idea to work out with friends remotely with fun at-home workout videos, just sayin'. 😜

P.S.: If you're looking for easy apps for chatting, check out Marco Polo for video messages or Google Duo for video calls--they're both available on lots of different operating systems and platforms!!! 

5. Social-Distancing Game Nights!! 🎮 🎲

From traditional card or board games to more high-tech, app-based pastimes, there are NO shortage of fun ways to spend time with friends even when you're far apart. 🎉

Analog Games: Charades. Riddles. Board games, hide and seek, and more!!! If you can think of a way to play a game over a chat or a call, it's probably worth a try...and even if it doesn't work out, you'll likely still have a great time!!!

Social Games: Remember Words with Friends and Draw Something? They're back for quarantine fun!! Playing MarioKart remotely, firing up a Jackbox game, downloading the Houseparty app, or playing other internet-based cooperation or competition games can help bring people together while we have to be apart 🥰


All around the world, tiny BEAUTIFUL things are happening. Families are spending time together, people everywhere are going out of their way to help others, and even pollution has been PLUMMETING

We're truly coming together in wonderful ways to help each other get through this. And guys. WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS!!! But how we get there is up to each of us playing our part today.

Quick note: Remember to keep up with official recommendations from your state's government and the CDC for best practices to help fight this thing. Wash your hands, stay home, and stay safe!!!! 🤍


Thank you for this!! Some great suggestions. I’m thankful to everyone for doing what needs to be done and I’m thankful I’m stuck with the people I love most 💜

— Tina

Don’t forget about the advanced practitioners! Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners are a huge portion of the providers on the front lines 💜

— Felicia Hertzog