What a WHIRLWIND, you guys! Is it just us, or does it seem that more and more of us are welcoming Spring by doing a lil bit more hibernation than we expected? 🏡 🧐 😬

As many of our favorite restaurants, gyms, and other favorite spots to frequent are taking a brief business hiatus to help stop the spread of COVID-19, people all over the globe are spending more time at home. However, that's no excuse to stop working out!!! 💪

IN FACT, now's a better time to work out than ever before!!! Did you know that staying physically active can help boost your immune system and release endorphins to help keep your mood up through stress??? Let's stay safe, stay sane, and stay STRONG by incorporating at-home movement into our everyday! ✌️ 🎉

1. The Blogilates 14-day Quarantine Workout Plan

If you're stuck inside for two weeks, are looking for a community doing a themed workout challenge, and also don't want to annoy your neighbors...don't worry. We've got your back. Enter: the 14-day Quarantine Workout Plan from Blogilates!!!

Each workout clocks in at about 25-30 min (perfect for a good daily sweat sesh!!) and is completely apartment-friendly!! 🏢👌

2. Going For a Walk/Hike:

If you're not on lockdown, it might be a good idea to (SAFELY) take advantage of that!!! While most buildings are closed, taking a quick walk around your block can help you get out of your house and keep your muscles moving; and, until there's guidance otherwise, most parks are open for hikes and leisurely strolls out in nature!! 🌳

As long as you keep a reasonable, friendly distance from those around you (experts recommend at least six feet), getting outside will help reduce cabin fever and help you soak up some Vitamin D and fresh air for a bit of added health and glow!!! ☀️ 🙌

If you are on lockdown, quick tip: Open a window for the fresh air and sun, and try to make a habit of looking at the furthest thing you can see for about twenty seconds every few hours. Our eye muscles can get SUPER tensed up by staring only a few feet away all day--give your eyes a stretch break and your head will feel lighter and clearer!! 🤩

3. Exploring free YouTube workout videos: 

If you have an Internet connection and some clear floor space, you have EVERYTHING you need to get your heart rate up and see FANTASTIC results. We're biased, but we're totally in love with the new Total Body Transformation series!!! 😍

FYI: did you know there's a new YouTube playlist *every single day* on the Blogilates channel with 2-5 videos specifically tailored to help you get the most out of your weekly workouts? SO easy, SO accessible...and you're SO gonna love it!!! 👏

4. Cleaning is TOTALLY cardio:

Taking the time to disinfect door handles, phones, remotes and more around your home is more than just a good idea right now--it's centering, it's hygienic, and (if you do it the right way!) it's TOTALLY a workout!!!

Put on a jammin' playlist, make sure your gloves and wipes and mop are handy, and get your quaran-clean on: you'll move, you'll dance, and you'll LOVE how fresh your home feels!! ✨

5. Having fun with TV-inspired workouts!!! 

We're all trying not to watch TOO much TV while we're staying at home, but it's definitely a great time to binge-watch our favs. Turn your movie night into a fun way to get some natural movement in with a TV workout challenge!!!

Whether you're hooked on the latest drama or enjoying a Disney marathon, you can find online themed workouts ANYWHERE (or make up your own!). Loop in a friend via social media or video-chat to work out together for an even more memorable night. 💫

And there you have it! Guys, it's super important to make sure you get all the rest and relaxation you need right now--but if you're anything like us, getting up and moving will help with the stress, too!!! 👌 👌

We're already planning out just how we're going to get our at-home sweat on over the next couple of days...what do you think you're going to do first!?!?

Note: While we're absolutely on board with working out to keep our bodies in optimal health and happiness, please continue keeping up with expert-recommended advice like social distancing and handwashing--and if you feel any flu-like symptoms at all, regardless of your activity levels, contact your local healthcare provider immediately. Stay safe and be well! 💛


I love this tipps, to do sports or go outside is the only way not to get cracy. I have three kidds and with every werk more it’s getting harder. So doing sports and self care help me alot.

— Olivia