Ever wonder why it's "frowned upon" to wear white after Labor Day? Well us too! We did our research and we're saying YES YOU CAN wear white after Labor Day! Really though, what's the big deal?! 

We've all heard of the "rule" that once September comes around all white attire must be stashed away until Spring! This is one of those fashion rules that has stuck around for decades. Here's a couple reasons why:

1. This rule along with many others started in the early 1900's where there was practically a dress code for every occasion of life. Back then people would save their fresh white attire for Spring and Summer when there were opportunities to escape the city heat. Once Fall hit, all Summer clothes were stashed away in exchange for more formal city attire.

2. It was also a "class" thing. Women of a higher class created a bunch of fashion rules in order to see who really had money. If you were obeying the fashion rules by wearing the "right" thing, then you were obviously pretty well off!

Luckily today this whole no wearing white thing after Labor Day isn't as big of a fashion faux pas as it once used to be!

So want to break the rules a little? ;) Start with your activewear! Check out our Pointe Leggings in Snow White. They're a little bold if you're not used to wearing a lot of white but they go with pretty much anything and everything. We have a feeling they'll become a staple in your activewear wardrobe. 

These days it's ok to break the fashion rules! In fact, we encourage it. If you can pull off "breaking a fashion rule", then what's the problem? DO IT! Be unique. Be fearless. Be the trendsetter!