Ahhh!! The POPFLEX Summer 2016 Mermaid Collection is here! That's yoga phenom, Jacquelyn Umof gracing the cover.

Are you ready to dive in?

Here is a shot of my desk and my sketch book. These are the actual images that inspired the entire collection. Sea glass, sea shells, succulents, and mermaid tails.


It's Kylie Shea again! Our professional ballerina! And OMG this set is life. I just can't with that Mermaid print. It makes me want to sit on a rock in the ocean and sing!

Miss Jacquelyn showing us how it's DONE. In...Mermaid booty shorts!??? I know what I'll be basically LIVING in this summer!

Strong women lift each other up.

Guys, this is the very first POPFLEX crop top. Get excited y'all!

You asked for it, and we made it happen. Pointe leggings in Nightfall! YES!!!!

Back details. 


Yes, the Criss Cross Crop also comes in Mermaid. This is so perfect.

I am really proud of the Siren Tank. The back is just DIVINE and the front is a high neck halter which helps keep everything in place.

Goddess Top. In Seafoam. Need I say more!?

Mermaid status.

Mermaid who just earned her legs status :P

And a lil note from me!

Also guys, I want you to go check out the size chart because getting the right fit is imperative for feeling good and looking good during your workout! The last thing you want to do while doing burpees and be pulling at your pants to make sure they don't slip! If you get the right size, you won't even feel like you're wearing anything!

For reference, I am 5'5" tall, I wear a 32B bra, size 26-27 jeans, and a size 2 dress. This makes me a size 4 in POPFLEX for tops and bottoms. 

Below is the line sheet so you can see the drawn versions of the pieces! Comment below and tell me what style you like the best! I cannot wait to hear from you guys, you #POPFLEXmermaids you!!




any way this collection can come back? The glass water bottle and yoga mat are on my dream list!!! Please bring them back

— Nancy T

Would you consider bringing the mermaid collection back? I don’t mean to sound selfish but after that collection was revealed in 2016 I made it a personal promise to buy it. I know that sounds silly but I can’t afford high quality active wear and it was a dream of mine to buy the mermaid collection once I got the opportunity. Here I am, 4 years later and now I can’t lol.

— Brhiannon

Just wondering if you will ever bring back the Mermaid collection!

— Brianna