Belladonna Duffle - Black


The Belladonna is your new best friend. She’s the perfect size for all of your favorite activities and has the most thoughtful design you’ve ever seen. From the sweet floral lining to the hand folded asymmetrical bow to the perfectly placed pockets to the secret yoga mat holder, Belladonna knows exactly what you need.

    Features + Fit

    • Thick and luxurious neoprene material
    • Floral lining
    • High-quality gold hardware
    • Unique hand-folded asymmetric bow
    • Seatbelt handles and adjustable crossbody strap
    • Fully lined shoe compartment
    • Secret yoga mat holder behind the asymmetric bow
    • Thoughtfully placed back pocket for quick access to necessities
    • X-strap in inner pockets to keep things in place

    • Laptop holder - Fits 13.5" laptop (measured diagonally)
    • 2 side pockets
    • Zippered pocket
    • Key ring clip so you never lose your keys

    Bag: 17” long x 7.5” wide x 12.5” tall (13” tall with bow)
    Adjustable strap: 26” - 51”

    Model Info
    Fabric + Care

    Neoprene; 100% Polyester lining

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 230 reviews
    Savannah Jackson
    Poor quality

    I had my eye on this bag since it came out but was a little hesitant due to the price. I love Popflex Active and have been so impressed with everything else I’ve bought here, so I finally decided to go for it after thinking about it for about a year. Sadly, this bag is a huge disappointment. I had it for about 6 weeks and only used it a handful of times before the zipper on the shoe compartment broke. I messaged the customer service team and they offered a partial refund but not an exchange. After the zipper broke, I noticed some fraying near one of the side buckles, and the hardware scratches so easily. I’m really disappointed in the quality of this bag—I can’t even use the shoe compartment (which was a huge selling point for me) because of the zipper.
    The positives for this bag are the cute design, and the yoga mat holder is convenient.

    Nice but there’s some malfunctions

    The bag is high quality and fits all of my stuff for a weekend trip. However I do agree with the other reviews about the lack of a cushion on the strap. I’m a heavy packer so it cuts into my shoulder. I also have a manufacturing malfunction with my bag. The fabric that covers the zipper for the shoe compartment won’t stay down whether it’s empty for filled. It doesn’t impact the functionality of the bag but it isn’t visually appealing and disappointing consider how expensive it is.

    Hi there, someone from our team messaged you via email about this.

    LOVE IT!!!

    I've been wanting this duffle for a long time long before this colour came along. I wanted the light pink one but unfortunately it seems like it's been discontinued. I love this beautiful plum berry colours, though!!
    It's perfect, and I carry it to work everyday. I put the bag organiser I use for my LV neverfull GM. It fits perfectly.

    Mina Powers
    Great bag but some downsides

    This bag is as pictured and super cute! I got it as a work bag because it was shown that it could fit a laptop and water bottle on the side. As a nanny i always need a change of clothes and in the summer an extra bathing suit so I thought this bag would work well. These were the three things i needed.

    1. The laptop
    The material is great but its not as sturdy. When my laptop is in the side laptop pocket the bag just wants to fall over on the laptop side. The strap is also not a tight one that holds the laptop securely in place. It tilts so throwing things in the bag they end up in this laptop pocket.

    2. Need something to hold my water bottle:
    The side water bottle pockets are and awesome idea but seems like they are designed for the popflex branded ones because it doesn’t hold my normal water bottle. My water bottle just falls on its side. Even just trying to keep some lotion on the side it leans.

    3. Need something for my extra clothes and shoes:
    The bottom zipper area was another feature that drew me in. I could store my change of clothes/shoes and not have it in the way of the everyday things in the bag or carry and extra bag with me.
    However when you store shoes in there everything in the bag has to sit on top there is nothing sturdy between them so the bag ends up falling over. However it does hold some folded clothes well.

    Some positives: I love the side pocket that is perfect for my wallet and keys! The bow is super cute. The straps are sturdy to carry as a duffle over the shoulder.

    All in all a great bag but it only really met one of my needs from the advertised features. Honestly wish this was a bag i got at the store and i could return it. for as much as i paid i was hoping it would function well for what i needed.

    Jordan Murphy
    Unique gym bag

    I really love this gym bag. I bought it mostly for the yoga mat pocket. I’ve also have gotten a lot of use out of the ring holder! Only downside I’ve notice is some stitching along the bottom has come loose and I’ve had to cut it off. For the price I don’t think after one use there should be strings hanging.