Ready Set Glow Gallon Timer Bottle with Fruit Infuser - Peach Terrazzo


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Ready Set Glow Gallon Timer Bottle + Bag Bundle
Reaching your daily hydration goals never looked (or tasted) so good.

The Ready Set Glow Gallon Timer Bottle is your motivational main squeeze, featuring mini goals with timestamps (7am to 9pm) on its side and an internal fruit infuser to make staying hydrated throughout the day delicious.
Features + Fit

• 1 gallon (128 oz) bottle
• Removable fruit infuser
• Flip top
• Side carrying handle
• Timer markings from 7am-9pm
• Made from BPA-free plastic
• Leakproof lid
• Silicone sleeve to prevent slipping (BONUS: it detaches for an easy on-the-go dog water bottle)

• Bottle Base: 6.25" (15.9 cm)
• Total Bottle Height: 12" (30 cm)
*To ensure healthy hygiene, we recommend hand washing lid and bottle daily after use.

Model Info
Materials + Care

To ensure healthy hygiene, we recommend hand washing the lid and bottle daily after use.
Bottle: BPA-free plastic
Sleeve: Silicone

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
So cute!!

Color: Peach Terrazzo 🧡

I love the time stamps it definitely helps me stay on track with my water intake! && Omg the silicone sleeve on the bottom I do use it as a puppy bowl all the time!! SO SO CUTE, I also love that you can carry it in not only one way so it helps me when I'm on the go!

I love it but there's one feedback comment from me!

Love the color, love the infuser in the middle!! (such a good idea)
I love that you can hold it in like 3 different ways hahaha because it cannnn get heavy so we have options 👏 love that!! && yes it's easy to clean!

They ONLYYY thing is that I wish it wasn't plastic honestly, any other material would be better in my opinion and probably last a little longer ❤️ OH AND I LOVE THE PUPPY BOWL 🥺🐶🐾

Abby Phillips
Love it!

I really love this water bottle! I like that it's got 3 different places to hold onto it from, handle, lid, and strap, and I really like that I can add fruit and easily remove it after!

Kimberly M
Best water bottle I’ve ever owned

I have never been a big water drinker, this bottle has helped me stay hydrated and enjoy drinking water. I love the fruit infuser is included. 100% would recommend

Drinking more water!

Since this has arrived I've definitely noticed an increase in my hydration. I enjoy figuring out what to add to infuse the water with flavor. My only issue was getting the infuser out, especially the first time. It has a tendency to get stuck and requires more force than I feel comfortable with, I figure this is the place it will eventually break, but if that happens the gallon bottle will still be usable.