10 Fitness Instagrams We're Following To Stay Motivated 💪

10 Fitness Instagrams We're Following To Stay Motivated 💪

October 12, 2020

Pro tip: A great way to get in a winning mindset to crush your goals is just to make sure that what you see reflects what you want to be!!! 😍

Sometimes, we just need a little bit of inspiration to get going. Putting in the work can be hard, after all, and having the motivation to begin can be a LOT. 🥺

Seeing success stories and other people working towards similar goals - guys, that can be SO SO powerful!!! 💫

That's why we've put together a list of 10 ~INCREDIBLE~ IG athletes & fitness instructors from a variety of different sports (we bet you've never heard of some of these!!!) We ALSO know that whenever we see one of their pics, we're gonna feel a little bit more inspired to get moving. ✌️

1. @blogilates, pilates and healthy living 🙌

cassey insta

Why you should follow: Okay, we ALL know who Cassey is, but....honestly?? She never fails to motivate us!! Her feed is full of practical tips and inspo for your better life....as well as shots of her ADORABLE pup, George!!!

Our fave from her feed: This quick tip to help you stand tall and look more confident with a super practical posture fix!!! 

2. @skybrown, skateboarding 🛹

sky brown insta

Why you should follow: This incredible twelve-year-old girl is an EPIC skater - the youngest professional one in the WORLD. 🤯 Her mom-moderated IG is full ridiculous fun and positivity from her family!!

Our fave from her feed: You HAVE to check out this video of her 'skating on water'!!! 

3. @megsquats, power lifter 🏋️‍♀️

meg squats insta

Why you should follow: After deciding that a party-girl lifestyle no longer suited her, Meg trained hard to be an icon for female weight-lifters worldwide. She offers strength-training tips and diet tricks for your healthy lifestyle. 

Our fave from her feed: This quick tutorial on getting to your first pull-up! 

4. @mistyonpointe, ballet 🩰

misty copeland insta

Why you should follow: Misty is the very first African-American Female Principal Dancer with the American Ballet Theatre!!! 😳 Her IG is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous - and shows how incredibly athletic and graceful ballerinas have to be!!!

Our fave from her feed: This recently-posted video where Misty performed with Prince in 2011!!!

5. @highsteph, stunts and climbing ⛰

highsteph insta

Why you should follow: As a self-described climber AND flyer, Steph spends most of her time in (or OVER) the great outdoors. Between her climbing stunts, pictures of her precious pup 🐶, and even an occasional chili recipe or two, her IG feed is NOT one to miss!!! 🧗‍♀️

Our fave from her feed: the swoon-worthy nature scenes she snaps when she climbs! 

6. @mynameisjessamyn, yoga 🧘‍♀️

jessamyn insta

Why you should follow: Jessamyn is a body-positive yoga instructor who wants you to feel your best at all times. Her feed offers tips for getting through quarantine, anti-racism inspiration, and yoga poses that look good and feel great! 🙌

Our fave from her feed: Her suggestions for self-care while surviving 2020! 

7. @alanarblanchard, surfing 🏄‍♀️

alana surfing

Why you should follow: If you've been stuck at home for most of 2020, Alana's instagram is a timely escape...follow her for gorgeous pics of her Hawaii home!!! (If you already miss summer, her feed is a fantastic place for all of the sun, surfing, and sea vibes you could ever want!!!) 

Our fave from her feed: her surfing videos are literally jaw dropping!! 😱

8. @simonebiles, gymnast 🤸🏾‍♀️

simone biles insta

Why you should follow: Olympic gold medalist, dog mom, gymnast extraordinaire....Simone Biles's IG features her incredible talent often, but also gives little peeks of what it'd be like to hang with her IRL!! (Plus, her two puppies are just THE MOST adorable!!) 

Our fave from her feed: this INSANE vid of her athleticism that she posted to celebrate National Gymnastics day! 

9. @jesspack_fit, strength, flexibility, HIIT and more 💪

jesspack_fit insta

Why you should follow: As her IG says, Jess is "just a regular girl using fitness to inspire my creativity" 💛 Her super-fun pictures are incredibly relatable and motivational at the same time. Expect product recs, fave recipes, and progress updates as she works to get stronger every day! 

Our fave from her feed: this crispy potato recipe!!! 

10. @mancinoroberta, skydiver and wingsuit pilot 🛩

roberta mancino insta

Why you should follow: Roberta is an Italian extreme jumper and WINGSUIT PILOT (what????) who literally flings herself out of planes on the reg...while smiling?!?!? 😱 Whether she's on the ground or soaring over it, her pics will always remind you to go for what you want - and stay positive, no matter what happens!!! ✈️

Our fave from her feed: this photo of her looking like a LITERAL superhero!!!

Aah, just following these LEGENDS makes us feel like we're fitter already!!! No joke, next time we don't feel like working out, we're sure that one of these IG athletes will provide the motivation to get off the couch and get to it!! 🤪

If you could pick up one of these sports, which one would you pick? We're leaning towards surfing, but they're ALL so fantastic!! 

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