Today is the birth of Retro Rainbow, a collection inspired by colors and how they can affect your mood! Cassey chose to work with colors that would bring you only the best, most infectious energy for your workouts.

From Cassey:

"I love mint because it represents abundance, renewal, growth and it's such a healing color! Plus it reminds me of pistachio ice cream and matcha milkshakes!

When I see peach, I feel joy and comfort. It's friendship, gratitude, sincerity with just a touch of feminine energy.

Baby blue is so calming and tranquil! When I am at peace, I feel most confident."

The energy on set at our this shoot was so full of joy. We are so grateful for the amazing girls we got to work with to make this collection come alive. It felt like old friends coming together to catch up and play dress up. 


Well, if you remember, back in August, we released a casting call for POPsters in the SoCal area to participate in a mysterious photoshoot...and you guys delivered!!! 

We were absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the response - we received nearly 1000 applications!!!! While we wish we could have picked everyone (truly!!! 🥺), after a lot of back and forth, we were finally able to choose 4 girls who we thought embodied the playful energy of the Retro Rainbow Collection.

Meet the Retro Rainbow models!!! 🌈 😍

retro rainbow

We had one of the best photoshoots of ALL TIME. 💫

None of these girls had professional modeling experience but it didn't matter. Their confidence OOZED that day and let us tell you. THEY. BROUGHT. THEIR. A. GAME. We were so impressed and so proud!!!

Ahh it was so much fun getting to spend time with POPsters from our very own community. Women who TRULY and ACTUALLY represent you.

Meet Sasha! 📸: @sashadeverett

sasha retro rainbow


Account Specialist at Doctors Business Network. We provide healthcare professionals with the services they need to start and or grow their businesses.

How did you discover POPFLEX/Blogilates? 

My friends and I have been using the Blogilates Call Me Maybe squat challenge for a few years now. So I started following Blogilates to get more quick workout videos!!! Then, when the 90 day journal came out, I started following POPFLEX because it sold out so quickly!!! I wanted to know when they were getting more. 📒 😅

What's your go-to home workout routine? 

For my home workout routine I use the Body by Blogilates app. I have been starting off with a 100 Ab Challenge exercise, weightless arms, and then a booty and back exercise to finish it off.

What advice would you give to someone starting a new fitness journey? 

If you’re starting a new fitness journey my advice to you would be plan ahead, even if it is just the night before, what exercises you’re going to do. It is important to push your body but also give yourself grace. If you can only workout for 10 minutes then do that, or if you have to break up 50 crunches into sets of 10 do that. The key is that you’re trying. 😎

What is your favorite piece from the collection? 

My favorite pieces from the Retro Rainbow collection are the Tone Shorts in Baby Blue and the Focus Half-Zip in Baby Blue. I love that the shorts are long. They are perfect to go jogging in especially if you have thicker thighs like me. The cropped long sleeve has super cute mesh shoulders so it’s breathable and you can zip it all the way up to cover your neck or zip it down and show whatever cute sports bra your wearing underneath. Plus it feels like butter on your skin but isn’t see through. 👏

Sasha is wearing the Tone Shorts in Baby Blue and the Focus Zip Up in Baby Blue. Get them here.

Meet Dzoanna! 📸: @fit_purrfect

dzoanna retro rainbow


Industrial designer with a passion for furniture and lighting design!

How did you discover POPFLEX/Blogilates? 

7 years ago, I was overweight with a terrible relationship with food. I suffered from depression and I was unhappy with myself and I hated my body. That’s when I decided to do something about it. After trying different YouTube workouts without finding anything that really worked, I found the Blogilates channel. I played the first video and the music was fun, and the girl leading the workout was really positive and smiling. I played a second video and I was hooked. I started to follow Cassey’s free monthly calendar and did workouts at least 6 days a week. My happiness grew and I started to see results. More time went by, and I fell in love with cooking healthy meals and workouts felt like dance on a mat, not a punishment. Now I am 40lb lighter, 100% happier, and I still find my way back to doing Blogilates videos, and I know this love will never die! 🥰

What's your go-to home workout routine? 

My favorite workouts are ab workouts, especially ones from Blogilates extreme abs videos. I do Pilates 3-4 days a week and 1-2 days a week I do weighted exercises, to give my body an extra push. 💪

What advice would you give to someone starting a new fitness journey?

My biggest advice is just start! But not for someone else. Do it because of you! To stick with a routine and to be consistent, you need a strong WHY! Why are you doing it? Why do you want to achieve your goals? After you have your WHY, find out what type of activity makes you happy and you enjoy doing it. There are so many free YouTube videos with different activities... try out something new every day and see at the end of the week, what made you happy! Finally, schedule your workouts in your calendar in advance and schedule notifications that remind you about your workout 30 minutes before it, so you can prepare. Most importantly, treat them as a commitment to yourself! You don’t cancel your work meetings, so why would you cancel working on ~amazing you~?! ♥️

What is your favorite piece from the collection? 

I absolutely love the Breezy Tie Tank. It is so versatile, super soft and comfortable. I can show off all my strappy sports bras since it has an open back. On days when I feel extra, I can wear my low-cut sports bras and not worry about a wardrobe malfunction. I know some gyms make you wear something over your sports bra, so this is a perfect piece for a place like that. It is a nice piece to put on after working out to run errands after working out and the best thing – it goes absolutely great with everything!

Dzoanna is wearing the Tone Bra & Legging in Peach and the Breezy Tie Tank. Get them here.

Meet Ahlah! 📸: @mythicwitch

ahlah retro rainbow


Health Science student and Peer Health Educator.

How did you discover POPFLEX/Blogilates? 

I discovered POPFLEX/Blogilates my first year of college! I was really motivated to start exercising but didn’t know where to start, and that’s when I found the Blogilates YouTube account. 🤩

What's your go-to home workout routine? 

I don’t specifically have a go-to home workout routine! I absolutely love the Blogilates app/monthly calendar since the workouts are already planned for my day/month. The app is a life saver for my busy day, since it organizes the workouts of the day by time and level.  

What advice would you give to someone starting a new fitness journey? 

It’s okay to start over. Just because you missed/had a cheat day doesn’t mean you have to quit. Not everyone’s fitness journey is the same, and sometimes it may feel like a roller coaster. Just remember that when you’re starting your fitness journey, that you’re doing it for yourself! #selflove 🥰 

What is your favorite piece from the collection? 

It’s going to be a tie between the Tone Bra & Legging in Peach and the Believe Bra & Legging with the Breezy Tie Tank. I have a hard time finding bras that hold my bust while working out and POPFLEX has made it so much easier! I absolutely love how silky and comfortable the materials feel on my body. Not to mention the colors are amazing! 🌈

Ahlah is wearing the Believe Bra & Legging in Mint and the Breezy Tie Tank. Get them here!

Meet Jordan! 📸: @jordanwiilson

jordan retro rainbow


Actor and wannabe storm chaser! ⛈

How did you discover POPFLEX/Blogilates?

One of my best friends Ashley introduced me to Blogilates in 2014! We were roommates at the time and loved to do her workouts together and bond over the torture of the mutual muscle burning sensation. 🤪

What's your go-to home workout routine?

Lately I have been really loving the 20 Minute Quick Thigh & Leg Workout! I'm at level two...I’m slowly working my way up to level 3. 😳

What advice would you give to someone starting a new fitness journey?

Make mistakes! Don’t put too much pressure on getting the routine perfect, the reps perfect, etc. It’s always better to try and fail, that’s how you learn what works and what doesn’t. Also - try as many different types of workouts that you can! Once you find one you love it’ll make working out so much easier and fun. 💫 💪

What is your favorite piece from the collection?

I love the Tone Shorts in Baby Blue! They are comfortable, supportive, flattering, and also look way cute underneath an oversized tee.

Jordan is wearing the Tone Shorts in Baby Blue and the Focus Zip Up in Baby Blue. Get them here.

Oh my goodness, we can't EVEN with how beautiful these girls are! Aren't they just beaming with positive vibes? It's like they were made for the Retro Rainbow collection!!!

Which pieces are you most excited about??? (We can't choose. Can you??)

Note: Interviews (lightly!) edited for length and/or clarity. ✌️