5 Easy Halloween Costumes Using Activewear You Already Own

5 Easy Halloween Costumes Using Activewear You Already Own

October 22, 2020

Let's be real: When you're brainstorming your Halloween costume, you know want to look good and have a creative concept...but you also want to use items you already have (or will ABSOLUTELY use again), right? 

That's where we come in - we've totally got your back! Before, we've discussed both spooky costume ideas AND your fave Game of Thrones looks for the gym. Today, we're bringing you FIVE all-new ideas for styling your activewear into gorgeous, ultra-wearable costumes. 

Whether you're feeling a lil bit magical or cute and whimsical, we know you'll love these Halloween activewear costume ideas! 

1. sorbet // retro rainbow  

popflex ice cream halloween costume ideas

Use any of our Retro Rainbow sets on their own for a monochromatic sorbet look, or mix-and-match for a sundae effect! It's just TOO adorable - and TOO perfect! 

Here's what you need

  • What flavor are you feeling? The Tone 7/8 Leggings and Tone Square Neck Bra in Peach are just to DIE for - and have that soft, subtle sorbet color that will just crush your look! 
  • If you'd like, you can create a flat cone out of cardboard. Then, just add your toppings: Perhaps a cherry headband, some popsicle stick or confetti sprinkles, or tiny fruit pins to top off your look! 

popflex halloween costume idea tone set

2. wood fairy // terrain 

wood fairy popflex costume idea

Want to be a woodland fairy? This idea is a little bit whimsical, a little bit magical, a little bit...EXACTLY what we want to evoke this year!

Here's what you need:

  • For this, we love the Alpine Legging and Alpine Bra in Evergreen - but any of the natural colors we featured in that collection would look gorgeous!  
  • Make a beautiful, all-natural wood fairy crown of vines, sticks, flowers, leaves, or anything else you can find outside (or at the craft store)! If you'd like, you can craft a wand of the same materials. Stick to an all-natural makeup look - but add just a touch of glitter on your cheekbones for an iridescent, magical effect! 

popflex halloween costume terrain wood fairy 

3. sorceress // constellation 

sorceress popflex costume idea

Interested in blending in with the night sky as you ponder your phenomenal cosmic powers? That's how we imagine a sorceress would spend some of her time...so, this Halloween, you can do that, too! 

Here's what you need

  • Check out our swoon-worthy Constellation collection for inspo, but we'd start with the Calypso Cardigan in Night...because Calypso was ACTUALLY a Greek sorceress who could give the gift of immortality (how cool!). 
  • For this one, we'd focus on dramatic dark or celestial makeup looks (here are a couple of ideas!), and then bring along a prop like glitter or a small stuffed-animal sidekick to help with your magical, mystical plans! 

calypso halloween idea popflex collection

4. superhero // dark bloom + dusty blossom 

superhero popflex halloween costume ideas

Still feeling that cosmic power, but wanna go a little more retro with it? Now's your chance to be Captain Marvel...or Wonder Woman...or Supergirl! Or, if you feel a little bit more on the sinister side of things this year, try becoming Catwoman or even Harley Quinn!

Here's what you need:

  • Sleek, streamlined workout basics in your colors of choice. Something about the combo of the Adventure Zip Legging in Cabernet and the Hello There Top in Indigo just screams 'superhero' to us! 
  • Find the logo for your intended superhero online, print and cut it out, and affix to your top (or make a cute head piece to show it off!). Add a simple piece of fabric for a cape, if you choose - then go off and make some serious action poses to show off your superhero power! 

popflex costume idea superhero halloween 

5. snowflake // dream 

snowflake popflex halloween costume idea

After all, every snowflake is completely gorgeous and totally unique...just like you!

PLUS, guys, as we all know, winter is coming, so you might as well get ahead of the trend. 

Here's what you need

  • Soft white workout pieces, to start. (Isn't it cool how the back of the Muse Bra already features snowflake-esque geometric lines?) 
  • This one's simple: Just make some DIY snowflakes with paper (and glitter, if you're feeling fancy)! Here's a quick tutorial to get you started. Then, layer them on your frame with fabric tape or safety pins. Bring a few extra so you can make it snow wherever you go! 

popflex halloween costume idea dream collection

BONUS: Wear your Tie Dye Collection lounge looks when you're done with your festivities. That's not so much a halloween costume as EXACTLY what we want to be wearing at all times anyway, tbh...

There you have it! Five gorgeous costumes that you KNOW will be comfortable and easy to move in (a win-win)! Which one's your fave? 

Do you have other ideas for styling your POPFLEX for the perfect halloween look?

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