For foodies and fitness aficionados such as ourselves, it can seem like we're working out to eat...or eating, knowing we'll have to work out later to compensate.

Let's flip that way of thinking on its head. Here, we know that keeping our bodies fit, fed, and fabulous can be fun (and DELICIOUS!) as long as everything is kept in balance. Work hard, eat well: that's the good life 🥰

Keeping that balance, though, when tacos are SO GOOD?? 🌮 🌮 🌮 That's the real struggle!!! Let's be real. Have you ever experienced the following????

1. That feeling when you're eating healthy and you love it but there's just ONE sweet treat that you can't stop THINKING ABOUT!!!!! 🤪

2. It's either one ...or the other, and there's NO in-between. ✌️

3. OMG choosing between ~experience~ of dining out and the savings of dining in gets us EVERY. TIME!!! 

4. We don't know about you guys but we feel this one in our SOULS. 🙃

5. For reals, the one diet that has NEVER let us down!! 😍

Food and fitness: we're OBSESSED, and we wouldn't choose it any other way.

The best part, though? Knowing you don't have to choose between gourmet and the gym!! Eating colorful, healthy foods and incorporating fun fitness into your life is totally a lifestyle, but it's one that we can COMPLETELY get behind. 💛

OKAY GUYS let's dish: what recipes have you been cooking up lately????