First of all, Happy International Women's Day!! 👩 This year, we feel so lucky to have such an amazing community full of strong, beautiful, passionate POWERGIRLS! We've loved reading everyone's entries to become a POPFLEX POWERGIRL. They were all so honest, inspiring and thoughtful. Truly we want to thank all 900+ of you for entering. 🥰  It was an EXTREMELY difficult decision for us. The truth is... all of you gorgeous POPsters are POWERGIRLS! 💛
Without further ado, let us introduce the 2020 POPFLEX POWERGIRLS!!!!! 💕✨ To help you get to know them, we asked them for a fun fact about themselves and two adjectives that describe them!

Meet Alli aka @alli.valdezz from Los Angeles, CA!

Two adjectives that best describe Alli are: creative and motivated! 

Fun fact about: "I finished my business degree studying international marketing in Barcelona!" 🎓

Read her entry here!

Meet Denisia aka @niesebaybii_rio from Moreno Valley, CA!


Two adjectives that best describe Denisia are: amiable and outgoing!

Fun fact about Denisia: "I’m so clumsy I fall up stairs and while standing still. (It’s really that bad)" 😂

Read her entry here

Meet Dorotea aka @doroteapersonal from Zagreb, Croatia!

Two adjectives that best describe Dorotea are: energetic and persistent! 

Fun fact about Dorotea: "When I was at my heaviest weight I managed to win a state championship in aerobatic rock ‘n’ roll AND I enrolled into University for studying Nutrition Science and became a nutritionist. Proof that weight is nothing but a number and that you can do whatever you set your mind to." ✌️💫

Read her entry here

Meet Izzy aka @pinkerbel from Lewisville, TX!

Two adjectives that best describe Izzy are: effervescent and young at heart! 

Fun fact about Izzy: "I used to have cynophobia (fear of dogs) until my dad got a German Shepherd in 2013! Now I absolutely love dogs and even added a little Pomeranian to our mix in 2015." 🐶

Read her entry here

Meet Justyna aka @justdeliciousx from Bangkok, Thailand!

Two adjectives that best describe Justyna are: sweet and spicy! 

Fun fact about Justyna: "I am scared of CHICKENS!" 😱

Read her entry here

Meet Katherine aka @thedarlingdunn from Columbus, IN!

Two adjectives that best describe Katherine are: driven and vivacious! 

Fun fact about Katherine: "I am a life-long vegetarian. My parents became vegetarians in the 80’s and never looked back. I can’t imagine life any other way!" 🥕👍

Read her entry here

Meet Kiara aka @kittykay9 from Chevy Chase, Maryland!

Two adjectives that best describe Kiara are: curious and playful! 

Fun fact about Kiara: "One time I was nervous before an interview so I faked a British accent... Long story short, I got the job and had to keep it up for months before gradually phasing it out!!!" 😂

Read her entry here

Meet Rose aka @yogamountainrose from Belp, Switzerland!

Two adjectives that best describe Rose are: determined and adventurous! 

Fun fact about Rose: "I’m a culturally diverse astrophysicist - I’m half Korean and half English, I have three citizenships, have lived in six different countries, and am fluent in three languages." 🌎 🤯

Read her entry here
We're so excited for you all to get to know the POPFLEX POWERGIRLS better, and for them to inspire you the way they've inspired us!! Can't wait to see what they're capable of!  🙌
(Quick note: in a few cases, the facts were edited for clarity.) 💛


Congratulations to you all! I love the diversity represented here.

— Stephanie Lee

Congrats to all y’all!!!

— Jamie Johnson

Congrats!! I’ll try harder next year😊 three time’s a charm😍 hopefully by then I’ll be a powergirl!! I am very sad I didn’t make it though🤣

But these gals are amazing!!! I’ll follow them on Instagram right now❤

— Au_9335

This is so so fun! Congrats!! 😍😍😍

— Becky