In times of crisis, even when everything's chaotic and stressful and changing, nutrition is as important as ever! In times like these, we may be rethinking the way we eat - making supplies last, working with a limited range of foods, etc. For some low-income families, getting food to feed their families is nearly impossible. We hope you all will consider looking into ways you can help - like donating to your local food bank.

For real though guys, eating and eating WELL is one of the best ways to support your health by delivering nutrients, tending your microbiome, and giving you the energy you need to GET. STUFF. DONE. 👏 HOWEVER. Oh my GOODNESS, there are SO MANY ~different ways~ to eat healthily--what's a girl supposed to do?!!?

Our answer? Get informed!!! 🤓 Let's empower ourselves to make the BEST choices for our unique bodies by getting the low-down on four of the most popular dietary trends going around these days: 

1. Paleo 🥩🥑🥝

Wanna eat like a caveman??? The guiding philosophy behind the Paleo diet is a return to uber-traditional food, like, PALEOLITHIC, traditional. By eating only what is thought to have been available to humans back in the stone age, it's thought we can return our bodies to optimal health. This includes fruits, nuts, meat, seafood, and plants...and little else. 😱

One example of this diet is the HUGELY popular Whole30, which is an elimination program to help target inflammation in your body by getting rid of usual dietary irritants like gluten, alcohol, sugar, and dairy.

While its guidelines are a little more strict than traditional Paleo, it's got a fantastic community and support system built around it; so, if you'd like to try Paleo, searching the Insta hashtag #whole30recipes is a great way to get started!!!

2. Vegan or Plant-Based 🥕 🥗 

Get ready for SO. MANY. VEGGIES!!! Amid today's environmental concerns, many are turning to vegetarian, vegan, or plant-based cuisine to help support eco-friendly initiatives and their own health at the same time!!!

There are definite perks to this plan: Fruits and veggies are high in fiber, which is key for a healthy digestive system. Avoiding animal products often goes hand-in-hand with avoiding highly processed, highly-caloric foods like pizza and burgers - a win-win!!! Also, plants and plant-based entrees are cheaper than meat-and-dairy-based alternatives - which may make going vegan budget-friendly alternative, as well. 🙌

The biggest concern? Protein; especially for vegans, who don't consume any animal-based products, including dairy and eggs. The missing protein can be found in some foods, like legumes, seitan, and tofu; however, many vegans do rely on solutions like vegan protein powders mixed into yummy fruit smoothies!!

3. Intermittent Fasting ⏰😳

If you can stomach being hangry for a few hours, looking into Intermittent Fasting may be your thing!! With Intermittent Fasting, the concept is simple: choose a fast-to-feast ratio, such as 16:8 (meaning, don't eat for 16 hours, eat all of your nutrients for the day within eight hours; repeat), 12:12, or even more stringent ratios like taking a day to restrict or avoid calories one or twice a week. 

As with many diets, it's definitely doing it that's the hard part! However, it does come with many reputed benefits. Fasting for 10-12 hours is said to use up the normal stores of calories your body keeps on hand for daily energy.

When your body operates at that limit, you can trigger weight loss, your brain can kick into overdrive for incredible creativity, and some say your body can even become more resistant to some forms of chronic diseases over time (basically, because of a built-up resistance to bodily stress). 

However, Intermittent Fasting is met with some skepticism in the medical community; some view it as pointless, others, dangerous. It has also been postulated that such frequent and severe fasting might not be great for women's hormonal health. Definitely, do your research before you dive in!!!

4. Keto 🧀 🥓🎉 

Perhaps the most delicate-to-balance diet on this list, Keto is based on the science of metabolism and your body. While on Keto, you'll be eating a TON of fats (read: cheese, meat, and oils) and a very small percentage of carbohydrates (read: pizza, potatoes, and even fruit). The goal? To put your body in ketosis (hence the name!). 

What does that mean??? Normally, your body gets the energy you need to live your life from nutrients and carbohydrates you eat in your normal diet. While your body's in ketosis, the idea is simply that you'll be burning (or metabolizing) the fat stores in your body, instead of carbs!

While this diet can be extremely effective, it does have the potential to mess with your body chemistry and blood levels because you're switching up how you fuel yourself; so, go for it if it appeals to you, but definitely proceed with caution!! 

Remember: What works for someone else might not work for you, so it's important that you think about what your unique+gorgeous self needs to CRUSH it at the daily gift of being YOU. 💛✨

That said: Knowledge is SERIOUSLY power, and we are PUMPED to know more about these ways to fuel our bodies, especially in times of change and uncertainty!!! 🧀 🥕 ✌️

Are you already doing any of these?? How are you maintaining them during this time?



I would love to get the 12 week for journal? And some support?
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