You've probably seen it all over the socials! But just in case you haven't, the final four pieces of the Dark Bloom Collection have been dropped just in time for Cassey's newest Apartment-Friendly Workout Series which launched today! 

 As usual, Cassey is torturing us with deceptively hard exercises while cheering us on regardless of the expletives you may be shouting at the screen! In her latest video "Toned Arms + Flat Abs", Cassey is sporting the brand new Danger Tank in Night with the Wishing Star Capri in Plum. Honestly, you can wear this top to GO OUT or WORK OUT. It's double duty hawtness.

You know, we read all your comments and we're very very receptive when it comes to making your wishes come true. Earlier, we only released 2 cabernet items but then found out you guys LOVED the rich, red color. you go! 

The Danger Tank comes in Cabernet! This color is so rich and full of soul. And that zipper detail is meant to pair perfectly with the Adventure Zip Legging in Night!

You probably recognize this style. Yup, it's Your Majesty's Muscle Tank in Night! It's the perfect tank to show some skin without actually showing some skin. Tied up or let loose, you can pair it with a cool sports bra underneath. Gracie is wearing it with The Heart Strings Bra in Night

 You guys have been asking for this one from the very beginning when you saw it in made it happen! Presenting the Fairytale Long Sleeve in Night! All the black mesh makes this top SO SLEEK and easy to wear. 

So there ya go! The 4 final pieces of Dark Bloom! Which piece are you most excited about?