***GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED*** our winner is Devin Stabley-Conde!

Do you wanna go on a shopping spree?!!?? Wanna get all your fave POPFLEX pieces...for FREE?!

Well, here's your chance!!!

Here's how to win everything in your shopping cart!*

1. Make an account on popflexactive.com!

2. *Then, fill up your shopping cart with $250 worth of ANYTHING.

3. Add those items to your wish list.  

That's it.

This contest is open globally! Winner will be chosen randomly and announced right here on April 5th, 2018! Good luck!


Loving all the gym wear! Would love to see a white and dusty pink range just like what Cassie wears in her bridal boot camp videos! And more xs sizes :)

— Prue Hall

NVM didn’t see that at the top

— Lauren Mykland

Was the winner ever announced?

— Laure Mykland

Good luck everyone! https://www.popflexactive.com/apps/iwish

— Tracee Santos

Have they announced it yet?

— Nan

I keep checking every hour lol! Good luck everyone! I hope I get it 😝

— Stephanie Leal


— Tonia

Ah can’t wait to see who won! Good luck everyone! May the odds be ever in your favor! :)

— Alyssa Anderson

I’m so excited!!

— Shreya

I really hope Inwin. I’ve always wanted a luxury pilates mat, but I cannot afford one right now.

— Jenny

I can’t wait to hear the results! I’m super excited!!! :3

— Victoria

Can’t wait to see who won ____
Good luck everyone

— Julia Rabenhorst

Crossing my fingers! I love the new luxury suede yoga mat and the dark bloom collection!

— Josefine

So excited!! Good luck everyone :)

— Samira Philippo

Cannot wait to find out! :)

— Brandy

Can’t wait to hear who won the contest!! I would personally love to be chosen because being a new mom for the second time after losing all of my pregnancy weight it would be amazing to have some new beautiful pieces to workout in and relax in while not compromising my style 💕 that I actually fit! Thanks for the opportunity

— Alyssa

I can’t wait for the announcement! I think Dusty Blossom is tied with Peony for being my favorite Popflex collection!

— Emily Creque

Ooo and it was SO much fun filling my cart. A real eye opener at how affordable your high quality products really are. No where else can you get so much bang for your buck!

— Cheryl Fleming

I am so excited!!!! I really want to try out these products :).

— Emma Price

This is so exciting!!! I think even if I don’t win I will still purchase everything in my basket / on my wishlist hahaha :). Thanks for the opportunity!

— Emma

super excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Cruz Venegas

Such a long waiting all day in Europe😂

— Dora

Sooo EXCITIED!!!!! 🤗😄

— Meagan Raney

I’m so hype!!!

— Laryssa Rodriguez

What an amazing giveaway!!

— Cheryl Fleming

Can’t wait! SO excited! Yuuhuuuu!!!

— Martina Dellai

This is so exciting. I can’t wait for the announcement. Thanks Cassey and popflex for hosting this awesome giveaway!!😊

— Kimmy

I can’t wait!! This is so exciting! :D

— Barbara R.

Can’t wait for the announcement! A yoga mat would be great because I’m kinda over the carpet burns i keep getting😩

— Mahwish K.

I never win these things so praying for a miracle to happen. Plus I love everything in the store.

— Nuhaa

Praying… hehe…. I really love this new collection ♡♡♡

— Jae Abrigo

It was fun adding items to wishlist till this sum haha

— Inesa

Holding my breath, crossing my fingers…
Such a good give away, and a great way to reward a fellow POPFLEX lover ^^

— Jennifer

Can’t wait!

— Annalisa

Cant decide between the pop suede or blossom yoga mat

— Justine

I really like the new collection and I so want the new mat <3

— Mim K

That was quite fun finding what combinations of items added to $250!

— Heidi B.

The Dusty Blossom yoga mat looks so soft!

— Michelle Peterson

I’d want all the accessories! So cute! :)

— Brittany Gadient