We're thrilled that so many of you guys got the 2018 Rose Gold Fit Planner and have left bunches of positive reviews! Thank you :)

But now as we settle into the beginning processes of designing the 2019 Fit Planner, we need to get down to the nitty gritty and we want to hear it all from you - the good, the bad, and the ugly! 

  • What must we definitely keep in the Fit Planner?
  • What did you find unnecessary, unused or annoying?
  • What do you need more of?
  • Any cool ideas that we didn't think of?

Thank you so much for your feedback. Please be super honest. We don't get better if you don't tell us the hard truth!


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— Strpack

I didn’t get the 2018 planner, but I’m on the hunt for my 2019 planner. I have an Erin Condren right now, so I get the whole “month starting mid week” thing. That’s how my current planner is laid out. But it isn’t my favorite. When will we be hearing about the 2019 planner? I stopped myself from just ordering another similar planner ‘cause I am really interested in what you are putting out! Something to help me reach my goals, stay organized. I was watching my niece just last night and she asked me why I move so slow. And I just had to be honest with her and say, “Because I’m very big and out of shape, and bigger things move slower.” I can’t stop thinking about it. I want to have a planner that helps to keep me accountable. I know that change will come from me, but part of that is an enjoyable way to track. A safe, comfortable space to log my journey. Can’t wait to see what you put out!

— Lindsay

Mostly I loved this planner, and found this because I was looking to see if 2019 was out, so you know I will want one.
I love having month, weekly and daily spaces to get everything organized. Would prefer if weekly pages were in a group after the initial monthly pages because it gets time consuming and annoying to have to flip through the daily pages to find the next weekly section.
No need for the small Body Focus box in the weekly section when there is a daily Today’s Workout in the dailies section.
I do like to keep track of my hours slept, I have discovered how much sugar can disrupt my sleep through using this section.
The food and water tracker sections work for me.
I cut some ribbons to tie to the spine as place markers, it was useful especially because of needing to flip back and forth.
Grocery section largely unused as I generally wouldn’t lug my planner around with me. Perhaps a section for food planning in the back with pages and perforations to jot grocery notes that could be taken out and with you. The weekly could fill up the space easily enough.
I write tons in the Today I Need To … spaces. I like having check off spaces there as well.
I enjoyed the doodle space and used it for all kinds of things. I generally ended up using Don’t Forget, Self-Compliment and Random Thought as General notes for the week as well.
Quotes were often quite good.
In any case, this is the best planner I have used thus far.

— Louise

This was the first time, I used a Blogilates planner, and overall I loved it!

Things I would change:
1) When a month ends, let it go the actual month. It’s okay if it’s not the full week. (For all other instances, I do like the Sunday to Saturday setup)
2) Habit trackers towards the front of the month (I always forget them at the back)
3) The rose gold foil comes off super easy; maybe something else?
4) The week at a glance space is so small (the time slots are too tiny to write in)

Things I loved!
1) Hours slept
2) The doodle space
3) The pretty designs
4) The month recap
5) The goals for the week and year. Very inspiring!
6) The quotes

I look forward to seeing what next year’s planner looks like!

— Tamara

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— Francine Mais

Please add fun pictures and quotes like the 2015 if it didn’t already have this! Absolutely loved the images so colourful and happy! Exactly what blogilates and Cassey is all about! <3

— Krisanne Robba

This was my first planner, and I really liked it overall! After using nearly everyday for eight months, I have a few comments:

- The structure needs to be sturdier, it’s August and the edges have dog-eared and there are visible scratches at the front and back. Would a vinyl/material be a better option. A suggestion on top of this is to make a variety of designs this year and in the upcoming years we can buy refills?

- Months need to be where they belong: hands down the MOST frustrating thing. If a month ends mid week, fine. But PLEASE start every month as it should, even it means extra blank pages (doodle space?) I understand printing needs to be in twos, but please fix this!

- Week pages: Week pages also NEED to be with their corresponding week; I found it pretty useless to have the hour-by-hour planner, two weeks ahead or behind its meal planning page

- Habit trackers at the beginning of the month

- This week’s goal at the beginning of the week

- Body focus should be by the daily workout, doesn’t make sense for it to be in a whole new section than “today’s workout”

- Hours slept: didn’t love, but seems others did :)

- Monthly recaps are also not really my jam: hit or miss

- Designs could be bolder!

- Calendar: No holidays please! Not every country abides by American public holidays

- Week days should start on Mondays :)

-Money tracker? I use the doodle space for this, but would be great to have a dedicated section :)

- Today’s workout is a bit big; most people would only write a sentence in this section

- A place to have ’important things this week" a place to write upcoming birthdays/meeting/etc that you may miss in the monthly view

- Instead of groceries, a meal planner would fit better. The groceries section is too small to write everything I need and I feel I would use it more to have a space where I can write down some tasty meals I would like that week, or a recipe I saw online. The ingredients can be written elsewhere

-Random thoughts/self compliments/don’t forget: Meh. To me all different names for doodle space.

— Izzie

WAIT! Please don’t kill the doodle space! I use that for Great things that happen that week and to take notes for the week and I double down on the idea that the grocery list be perforated. Also I ABSOLUTELY use the inspiration sections on each month and on each week. That’s how I set my vision and develop healthy mindsets. I honestly could use that daily! Please don’t get rid of that!

— Kristen S

I have been waiting for this all year! I made a video on YT at the top of the year going through the planner and received over 3K hits! I can’t wait to do another for 2019. The planner served me very well since this was my first one. Here is what I would make different: 1. The cover and pages started to tear from the ring binder midway through the year. Is there any way that you can reinforce the pages and cover to make them stronger? 2. The gold lettering on the front was ADORABLE, but didn’t last long at all. I would prefer something similar but that has way more longevity. 3. A book mark 4. A better layed out open vision area in the beginning. The boxes were fine, but this is the year LAUNCH PAD! I just wished that it had more passion and more questions and a bit more breathing room for me to write. 5. On the daily page, have 6 boxes to check off things to do…but then leave 4 lines with no boxes. I needed space to just write. I wanted to track 3 good things that happened every day or make a list of things and had no space or had to cover up those boxes.

Also THANK YOU FOR CHANGING THE REVIEW QUESTION every month. I loved that. I loved the pocket in the back and the tabs. I loved the colors and the images on each month. Overall, such a great planner! Please get another in my hands…I promise to get up another review on YT! :)

— Kristen S

I love these fit planners they keep me so organized. My favorite parts are the monthly mini journal sections, the weekly calendars that help plan hour by hour for apts., work, to-dos etc. i also love the habit trackers and the mini journal at the end of each month. Is there a way to put more space in the weekly section to add more things per hour? Can’t wait to see next year’s journal!

— Alyssa

Please add the habit tracker to the BEGINNING of the month. I always forgot it was there until later :)

— Nneka

I loved the planner! The spiral was great because it was easy to flip between the monthly and daily calendars. But I wish there was more room for the food and more room to write down workouts—sometimes I have lengthy strength workouts, cardio, sometimes I’ll do another sweat session in the afternoon. And a little more room in the food—I couldn’t tell if I was eating too much or just wrote too big! I like the water tracker. It’s really helped me drink more water. Overall an AWESOME product. It’s really pretty on top of being super useful and I love just writing down everything to organize my life. So don’t change too much!😁

— Abby

Please keep the spiral binding because it is so much easier to flip pages than a flat book would be. I previously had a flat one and didnt like the binding. Barely used it

— Michelle

I love the planner! I’ve purchased it 2 years in a row. I’d love it if the new one hand the hourly breakdown for each day next to that days other entries (meals, water, workout. I find I do not flip back to that week in a glance. Love the body focus slot for each day too

— Michelle

I love everything about the fit planner…Expecially the color of it. The sections in it help me with everything possible that I need to plan for. Though I might not stay on track as I would like to(my fault) it does help me stay motivated and try to lose weight. I like the pocket in the back of the book. Very useful. I know this wasn’t on the list but for next year’s fit planner what if u did something teal with a gold accent. Just an idea.

— JoJobutton

I love everything about the fit planner…Expecially the color of it. The sections in it help me with everything possible that I need to plan for. Though I might not stay on track as I would like to(my fault) it does help me stay motivated and try to lose weight. I like the pocket in the back of the book. Very useful. I know this wasn’t on the list but for next year’s fit planner what if u did something teal with a gold accent. Just an idea.

— JoJobutton

I love everything about the fit planner…Expecially the color of it. The sections in it help me with everything possible that I need to plan for. Though I might not stay on track as I would like to(my fault) it does help me stay motivated and try to lose weight. I like the pocket in the back of the book. Very useful. I know this wasn’t on the list but for next year’s fit planner what if u did something teal with a gold accent. Just an idea.

— JoJobutton

I wish the planner was bigger/the size of a normal notebook. I’d also like a space for measurements and a larger To Do area

— Samantha

I use the monthly habits section its helped me a lot to become consistent with my work habit. I would love a blank page at the very back of the planner to write down things I need or want, cool quotes, dreams, songs, etc. And something that would make this planner better would be a cool hack to hold my pen :) love blogilates!!! Can’t wait for the 2019 planner!

— Arely

is there a wait list for the 2019 planner??

— Susan Johsnon

I LOVE this planner and I’ve tried them all, trust me. I didn’t use the doodle space and instead turned it into a notes area. LOVED the grocery list, daily workout area, and to dos. Love the spiral ring! Wish I could’ve had an area on the splash pages to write my goals for the month. I ended up just writing there anyway. It really helps me focus on my goals.

— Erika

I’d really love to see a faith (or spiritual) section in the planner.

— Kayla

One more thing- a place for monthly measurements! (L & R arm, chest, waist, hips, L & R thigh, L & R calf) :) and weight!

— Ashley

I LOVE the rose gold cover and the rose gold bindings! maybe offer two cover choices because you cannot get rid of the rose gold! i love beautiful colorful designs too! also love the monthly calendar! maybe a little more room to write down what I ate! love these!!

— Ashley

I already left a comment but I had to leave another. I LOVE THE COLOR. I would love to have the outside of the color stay the same or remain an option!!!!

— Natalie

I LOVE this calendar. It fits my needs. I love the size. If it was made smaller or anything was taken out I would be SOOOOO MADDDDDD. I think those who want a smaller planner should have the option of having a phone app or something. I do think that a financial planning column where the doodle space is would be great. I do really like having the doodle space for my own notes though.

— Natalie

I think a budget tracker would be a great addition, especially for a focus journal for 2018-2019, if that is in the works (which I hope it is!!).

— Maddy

I love the planner I use it for everything but it so big everything is great but I wish it was only for just writing down workouts you do for the day and water intake i don’t like how you write what you eat for the day everything is great except for that

— wendy maggiolo

I really enjoyed the planner, but I needed a section for notes!!!!

— Ernestine

So I loved everything about this 2018 fit planner, except it was too big. I would literally love to see this exact planner in app form for my iPhone.

— Michelle Peterson

I adore everything about it! Mostly the weekly spread, the places where I can log my food/exercise/water intake and the monthly goals! The only thing I would change is the size, I would prefer it to be larger and if there was a option to have the cover be baby blue that would be heaven!

— Nanou

I love the idea of having a place for monthly measurements.

One thing I do find annoying is that there is SOOOO much stuff to flip through. For me, getting rid of the weekly/daily timebreak down would be best as you already have the monthly calendar and the to do list (which can be used for writing down timed appts too).

Definitely keep the weekly doodle spaces and goals.

I really liked 2017’s planner the best. Had everything I needed and nothing that went to waste.

— Cassandra

I didn’t know how to edit but I would LOVE to have a place for monthly measurements and weight check ins to keep my in track! I had to write them in myself on the monthly tabbed pages and now those pages are seriously ugly looking lol That would be so amazing I’d literally die <3 Rose gold is my jam this year too sothe color is beautiful. Thanks a lot

— Rachel Espinosa

I wanted to start by saying I love this journal so much. I would keep the hour by hour schedule because that is my absolute LIFE SAVER. When I think I don’t have time to work out it shows me that i actually do. I like the amount of space each day gets and the doodle spaces are nice but I forget about them all the time.

I wish that this journal had just a handful of free pages that I can put notes on or recipes or whatever I wanted on them. The folder is something I actually don’t use at all and I think having pages there would be more helpful. I hope that the habit tracker ends up being at the beginning of the month instead of the end because It’s much easier to forget because I have no reason to check the end of the month for anything. I always check the monthly overview and if it were right there it would be more convenient.

I love the size of it and the fact that it has a hard cover. As a college student I have so much crap in my backpack that i’m always ruined my journal is going to be ruined but it’s held up through an entire semester. I think the journal could be a tiny bit bigger, I have seriously tiny handwriting but i’m still struggling for writing space. End of the month reflection really helps me put my thoughts together and reflect and better myself.

I don’t think I’m ever going to buy another planner from anywhere else. So far I’m having an amazing experience.

— Rachel Espinosa


— Felicia Hertzog

By far the best calendar that I have ever found.

1. Love the time period goes until midnight, I work a night shift until midnight so I can plan my shift through the night 😍
2. Doodle section is the boom
3. Love weekly goals to help plan my week
4. Water tracker amazing since I forget drink water
5. Grocery list is great for meal planning
6. Don’t forget section is helpful, with everything I have going on

Only thing I would like to see change is wish the front was black instead of pink, not really a pink kind of person. And wish has extra note sections

— May

Love my fit planner! I would definitely keep habit tracker and to do list area for each day. I haven’t really used the sleep tracker much. But that’s just me.. I would like to see more space in the back for lists/notes. I use that area to start writing down Christmas gift ideas throughout the year and other lists. Great planner!!

— Emily Farmer

Fit Planner 2018 is just the best. Please definitely keep the ring binder as it would be really difficult to write in any other. It’s perfect for turning back the pages to where you need to be. Absolutely love the doodle space and the self compliment etc at the bottom of each week, the inspirational quotes and the month review page! While I can see why people want it to be smaller, I feel we would have to compromise on content too much to get the smaller size.

— Sheree

It could be cool if they didn’t have the spiral bounds. Maybe make it like a thick, flat journal.

— Vanessa

I absolutely ADORE the 2018 fit planner, especially:
1. per hour spreads for every week
2. grocery list
3. sleep tracker
4. to-do list for every day
5. “doodle space” b/c I can use it to write notes for the week
6. monthly habit tracker!

However, there are a few improvements that could be nice:
1. different hours for the weekly spreads (I think a 5am start is reasonable for the morning people out there)
2. a perforated grocery list would be really handy as mentioned by someone else!
3. a cover that doesn’t scrape off
4. extra “notes” sheets in the front or back!!!
5. thinner if possible??

— Jenny

I REALLY LOVE THE ROSE GOLD COLOR! The mini calendar was so cute!

— Emily

Hey Cassey, I miss the beautiful colors and floral prints of the 2017 planner, and I miss the beautiful illustrations that were in the 2.0 fit planner. For me, I didn’t like how simple the transition page designs (like where it says the month name and on the adjacent page it has a simplified design were in the 2018 planner. And I don’t like pink or rose gold, so for me, it wasn’t something I wanted to look at every day for motivation. You design beautiful floral patterns for your activewear (which I love), I was really hoping for some of your pattern designing (even if the designs aren’t floral) to come through in the planner.

— Riley

I would like to have some space in the back for note taking :) and maybe a section for my friends addressess and phone numbers and maybe one page for scribbling down my schedule

— Tori

The colors are great! I don’t use the grocery list. I think 7am-7pm are suffice times for the weekly pages. Also, I hope there is a way to make the planner thinner – perhaps somehow incorporate the food log with the weekly pages? It’s a bit much having to go back and forth between the pages. I also tend to forget to use the water and sleep log, then again, I drink a lot of water throughout the day anyway so it’s not something I personally need. The size is great but the bulk isn’t. Anyway, I’m sure you’ll come up with something amazing based on our feedback – maybe show us draft pages before making the whole thing? Either way, I’m looking forward to the 2019 planner!

— Donna S

I didn’t get one but, i love the week page that has all the times on. It helps me stay on top of everything when i use it in my own journal. I wish it would be a bit bigger in size (I got 2017 blogilates journal) I just felt like I was squishing everything.

— Kristie Mitchell

I love the design and aesthetic of the 2018 fit planner! I carry it everywhere.

Use all the time (and should definitely keep): daily to-do list, meal tracker, habit tracker, monthly calendar, motivational quotes, monthly overview, grocery list

Never use: weekly self-compliment and random thought.

Would like to see: more space for monthly and weekly goals. I love all the goal space for the year but I like to set more short term goals and write down things I need to accomplish in the coming week or month. Another cool thing to add could be a daily mood box or a space where you could write something you’re grateful for.

Overall though I LOVE this planner. I 2017 I tried out bullet journaling, which is kind of a make-your-own-planner/everything else notebook. You can be super creative with it but it was time consuming, so I was searching for something where I could track habits, have a monthly calendar, write down my workouts and track my meals, and a place just as a regular planner. This fit the bill and is gorgeous!

— Catherine

Unfortunately I didn’t buy the planner this year because I thought it was too expensive and I wasn’t sure if I was going to use it throughout. But after making my own diary and reading all the positive comments I really want to buy one. What would be nice to include is a ‘gratefulness’ box. Also with the pages that introduce the new month, maybe it could be beautiful pictures of sceneries to really open our minds to the world, especially for those who are travel oriented because the current ones, although they are colourful, look a bit childish. In my diary, I also use the daily planner more than weekly because I forget to add things into the hourly slots and sometimes when I don’t have much except studying the entire day (which is a lot of days) it makes me feel bad that the entire page is blank. I love the daily planner idea where you can put down exercise, food, gratefulness, to-do list and everything all in one. I think it would also be cool if you gave us some fitness challenges at the end of the month, like 100 squats or something, to really look forward to it. And the motivational quotes for everyday are a must! Thank you so much for organizing such a great book and I will definitely buy it next year!

— Apurva

I didn’t get to buy the planner. But I saw the videos and reviews and was excited. It had hourly schedule options, health options. I don’t know everything it had, but what I look for for a planner:
Health section: food planning/meal prep, water intake tracker, exercise routine journal (write the names of what you’re doing or target areas), sleep schedule tracker
Calendar: monthly, duality (broken up hourly/half hours), and a small yearly over view
Other: important reminders and to-dos, goals, contacts or important info, conversions (oz to lbs, calories to lb, how to calculate BMI and other health measurements, etc), inspirational quotes/sayings/cute animal pic (really anything to get me to say “awe” or keep me going)

— Bonnie