Sometimes even the most beautiful yoga mats get dirty. It's true. Whether you're doing yoga, or POP Pilates, or even PIIT (on second thought, especially PIIT), your mat probably gets nice and sweaty on a daily basis. Don't worry! This quick and easy DIY yoga mat cleaning spray will have your mat feeling & smelling fresh in no time!

Here are the ingredients you'll need:

Easy, right?! All you have to do is fill the spray bottle 3/4 the way with water and add equal parts of each essential oil- five to six drops each should do the trick! We chose lavender because the scent is super calming and relaxing- the perfect way to unwind from a workout!- but feel free to use any essential oil that has antibacterial properties! Fun Fact: Did you know tea tree oil can be used to can be used to treat athletes foot? We're starting to think essential oils are actually magical.

After you mix the solution, just gently spray a couple of inches over your yoga mat and wipe or pat dry with a clean towel. Fun Fact: If you choose a white towel, it will ensure the color from the towel doesn't bleed into your precious mat!

Need more tips on how to clean your mat? Let's say you go hard with some plank jacks and your shoes decide to leave a nice dirt mark.  All you need to do is wipe the mark away with a dry towel and it disappears like literal magic.  If you spill a drink, like Gatorade, on it?  Immediately pat the excess liquid off with a clean, dry towel.  Mix one teaspoon of liquid laundry detergent to one cup of water and use another towel to wipe the detergent mixture onto the stain.  Once it dries, your mat will look good as new!  You can check all this out in Blogilates' latest video below!

Don't have a yoga mat to clean? Our brand new Luxury Suede Yoga Mats are here- and they're vegan! Each mat is a super comfy 5mm thick.

They come in four gorgeous designs: Diamond Sky, Boho Bliss, Flourishing Foliage & Modern Jungle AND they're anti-slip, so the sweatier you get, the grippier the mat gets!

Are you guys loving these mats? Let us know in the comments which is your fave!


I have the Daisy Mat…. LOVEEE IT!!! I watched the video cuz my feet have started to slip cuz it’s getting a tad dirty 🤪 I will use ur advice to clean it 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 Thank u sooooo much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

— Jen Hamilton

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I have been looking for a good yoga mat cleaner, but every single one calls for essential oils which I heard will make the mat more slippery. Is there a way to clean and disinfect yoga mats safely? FYI love all of the yoga mats design, starry night is my favorite.

— Victoria Pham

@Jessica, same here girl. I came here to see if Cassey had a stronger solution that I could maybe purchase instead of making my own. Going to try searching on Amazon.

— Kaylee

I bought the Flourishing Mat (I always receive so many compliments) about a year ago as I am a long time follower of Cassy and the mat was touted as the best for hot yoga & heated Pilates. It’s a bit slippery for non-heated Pilates or yoga, but it is perfect and so grippy for hot classes. I never slide around and it really changed the game for me. However, it has now been a year and my yoga mat is so smelly!! I use this DIY cleaner and it smells like tea tree oil and body odor. The body odor has absorbed into the vegan suede fibers. My close friends and family love to make fun of me as I have to hide it in my car so it doesn’t smell up my room. It is also unpleasant in Child’s Pose, Cobra, etc. Am I doing something wrong? Is there another way to clean it? I’m disappointed that I may have to buy a new mat that is easier to clean.

— Jessica

During my training, Hue Ta let me stand on her mat! I was completely in awe of how velvety and soft her mat was. I was expecting a regular old yoga mat feel but the mats are so much more! Cassie, whatever wizardry you are employing to make your mats so unbelievable luxurious, keep doing it! All the designs are amazing, but Diamond Sky, Modern jungle and the Pop logo mats are my favorite designs.

— Natasha Starbuck- Smith

diamond sky is the best, the purples and blues are my favorite mix

— Colleen Tran

I’m a new yoga girl and I am just learning how important it is to have a quality mat for my practice. The Diamond Sky mat visually matches my dreams to reach my yoga and well-being goals.

— Caroline McDougall

I love the boho bliss…would really love to finally have a proper mat to do pilates on 🤗

— Urška

OMG the Boho Bliss is by far the PRETTIEST yoga mat I have ever seen!!!! And I love how the back is my favorite color, orange!! I feel like not many designers use orange in their designs, which is such a shame. Talk about an underrated color

— Kate

Love the flourishing foliage! 🌺🌵🌴 I need a new mat sooo bad!

— April

Wow! These mats are gorgeous… the diamond sky is so breathtaking! You are brilliant Cassey. Love you!

— Nikki

I love all of them in their own way because they’re all so beautiful, but I seriously dig the Boho Bliss mat. I love cacti and succulents! They’re strong and resilient which is something that I believe we all (should) connect with.

— Ashley M.

The boho bliss is adorable! I love that a light mat can be cleaned so easily!! 😍😍

— Kaitlyn Loveland

All the designs are great! … The Boho Jungle I love the most … reminds me of endless summer even when its raining :-) And thank you for the mat-cleaning video 🙂 it is good to know that a light-colored mat can also be kept clean!!!

— Marlie

I got so excited when I saw the diamond sky design release because I love everything pertaining to space. The others are gorgeous too, but the diamond sky is the design I’ve been dying for!

— Courtney

I love these and I love your workouts! Starry Night Mat (for the give away) :D

— Krystal