Here at POPFLEX, we're always looking for new ways to be creative. Whether that's through the design process or photoshoots, we're constantly trying fun stuff to make our clothes POP!

This week, we had an amazing photoshoot and wanted to share a bit of behind the scenes! Because my gosh, it was so, SO cool. You're going to go nuts when you see the final photos!

Living in Los Angeles, we have tons of industrial looking buildings and cityscapes to play with. We thought, what's unexpected in the middle of downtown Los Angeles? Ballerinas.

I mean, who expects to see a ballerina jumping and twirling on an urban rooftop? And that's EXACTLY why we wanted to go for it. The mix of grit and grace contrasted against each other in such an interesting, eye-catching way. Not to mention, we were lucky enough to work with two insanely awesome professional ballerinas, Precious and Laura. These girls are STRONG!

We started with Laura in the Fashion District of Los Angeles. She was game for anything and it made the process have such a collaborative feel. She walked down the street in her pointe shoes and wasn't afraid to try new moves. Anything for the shot! Laura was such a pro. 
Next we shot Precious, who btw, recently had a baby. Can you believe it??!? She looks incredible! You totally lose track of where you are when you're watching her. She's enchanting.

We love seeing such strong, capable women wearing our clothes. Because that's what POPFLEX is all about. It's not just how you look. It's what you can DO.

Cannot wait to share the final results of this project on the POPFLEX Instagram!

What kind of skilled females should we shoot next? Yogis? Hip hop dancers? Pole dancers? Skater girls? Freerunners? Tell us in the comments! Or even link to someone you'd love for us to shoot.


Pole dancers would be awesome!! I recently wore a popflex outfit in a shoot.

— Paige Alexandra Liberski

Military women! God Bless America!! :)

— Tina M Lewis

Martial Arts!!!

— Mindy

It would be so awesome if you did a shoot with martial artists!

— Shinelle Barton

Aerial artists! I’m a huge fan of Lyra (hoop), but pole, silk, rope, trapeze, hammock all work too :)

— Lindsey

I agree with the recommendations for a shoot with martial artists. Krav maga girl here!

— AnnieLew

I am a martial artist. I would love to shoot for popflex. Taekwondo girls, please.

— Stephanie

Adventure sports :)


Wauw! These girls look great in your leggings Cassey! I’m also a ballerina and I absolutely love, love, love these pictures!

— Julia

Skater girls? As in FIGURE SKATERS?! I would totally be down for modelling that omg!! If only I didn’t live all the way in Canada. :(

— Alyssa

I’m a runner – I’d love to see popflex on a run in the urbano-wild (mix of city-meets-country out here in the South East). ?

— Mich

maybe someone you does the aerial yoga

— Siliva

I’d love to see some crossfit or fighters next :). Maybe even some military women?

— Therese

How about some Pop on the pole??? The 1.0 shorts would be perfect for pole dancing!!!

— Karen

Totally stunning and elegant – thank you for being so creative! I want to chime in with Nora, Leah, and Alyssa above. Ballerinas are totally strong and gorgeous, but it would be AMAZING to see other types of fit-goers in POPFLEX as well. I wear POPFLEX during rock-climbing, aerial trapeze, kickboxing and more! It’s super versatile and beautiful clothing that you can wear doing ANYTHING active – the promo pics should reflect that :)

— Anielyn

I am a martial artist (Taekwon-do) and would love to do a photoshoot with PopFlex! :)

— Nora

It would be so cool to see CrossFit athletes, kickboxers/muy thai/MMA or even female America Ninja Warriors (like Jessie Graff!)! Outdoorsy stuff, like Leah mentioned, sounds awesome, too!

— Alyssa

I would love to see yogis next. However a lot of fans are already do yoga in your clothes on Instagram and have advertised it that way.
I would love to see some outdoorsy shots like rock climbing (maybe jackelyn can help!), hiking, hang gliding, sailing, skydiving, outdoor soccer (kicking a goal!), running, camping (how bout a fire photoshoot?!)

— Leah Gerrity

so inspirational and different from other fitness lines! loving these bts pics and can’t wait to see the end result! ?

— Sarah