The Bia Backpack - Mauve


In Greek Mythology, Bia is the Goddess of Might. She exemplifies strength and power, and now, she will accompany you on all your greatest adventures. Thoughtfully designed with a laptop compartment, several perfectly placed pockets, and a fully-lined shoe holder, you can take Bia with you from point A to point B (and C and D and E, too). This comfy and gorgeous backpack holds everything you need without all the bulk, so fill up your schedule and let’s go!


  • Thick and luxurious neoprene material
  • Fully lined
  • High-quality gold hardware
  • Unique hand-folded asymmetric bow
  • Cushioned straps for ultimate comfort
  • Fully lined, waterproof shoe compartment
  • Double side pockets for quick access to necessities
  • Laptop holder (fits 13" MacBook)
  • 3 pen holders
  • Multiple inner pockets to organize your loose things
  • Key ring clip so you never lose your keys


12” long x 5” wide x 16” tall

Type: Bags

Customer Reviews

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Total Disappointment!

I was really looking forward to this bagpack , until I pulled it out of the box!

The color is so sad and dark. Total false advertisement on the color.

For the price I’d also would expect a better finish on the bow. I could tell where they cut and it’s so visible that it doesn’t look cute!

The side pockets could be slightly bigger because it only fits a regular size water bottle.

The shoe compartment is not that easy to close. It works best when the inside of the bagpack is empty, so you can comfortably place shoes in the shoe bag area to fit and tug in or else you’ll really struggle putting in the shoe pair.

The inside is spacious but also it’s not a magical backpack. The laptop compartment needs more cushion though, it’s a very thin fabric to what I’m used to for a laptop section.

It was a good thought intended backpack but poorly executed. It’s just okay, not amazing.

Overall Fit: True to Size
Light and Spacious!

It was very hard to pick between mauve and black, but I'm so happy with this one I chose! Love the material it's made of! It makes it so light and doesn't bother your skin like other backpacks may. It's also so spacious inside! I use this for work which hold my laptop, charger, phones, cords, lunch, my blogilates water bottle from target... and there is still so much that can be packed in!

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So Many Pockets!!

So basically I’m a bag lady. I constantly take my whole life with me and now that I work out after work I also have to carry my workout clothes with me. This backpack has me down to ONE bag, ONE!!! Ya’ll, this bag may be pricey but it’s excellent quality and has SO MUCH SPACE. I can fit:
-32oz water bottle
-12.9in iPad
-large Kate spade planner/wallet
-blogilates fit planner
-big thing of gum
-extra masks
-feminine products
-several travel sized lotions/sprays
-mini first aid kit
-16 pack of pens
-tennis AND full workout outfit with socks in the bottom pouch

And there’s STILL room

Plus keys have theirs own ring at the top so no more digging around for them! Not to mention it’s soooooo soft and such a flattering color (it is more muted in person but I like it). The straps and plush padding in the back also make carrying so much stuff actually comfortable. Seriously if you’re able to get one GET IT!


Love the quality and how spacious it is. I originally wanted it for a travel bag and i wasnt going to purchase since im not traveling at all these days, but i am so glad i did. It has turned into my every day purse. I love how accessible everything is with all the handy pockets, and i love the feel of it. I think the color on the website looks like a blush pink but in real life it’s definitely more “mauve” and it slightly changes color between mauve and lilac depending on the lighting.

Great soft Bag for everything!

The straps are soft enough for all day wear and looks so cute! Definitely reccommend.

Size Bought: M
Overall Fit: True to Size
Height: 5'1
Bra Size: 36c
Body Type: Athletic
Weight: 122
Beautifully made!

Everything on this bag is gorgeous! The shoe compartment is a little tough to open but overall I love everything about this bag.


I can't express just how much I love this bad. The material feels so soft and luxurious, the pockets are practical and the color goes with everything! I use this as my work bag and it fits everything I need for the work day including my laptop.